#BeautifulSunday and #SublimeSunday :) - 1 year on Steemit ❤️! (w/ photos of the Gili Trawangan Island, Indonesia)

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This is my entry for the #BeautifulSunday challenge, initiated by @ace108. Thanks, my friend!

I'm also posting today inspired by #SublimeSunday, a tag from @c0ff33a! Thanks!

Gili  64.jpg

Gili  66.jpg

I completed my first anniversary here on Steemit recently. I didn't have the chance to make a post then, but I doing it now, as it's surely a date to celebrate!
It's been a year full of surprises. When my friend @charlie777pt put @ginga and me on Steemit, I could never imagine I could ever feel Steemit as a kind of "home", where I can feel comfortable and make a lot of dear friends!

Gili  71.jpg

Gili  68.jpg

Steemit is a true network. Unlike others, I feel here I can express my feelings and be able to write about myself and my personal stories and thoughts. Here, one can be oneself and the quality of your work is considered and valued by many friends, in a true spirit of solidarity, altruism, and generosity. And I'm truly grateful to them, and always be!

Gili  70.jpg

Gili  96_.jpg

I'm more interested in building a reputation than in the earnings I can eventually get with my work. And I can state, regarding this, that I've been succeeded so far. I have a reputation of 60, and that is wonderful! I never thought I would be there so quickly. I used to look at the other Steemians with a reputation of 60 and above the way teenagers look at people in their 30's and older: that there would be a long time before they arrive at that age (a lie, and we all know it, lol!)

Gili 109.jpg

girls swing 10.jpg

And 60 is wonderful, considering that I know almost zero about crypto; considering that my life is a rush and I dedicate to Steemit less than 50% I'd wish to (although I have a rewarding feeling when other nice Steemians and curation projects consider me a productive Steemian!); considering English is not my mother tongue and, sometimes, after making a post, I realize I made typos or in a bad English, and have to correct them, and some I don't notice at all); considering my lousy Internet connection, as many of you already know about (and I mean lousy!!!)!

Gili sunset area 4.jpg

Gili  82.jpg

On Steemit I can see TRUE. Being a social network, with the issues it may have, as everything in life, I can feel my friends' posts are true, they express themselves as I do. We all have victories, defeats, and achievements and we don't have problems to write about them here, unlike in other social networks. And the true curation projects are here to support us, in the name of Steemit spirit and quality. I had never seen such an amazing reality!

beach horses 3.jpg

Gili 8.jpg

And we are rewarded. I don't mean also the financial rewards, but also, and mainly about the feedback from our friends Steemians. The words, the support, the encouragement, the smiles by those who "adopted" me since the first day! And I'm talking about you, @charlie777pt, @ginga, @liliana.duarte, @jsantana, @cleateles, @tattodjay, @melinda010100, @dswigle, @barbara-orenya, @ninahaskin, @dmcamera, @marcelli, @crissimoes, @helgapn, @josferod, @paulo.sar, @birjudanak, @rebelstar, @ace108, @samanthajbarnes, @daveks, @detlev, @allyinspirit, @victorbz, @ackoo, @sol25, @leyargoz, and @manandezo, just to mention some of the fantastic Steemians that walked with me since the very beginning.

Gili 35.jpg

Gili  33.jpg

And so many others that, discretely, have always shown their support to my work, like @zbp, @pixelfan, @brumest, @kevinwong, @dejan.vuckovic, @dine77, @juliank, @davidgermano, @irreverent-dan, @schimdthappens, @ru-trail, @stevejhuggett, @synrg, @as-i-like-it, @manuel78, @oscarps, @angel35mm, @kalemandra, @alinabarbu, @ewkaw, @lenasveganliving, @stephen-somers, @sallybeth23, @a-quarius, @vonaurolacu, @shaunf, @yvonneinoregon ...

Gili 199.jpg


And the friends that I have met on this exciting way, like the beautiful @txatxy, @blacklux, @erikah, @runicar, @c0ff33a, @juancar347, @trincowski, @brightongreg, @gillianpearce, @chorok, @mariannewest, @keithboone, @claudiaz, @mattajingga, @jtcdesign, @fiftysixnorth, @for91days, @ikdesign, @cave-man, @sol25, @leyargoz, @luciannagi, @zirochka, @prydefold, @trudeehunter, @zipporah, @pipurilla, @melodyrussel, @manuelnoya, @duque, @marcoteixeira, @katrina-ariel, @pradeepdee6, @enginewitty, @saffisara, @topkpop, @debralee, @betterthanhome, @fishyculture, @denissemata, @deerjay, @rayshiuimages, @giantbear, @watchlist, @alexanderfluke, @randomwanderings, @nazarul, @creativecrypto, @betterthanhome, @ylike7, @ileana56, @bigotemaifriend, and the brand new Steemian @tata-natana :)) ...

Gili 34.jpg

Gili sunrise kids.jpg

I'm also truly grateful to these amazing and Steemit's spirit curation projects, pursuing the quest to support minnows like me! @curie, @qurator, @pixresteemer, @photochain, @photocircle, @photofriend, @travelfeed, @steemitworldmap, @monochromes, @camoes, @thealliance, @steemsugars... just to mention the ones who have been supporting me all along the way here!

Gili couple 4.jpg

leaving gili.jpg

And many, many others. I don't know if I miss any of you, for what I'm terribly sorry. Please let me know in the comments kinda a "what about me?" question so I can add you up!

You all are extraordinary! To sum up, Steemit has become an important part of my "personal network". This is a great network, a community network, and this network "holds" me in the way!

Gili 100.jpg

Be blessed and have a wonderful week ahead!

Thanks, @ace108 and @c0ff33a :)
Have a great Sunday, my friends!



PS: I'm on the run for the for the 10th Photocircle Hall of Fame, by @photocircle. If you think that, among the wonderful photographers that are on this voting round, I deserve your vote, here is the post. Should you prefer to vote on other of the awesome featured photographers, don't hesitate, you've got my applause. Just vote and boost the project! Thanks, my friends!

My original text and photos. (Canon 5D MkIII).

Proud to be a member of The Steemians Directory

[//]:# (!steemitworldmap -8.350352 lat 116.044103 long 1 year on Steemit ❤️! (w/ photos of the Gili Trawangan Island, Indonesia) d3scr)


photofriend banner.jpg


steem sugarsDQmeZR5gxMRsGvanJAzkyHoYaXBTVWCfHEYqiycvb4rLJtU_1680x8400.jpg

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Thanks :))!



Thanks so much!

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Thanks, my dear Pix!

What a lovely post, Isabel. This network can be very good, indeed. I think many came here for the money but eventually stayed for the exact things you describe.

It's been fun for me to interact with talented people from all over the world, a couple of Russian speaking folks who help me evolve my little knowledge of it... and lately I have been encountering many Portuguese speaking Steemians. 😃
(Спасибо большое, @singa и @apnigrich! Вы всегда меня помогаете!)

Talent grows like mushrooms, in here! Let's hope it stays that way!

PS: I see my name in there. Don't think I have missed it. Eheh. How sweet of you! I'm honoured. 😊


Aw, because you're sweet and generous! I'm so glad you think that way too! And happy because we are connected! Cheers, my friend!

Congratulation for 1 year on Steemit
Absolutely gorgeous!! The color is just AMAZING!
I love composition and those absolutely brilliant contrasts!


Thanks so much, sweetie! You're a recent friend, but already unmissable! Thanks for being connected with me!
And wow your comment about the photos, I truly appreciate it!


most welcome!! Keep up the great work ^^


Thanks, sweetie, likewise!

Que bella publicacion, realmente steemit es una de las mejores plataformas que he conocido! He cojido cariño por mis seguidores, ya somos casi una familla jejej! Abraços, Isa!


Es verdad, Manuel! Gracias por estar aqui! Saludos y abrazos!

congrats on both, the birthday on steemit as well as your hall of fame nomination. I voted for you! 😉



I've seen it, my friend! Thanks, thanks! I'm truly happy we are connected!

Wish I could interact a bit more but... there's only 24 hours in a day and I know that you know I have a lot of time-consuming projects here 😉🙃🤭
Thanks for this beautiful post...


Thank YOU, my friend! You are always present, that's what I feel daily <3! ;) Cheers and thanks for your support, always!

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Congrats on your anniversary! It is a wonderful achievement and we are all happy to have you with us. I always enjoy your photos.. maybe not always leave a comment, but I do look :)


I know, you are here for me also, since always! Thanks so much for your support! I'm not interacting the way I should, but we never give up! Cheers and don't forget to vote for the Hall of Fame (final part of the post!)!

Congratulations on 60. You captured a bunch of happy people and a happy kitty. :-) Keep enjoying the ride on steemit.


Thanks so much, and for your support since my beginning! Cheers, my friend!


You're welcome. Have a good week ahead.

Happy Steemitversary!! Wish you the best always!


Thank YOU, my dear Lúz! Likewise, sweetie!
And... don't forget to vote for the Hall of fame (final part of the post!). Thanks!

Congratulations! Grateful to have someone like you as my friend. Always so inspiring and full of great ideas and posts that i can learn from.


Aw, and you too, thanks so much for having found me! Great friend, great Steemian! Cheers, my friend!

Wonderful post. Just voted for you at Photocircle Hall of Fame. Good luck!


Thanks so much, my friend! I didn't win, but the winner deserved it! Maybe next time! Thanks again!

congrats my friend!!! and all the best for your future endeavors...


Thanks so much, my friend, wishing you all the best in return!

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Thanks so much!

This post made me smile so big! What beautiful pictures and such positive sentiment. Congrats on the steemiversary! I'm so glad you're here. Resteemed to spread great vibes! Much love!!!


Thanks so much, Katrina! I'm so glad you've passed by! Thanks for being here, too! Thanks for the love... and the resteem! Cheers!

Happy Anniversay!! This is such a beautiful post @nolasco!! I am so happy to know you here on steemit!! ((hugs)) ❤


Thanks so much, my dear @deerjay, I feel the same for you! Wonderful, true Steemian, beautiful and generous heart! Hugs back to you!


You're very welcome!! ❤

Congratulations! Steemit is blessed to have YOU. What a beautiful post you have made today - your words and photos are stunning! I wish you a blessed and happy day my friend. 🌈❤️🧡💛💚💜🌴


Aw, thanks so much, love your comment, be blessed yourself, sweetie! Cheers!

É verdade, minha querida, já lá vai um ano! Adorei o post pois fez-me recordar o nosso passeio.
Beijinho muito grande, minha querida!


É verdade, minha linda! Obrigada! Fiz-te uma transferência de 1 Steem para seres shareholder do @steembasicincome! Mil beijinhos gigantes, linda!


Muito obrigada, minha querida! Eu sou mesmo tótó nestas coisa!!! Beijo carregadinho de saudades!


Querida, esta é fácil: se quiseres, faz uma transfer para mim de 1 Steem também, vais a primeira parcela, carregas em transfer e poes @steembasicincome no beneficiário, e no texto do memo, pões o meu nome @nolasco. Podes fazer para outros amigos também, e vice-versa.
O segundo passo é votares 100% nos posts to @steembasicincome.
Assim garantes um voto deles nos teus posts sempre.
Quanto mais transferires para outros, mais ganhas porque por cada transferência que fazes para o @steembasicincome a favor de alguém, tu recebes também uma share de igual valor.
Vê este link, apesar de eu não ter percebido nele, e tive que andar a perguntar...
Mas o esquema é o que te conto acima: 1. transferir 1 steem para amigos e em troca o @steembasicincome dá-te um (quantos mais puderes transferir melhor); 2. votares 100% nos posts do @steembasicincome.

Beijos sem fim!

A congratulatory upvote for your 1st anniversary to the Steemit platform. Although, we are still a young curation project, we're glad to be part of the amazing curators that made a mark on your steemit journey. Cheers to that and we're already looking forward to another year here in Steemit 😊🌼🍻


Thanks so much, @photocircle, and I wanted to tell again how happy I am with your support! Let's rock for another year! Cheers to YOU!

Congratulations on your one year on Steemit!!! I so love your photos - they are telling the stories of the people you are capturing. And the feel for the places. Love it!!


Thanks so much, Marianne, I'm happy we walk together on this path! thanks for your support! Cheers, my dear!

Thank you my dear friend! 💖😘🤗


You're welcome, sweetie! <3!

Congratulations! And thank you for including me in the list of your friends so soon 😍

I can't agree more that Steemit is so different to other networks. At least I think like this now, being here just for a week:) Sometimes I'm still expecting some negative comments. But I hope this feeling will soon go away.


Steemit has its issues, and you will be aware of them. But, as long as you keep away from troubled water, everything will be fine :)))! Just stick to the Steemit spirit! You're part of the community and I'm glad I've found you!


Tell me more about the issues. Nobody has told me anything yet.

In order to keep away from troubled water, at least I need to know where it is:)


Aw, I don't wish to be flagged, lol! You'll see... The problem lies, like in real societies, in some powerful Steemians that disregard the true spirit of Steemit. So stick with yours and learn to trust in the real curation projects, like @curie, @qurator, etc. And surround yourself with great Steemians... like me, lol! And @charlie777pt, @ginga, @melinda010100, @dswigle, @erikah, @txatxy, @tattoodjay, and many more! You can see them this #BeautifulSunday post! Regarding some of those you should avoid, all you have to do is waste some time on the trending or top posts and see the battles that are taking place at the Olimpus of the Gods....
But don't worry, we are too insignificant for them to notice us. Unless you disturb them with some comments they wouldn't like. So refrain yourself and don't comment at all :)). Learn to swim and be away from predators in this wonderful sea!
Cheers, sweetie, chat to you on Discord if you have some more doubts <3


Thank you for such a detailed answer 😊


You're welcome, sweetie!

gracias nolasco por mencionarme seguiremos apoyandote te lo mereces


Muchisimas gracias, @duque :))))))!

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Wow, how exciting! Thanks so much, my dear Pix! You're indeed the best!

Happy Steemiversary!


Thanks so much, my friend!

Congratulations on a year on steemit :) May there be many more of those! :D


Thanks, my friend! Likewise :)))!

Congratulations on making 1 year on Steemit and also Reputation 60 - two fantastic milestones to reach.

And what a wonderful post to share it in, there are so many fantastic photographs in this one I can't being to cover them all - the flip flop tree is particularly intriguing.

Other favourites are the little boy dancing, the horse rider on the beach - that photo with the bottle in the foreground - stunning I love that one. And the horse and cart - super photo it makes we wonder how you took it without being run over by them!

A fantastic #SublimeSunday , thanks for sharing another of your amazing posts with us it is always a pleasure to read through your work. If you like singing, or know anyone that does check out @betamusic who is doing weekly Sing It contests with big rewards for the winners :-)

#thealliance #witness


Aw, thanks so much, my friend, and thanks for the hint! I will check him out! Thanks for your continuous encouragement, it makes me want to do better and better always! Cheers!

Grato pela menção @nolasco!! Que te venham mais bons momentos aqui na plataforma por mais dias!!


Sim, Paulo, é esse o meu desejo! Obrigada por estar comigo desde os primeiros dias!


De nada :)