BBQ recipes - Beer can stuffed burgers

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No need for fancy gadgets, you can make one of these awesome stuffed burgers tonight using your Beer!

30 second version

Step by step, it's pretty simple.

  • Take your hamburger patty
  • Press your beer can into it
  • Form hamburger into a bowl around the can.
  • Wrap the hamburger bowl sides with strips of bacon.
  • Fill with Cheese!
  • Add a hamburger lid.
  • Cook on BBQ with indirect heat for 30-40 minutes depending on thickness.

Here are a few great examples, guaranteed to give you the munchies and get some stuffed burgers on your BBQ!

Beer Can Bacon Mushroom and Swiss Burger

Beer Can Bacon Burger recipes

Giant burgers, wrapped in bacon, and filled with all the classic burger toppings.

Shot Glass Sized Bacon Stuffed Burgers

Smaller version made with shot glasses, wrapped in bacon, and filled with exotic stuffings.

Definitely have to give this one a shot, there are tons of combinations to try!

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Not a fan of bacon, but it looks really good.

You're in luck, it cooks faster without the bacon!

I am so hungry now. You suck lol

wow soo many variations!!! thats amazing! thanks :)) Im hungry!

These look awesome man. I'm going to have to try them.

I LOVE good BBQ!...I lived in KC two different times. They have amazing BBQ there.

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