Wallace Brewing Company 1910 Black Lager: An Amateurish Beer Review

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Wallace Brewing 1910

Most of the microbrews I have discussed have been from Washington and Oregon. Time for a look at another Idaho brew!

Wallace Brewing Company is located in the little mining town of Wallace, Idaho in the Silver Valley. I wrote about our stop there way back in my first road trip post. Based on this beer, a stop at their tasting room may be necessary if I ever make the in-depth North Idaho tour I have been pondering. If that happens, there will be a series of Steemit posts on the tour.

Back to the here and now: I have had a couple differnet black lagers before, and while it has been a while, my impressions were favorable, so I was intrigued at the prospect of trying another. This beer is good, but it has some points worth mentioning because they may throw some people off.

First, it has a thick mouthfeel. This is NOT Bud Light. Of course, just about anything differentiating a beer from Bud Light is a positive. It seems substantial.

Second, it has a strong molasses flavor. I do not fault it for this. I rather like it, in fact, but your mileage may vary.

Third, and my only real point of contention, is the lack of bitterness. In my opinion, this beer may be a bit too sweet. Are "dessert beers" a thing? If so, this might edge out Quilter's Irish Death for that category. Unlike Irish Death, this has a lower 4.9% ABV.

All told, while I wouldn't call it a great beer, it's certainly not bad, and I would drink it again. If you see it on tap or on the store shelf, give it a try!

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Dessert beers are definitely a thing, and they don't have to be sickly sweet. I don't like super sweet things a lot, but I do love the Three Philosophers from Brewery Ommegang. Worth tasting that one if you ever get the chance.

This one wasn't saccharine sweet, but it did edge a bit more that way than I usually like.

wow, good one. I like the beer

Nice review on the beer :D

Beer Review ha ha this is something new to see on Steemit

I am not the first, best, or most prolific on this subject.

I could use one of those. I'm a beer consumer, too!

That sounds like my kind of beer!