Update : My BANGKOKOKOK Project's started! and here's why

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Yay!!! It’s finally time for the new motivation / new project / new everything! Though, it’s me! Same person. In this video, I talked about how / why I came up with this ‘Bangkok’ project. What are the pros of doing it and yes, you all Steemians (Who I’m already friend with ) are welcome in this journey with me!

Oh! I was filming all on the way going back home outside Bangkok so I used this opportunity to walk and talk and update with you the project, show you around the city a bit and sneak a peek at my family house outside Bangkok.

If you’d like to know more about the project : https://steemit.com/travel/@waybeyondpadthai/i-wanna-see-your-bangkok-kok-kok-your-bangkok-kok-6b69e084684dcest

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My Entry For SteemFest Ticket Giveaway *Please go tell them , you want me there! :P


It's so compact and affordable. Yes! It's great for vlogging as well :)
Great sound creates great video contents so yes, the mic needed
This thing makes my life so much easier. Yes, it does!

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㋡ Oh! Best deals on FLIGHTS and HOTELS


All copy and photos are original content by me.

© waybeyondpadthai.com

Lots of lots of love,

Mo ❤

We would love to talk to you ! on Fundition Discord server & eSteem Discord server

Oh! Come say hi on my Youtube channel !!! ㋛

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I was there for the month of Feb 2018 and enjoyed the trip on the river and also Lumpini park with the monitor lizards. Looking forward to seeing more.


Hahaha glad you enjoyed it. I've never been to Lumpini park myself. Probably have to check it out LOLOL

You've made the Steemit Minute for today! Congrats!

Check out the Video Here: https://steemit.com/news/@reseller/fyxsnalg

Exciting and inspirational!


Come to live in BANGKOKOKOK. Every time I come across deep fried bugs nowadays, I feel bad! hahahaha LOL ❤️


O yea - you didnt explain - why BangkokOKOKOK ...whats with the OKOKOK??

Exciting project Mo. I can't wait to see the content start rolling in.


It will SLOWLY hahaha. I'm now switching this and that if you notice! ❤️

I have always thought you lived in the states, Yaay to more Bangkok Vlogs! I am always tempted to write it as Bang-Cock LOL....What Does it even mean? :D


It's what the female birds and bees do with the male birds and bees. 🐝🦆


Hahaha.. Right...


I don't get it T^T


Bwahahha I think a few people probably think the same :D haha


Can you hear the sound of my facepalm or should I type it here?


type it please LOL

What ever you do
Don't stop don't ever stop
You have no reason to listen to me
We don't know each other

I just want to encourage you
Your passion comes through your vids and post
Keep following your dream and don't be discouraged

I am in a rebuilding mode after losing a 28 mil business

I have been to the top of the mountain many times

For what it is worth you give me inspiration to do it all again

So thanks for being you

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Hhahaha thanks for such a kind word and sorry to hear you lost your business! Glad this helps!


It's all good
Was able to get away from ungrateful wife of 27 years. Ha ha
I always say you
Have to find the silver lining


You really do give me something to look forward to in your vids blogs
I have always done well and took care of my friends and peeps who speak well into life and encourage others

You will one day be glad we our cyber paths crossed

So keep up the awesome post
I will see ya at the top

Thanks again for the reply

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all new, the person is new, because it's getting pretty... 😂
so now I'm filming in Bangkok, good luck.

I wanna see also
Ha ha

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Yeah, I started thinking it was a bit funny once I saw your comment LOL

hi I like to vloging learn from you now😊

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nice vlog always love to see your vlog


Thanks for checking it out! :)

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