Went chillax at this local canal area in Bangkok :)

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Let’s go hang out by a canal! Yes, A CANAL! I have actually heard a lot about this place quite a lot in the past but hadn’t really had a chance to go check out. Once I did go check out though, I think it would totally become my new favourite places to go chill! So many fun activities to do around there and the Thai puppet show was just really awesome! Food is also good with reasonable price. What else you could do ? Check it all out in the video! :)

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Beefly delicious. So much BEEF!! And it all’s so yum!

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It's so compact and affordable. Yes! It's great for vlogging as well :)
Great sound creates great video contents so yes, the mic needed
This thing makes my life so much easier. Yes, it does!

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Thank YOU so so so much !

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Food looks great
Fishing looks easy (loaf of bread and a net) ha ha

Great clip Mo

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LOLOL I wouldn't fish there! Haha


Yes mam
I will take you at your word
You didn't appear pleased by the smell of the water

Thanks for reply
Have an awesome week. Mo

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Hmm , great post , thanks for such good content


Thanks for stopping by and welcome to Steem Blockchain !!! :)

nice videos i love to travel it will help me thank you


Thanks for stopping by! :)

@waybeyondpadthai great travel video! Thank you for sharing

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Love the video, so much to explore in Bangkok. So crowed too. That looks like a great place to escape the crowds.


Yes!!! It's super duper chill

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Good post @waybeyondpadthai, saya suka dengan postingan anda dan saya ingin membagikannya,, saya selalu ingin mengunjungi blog anda...