Hi Steemit! Here's to New Beginnings!


First and foremost, I want to say hello! Yes, my husband is @JerryBanfield. He is so very passionate about this community and that is a big part of the reason I'm here!

This is my first post, which is perfect because I have been thinking about new beginnings a lot lately. I just came home from cuddling with my four day old baby niece and seeing my sister and brother-in-law take on that role of new parents got me reminiscing. Becoming a mom is one of the biggest new beginnings I have ever experienced. After 9 months of being pregnant and 23 hours of labor, I met my daughter Madeleine and knew my life would never be the same ever again. It was as if someone had carved out my heart and it was now out in the world. All I wanted to do was hold her forever.


My journey to motherhood was also filled with new beginnings. When I went to college, I traded the beaches and perpetually warm weather of Florida, for the seasons and especially brutal winters of Boston. I traded life close to childhood friends and family for the potential to build a home away from home and a new family of friends in a new city. This was a great and difficult challenge for me as I was notoriously shy and a total introvert.

In college, I learned that, to borrow a line from Winnie the Pooh, that I was braver than I believed, stronger than I seemed, and smarter than I thought. I also realized that the world needed help and I made it my mission to do my part. That's why I joined Americorp right out of college.

The Americorp program I joined based me completely across the country at an Air Force base in Sacramento, CA. There I met the 12 people I would be spending the next 10 months traveling, volunteering, and leaving with. We first were sent to New Orleans to help rebuild the city in the wake of Hurricane Katrina. I had the chance to speak to people who had lost loved ones, lost pets, lost their house, and lost everything they owned. It was a humbling experience to really see that my problems were not real problems. These people had lost everything. They were still fighting with insurance companies to be compensated for their losses. I knew that this wasn't the way it should be. These people must have legal rights that they didn't know about. That's when I decided to go to law school. I wanted to be the voice of people who were all too often silenced by others. My Americorp team went on to build migrant worker housing in Southern California, build houses for low income families in Mobile, Alabama, and work in the Sacramento Food Bank. I found out I was accepted into law school and thus went on to my next new beginning.

Law school terrified me. Put a quiet, introverted person like me, a person who hates being wrong or not knowing an answer, in a classroom where they will be randomly called on and thoroughly questioned (the Socratic method is brutal) and it will lead to severe anxiety, loss of appetite, and loss of sleep. I funneled most of this anxiety into a bad relationship I had with a drug addict for almost three years. I would pour my emotions into trying to "fix" him and focus all of my mental strength into succeeding in law school. Not the healthiest of arrangements, but I did great in school, broke up with said boyfriend upon realizing he was not for me to fix, and decided to try online dating right before I took the Florida Bar Exam.


My dad said online dating was for losers. I did it anyways. I think it took a lot longer for my parents' generation to realize that meeting someone online had just as much, if not more, potential than meeting someone randomly while out and about. Match.com provided me with my next new beginning: dating my husband. We moved in together after six months of dating, got engaged four months later, and were married within two years of our first meeting. The life we have built together is far and away one of my greatest adventures. You will notice as I post more here on Steemit that we have very different personalities and I hope to make my own, unique contribution to this ever-growing, ever-evolving community.


Warm Wishes,


Welcome on Steemit Laura! I enjoyed reading you.

hi @laurabanfield good post my friends
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nice to meet you

Bernie makes Laura's reputation ever lower and lower. I don't know why he is so angry. I know he had a conflict with Dan Larimer.

@teamsteem thank you for the warm welcome here and the top upvote on the post so far!

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Why is there a conflict between you and bernie?

In the last picture you look like some actress I've seen, but unfortunately I can't remember from what show, can just recall her voice... Has anyone told you that you look like some particular actress?

The girl from True Blood.. Anna Camp?

That's who came to mind too, when i saw your photo for the first time haha. :D

yes, that's her! I knew I had some mixed feeling about her even though she is very pretty, I think she played a religious zealot on True Blood, IIRC -)

@minority-report you may not realize how much you have helped me already just with your comment on my wife @laurabanfield's first post because you have helped me see her the way you do. In six years of dating and almost five years of marriage, I never remember hearing or thinking Laura looked like Anna Camp until you mentioned it. With seeing my wife every day, I can easily forget how grateful I am to be with her and your comment gave me a way mentally to remember how beautiful she is in every situation. Thank you for making what I think was your first comment on Laura's post and for helping me to be a good husband to her each day!

Dear @minority-report

I appologize for puting this irrelevant post here but I wanted to thank you on your efforts on stoping this arrogant @grumpycat.

road so far & action plan : https://steemit.com/life/@firedream/stop-the-grumpycat

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yes, that's her!

@minority-report thank you very much for the warm welcome here and your upvote!

How is it possible that so many high SP holders discovered this post, first ever on Steemit, and already rewards bringing the post to HOT and TRENDING channel. Can you give me the Circle Jerking lesson!?

because jerry mentioned it in his blog...and people came....that's a proof that his blog is highly read and followed

None of the top voters (except teamsteem) wrote a comment to this post, that in itself tells a lot, meaning, this account is already on auto vote with some or (probably) more of the top voters.

To me it looks like proof that steem works. You get paid for your time and valuable contributions either way. AND paid to stake STEEM as steem power on the network :)

Is it? Steemit and Steem is in the hands of a few, and power is by far from equally distributed, driven by those who created it with super hyper inflation until dec 2016 getting the founders and some others rich and powerful. Most valuable votes are casted on auto vote to the same authors over and over again. That is the truth! Your comment is not describing the reality and you get rewarded. My comment is more closer to the truth and it didn't get rewarded. So, what is Value? Truth seems not to be the value here at Steemit, but Dreams are so it seems.

You are absolutely right. Sorry, too late for upvoting.

At least I can reward you :)


Hi @laurabanfield, This is my very first post on any of your posts. You've put your emotions in this piece of writing nicely. This passage depicts the true feelings of a mom:

Becoming a mom is one of the biggest new beginnings I have ever experienced. After 9 months of being pregnant and 23 hours of labor, I met my daughter Madeleine and knew my life would never be the same ever again. It was as if someone had carved out my heart and it was now out in the world. All I wanted to do was hold her forever.

We all are different and unique human beings. So, there is no comparison at all. The best thing is you know who you are and the people around you. This helps treating them accordingly and giving them the space they want.

Law school terrified me. Put a quiet, introverted person like me, a person who hates being wrong or not knowing an answer, in a classroom where they will be randomly called on and thoroughly questioned (the Socratic method is brutal)...

I've experienced this myself and it still saddens me when I think of my class mates getting going through such a situation. I was a very good student but the memories of other class room for this outdated socratic Methodology still saddens me. I myself am an introvert. I guess your personality is INFJ, right?

Your husband @jerrybanfield is a superstar and guru here at Steemit. Like thousands of other Steemians he's the one who brought me to this platform through one of his YouTube videos. So, that makes you little more special for us all.

I hope you start posting more often.

Keep sharing, caring and inspiring the world. The world badly needs the positive energy as there is so much negativity in it already. I hope you can play your part. Wishing you best of luck. Stay awesome. You got my unconditional support.

Steem On.

Hey I'm an INFJ as well!! It sometimes shows through the things that I post on here. It's great to see another INFJ on here, I guess we're super rare or something 😝 I'm looking forward to your posts even more now, knowing that you're also an INFJ.

Hi @laurabanfield, Your response is hidden but I was able to read it. So, my guess about your personality was correct. Wow, I can start making tons of money by telling other people about their personalities. :D By the way, your husband look very healthy in this photo:

I think he started exercising lately. Or may be, the time that he is gave to Steemit, ate up all his fats. :D He still looks smart.

Steem On!

@ugetfunded I think you are on to something! I have worked at places that pay big money to people to conduct personality tests on employees and potential employees. There is definitely a market for this talent of yours!

Hello and welcome to Steemit ✌️

Welcome to Steemit @laurabanfield , I am a big fan of your Hubby and he is a Wizard. You both looks perfect together and are made for each other. What a Lovely couple! You Really Completes @jerrybanfield and you have a very cute Daughter . I do admire Banfield family alot. Get going Guys and Rock the Steemit , Once Again , Welcome Mam , I am sure you will also surprise us just like your hubby. Have a great Day :)

Bienvenida a Steemit @laurabanfield disfruté leyendo tu post, hermosa familia y esos perros están divinos! Ahora te sigo y estaré pendiente de tus publicaciones, te invito a pasarte por mi perfil y pienso que podrías ayudarnos mucho en nuestro grupo de facebook "Steemit Colombia" donde podrás ganas más votos para tus publicaciones! saludos...

Finally you made it. It is probably the choice to make when you man can not escape the Steemit magnet, wish my wife would make the same decision :-)

Hi Laura - welcome to the BEAUTIFUL fun of Steemit!!!! I cannot wait to read and appreciate your posts - If you are anything as AMAZING as Jerry, this is going to be fun :) By the way, I love the dress you a have on the first picture - great pattern and all my favorite colors .. Cheers to your Steemit success .. Love you Friend!!! SUNSHINE247

Welcome Laura. Happy to have you here. Im here tanks to your husband and his love for the community, I'm loving it and i think you will too.

Congrats for the baby @laurabanfield and @jerrybanfield.


@rcartax thank you! I am here because of @jerrybanfield as well. I'm excited for my steemit journey

Welcome to a Steemit, hope you can enjoy it is much as your husband.
He has been doing a great your job here helping out newcomers like me (just been here a week and still fighting to find my way and get some attention..haha..).
I'm sure in a blink of a moment you will get more followers than me after a year, so hopefully you will enjoy the ride and find a nice and fulfilling way to use this amazing platform.
Big cheers to your little family, I know baby cuddling can be the greatest thing in the morning.
Have a wonderful week!

What happend to your reply?
It hardly visible and somehow I have the feeling somebody flagged it.
Not sure what's going on

@maxinpower I'm not sure what happened either, but I will look into it!

Probably because many people - correctly - seeing this account for what it is, a revenue generating machine. How can someone after a few days on Steemit have a voting power of >1$? This is just investment, and exploiting the voting system. Laura´s meaningless answer to your comment was rewarded 4fold. Best example of what curating of good content should NOT be. Hence the flagging I guess.

Very welcome here, hope you will enjoy it here eventually.
Seem like it has been unfair very much uphill on a bumpy road so far.
I wish I could upvote you more than I did but one problem here is that the voting system is like Thai (no) democracy, so the biggest whales have the largest votes, have been thinking a lot about it, maybe that is perfect capitalism.
Is it fair that is a whole other story that will take some more pages to express my opinion on.
Please do not lose fait, it will solve itself when people have a little time to tink and reasoning that their treatment of you were unjust.

Welcome to Steemit! Good to have you here.

I got excited about Steemit because of one of Jerry's videos that he posted in early June. I'm still here and I've learned so much after joining Steemit.

Hey Laura pleasure to have you with us! Look forward to hearing more of what you have to share with the community. I always enjoy your husbands posts but suspect yours will have a different type of tone and topics which I am really excited for!

You will notice as I post more here on Steemit that we have very different personalities and I hope to make my own, unique contribution to this ever-growing, ever-evolving community.

Variety is the spice of life.
Its very warming to have you around in the community.

continue being great @laurabanfield

So amazing post @laurabanfield !!!!! Glad to have you here!!! I have to be honest that I am really newbie but @jerrybanfield is the reason that I am here today! I saw a video of him on. Facebook and have me the drive to start a blog on SteemIt and expand my business and start my career as a motivational speaker! Jerry banfield gave me the push to expand and find an extra income stream that I plan to do part time!

God bless you, welcome to the Family, and have a great week!!!!!!

thank you @laurabanfield!!!

have a great journey on steemit! :)

Hello Maam Laura. Welcome to the world of steemit. It is nice to be here especially your husband is here also. If your husband is very successful here in steemit theb you also can do it more than he can. Be yourself and spent your vacant time on steemit and surely you will be a successful steemian here. My greetings came from a very far place- Philippines. Wish you have a good journey here.

Hi laura, welcome. If you have 50% as the enthusiasm of your husband then you are still doing great..

How could I not give this a 100% UP Vote ?? Welcome to STEEMIT @laurabanfield now you will be able to make the BANFIELDS an EMPIRE. @jerrybanfield this is going to be GREAT !

Hey Laura ! Welcome to steemit community that you've already been a part for a while! Enjoy it and good luck! @extremeromance

Welcome and thank you for sharing your journey so far. I became a mother for the first time in 2015, too. Completely life changing and you're right - motherhood is like having a giant piece of your heart free in the world. Looking forward to more of your posts!

  • Kareen

@teamturnerlive thank you for the lovely comment

Welcome to Steemit Laura. With such a great teacher I am sure you will do great. Glad to have you on board!

@canadianrenegade thank you!

Thanks for sharing your experiences, personal and professional, with us here. A lot of people will for sure get motivations from you.
On a side note and simce I'm becoming clueless on an issue I would like to ask you and everyone who reads this comment to help out those suffering the aftermath of the hurricanes that hit the Caribbean islands. I know everybody is talking about Puerto Rico but I don't see even few talking about the US Virgin Islands hit as much and destroyed even more.

I have posted here and literally everywhere I can to call for help especially for the people stranded on St. Croix, as I have a friend there. I contacted FEMA through their Facebook page and they were not cooperative.

Please spread the message, if you can contact a senator, a federal agency, a charity, whatever, they do not need money, they need FOOD, physical food they can eat as they went into starvation mode which were her words last time I got through to her phone.


@arabisouri thank you for the comment and I completely agree that people need to contact their representatives and be vocal about the devastation that occurred in the Caribbean islands. I hope your friend in St. Croix is okay. It is a beautiful island with lovely people

your husband is a good man....you are lucky and smart for being with him...all the best

I am interested in morphopsychology and I confirm.....I think his only mistake was to be too good....he shouldn't ask for forgiveness....he was selling a service, he has the right to put the price he wants.....he would be selling that service mainly to people that would come to the system due to his facebook and youtube, he would be selling the service to PEOPLE HE BRINGS TO STEEMIT.....I know there are services that charge less but those services are anonymous....people are giving their keys to someone they don't know....here they are giving it to someone with a face, a big youtube, facebook and steemit account....unfortunately some people "get pregnant through the ears", as we say in Portugal...God Bless both of you

Welcome to the Steemit Community. It is great to have another Steemian join in this awesome journey and new beginning for you.

@beccadeals thank you! I'm excited to be a part of this community!

Welcome to steemit @laurabanfield, it is good to have you here. Your husband has been great asset and help to the steemit community. You will enjoy it here. All the best.

@gunneresq thank you. So glad to hear it!

It's really great that you both husband and wife are here in steemit , that is really a great bonding, probably i will seeing soon your videos the same with @JerryBanfield . Good work on this . upvoted and followed.

@robin-ho thank you! We'll see about videos. Unlike my husband @jerrybanfield I am extremely camera shy!

Welcome @laurabanfield. Congratulations on your decision to make another new beginning by blogging on Steemit. I am looking forward to your posts.

Great introduction @laurabanfield ! Nice post and followed :)

Welcome. That Winne the Poo is a very wise bear

@sostrin thank you. He certainly is!

Welcome, Laura. Your husband has been a great inspiration to many here and having you here means a double package. Thanks for joining us. @greatness96.

@greatness96 thanks for the warm welcome

You are welcome

@jerrybanfield is so one I look up to on steemit, and now to have his wife @laurabanfiel here is awesome..... Welcome to steemit.

Nice introduction post. You have an intelligent husband with gteat ideas. I have been following him for a while.

good times when jerry still had hairs ehehe

Banfield family!:) Welcome Laura!!

so nice

Welcome on Steemit. You are a matching couple. keep on working. I already vote, please visit my blog.

@dsatria Thank you! Will do!

Hi there fellow introvert! I just joined at the nudging of my son, who is a lawyer.


Holy moly.. I can't believe the wife of Jerry is here... Warm welcome.. I joined Steemit 4 months ago only because your husband and it is turning out to be one of the best decision i have made .So, I wanna follow you too along with your husband to this wonderful journey.. And I am really thankful for both of you for introducing Steemit to me and many other people..

Warm wishes to you Laura. I want you to extend my greetings to your husband Jerry, am so happy to be aware of steemit. I watched his video on facebook.

I got my wife and oldest kid into Steemit. It's a wonderful community and your husband is "big" around here.😉

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Welcome on steemit Laura ! Nice to meet you! And the dogs are very cute too ! :-)