Steemfest³ 2018 - A Retrospective, Part 3

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Sorry for the long wait but RL is keeping me busy. I have not completely shaken my SF tiredness but there is work to do, class to attend and homework to do. I'll try to finish my account this time so I can move to other, more recent posts.

The last post ended just as we arrived at Klub 89, the designated place for the performances scheduled for that evening.


The club was located under the Hotel Forum and had almost a bunker feeling to it. The first thing we noticed as we went down the stairs was the omnipresent red lights. they gave the place a closed intimate feeling.

We had a few minutes before the performances were due to start so, like many others, I took a selfie and was photobombed by @roelandp.


@techslut discovered the open bar and told me it was her intention to get plastered in preparation for Auschwitz the next day.

The first performance was the talented @katrina-ariel. She played with a guitar and at some point handed a few members of the audience (me included) egg shakers and we joined her for her final song - Breath in and out, what will come will come. I really liked her performance so if any of you has it recorded I would be happy to see it again.
It's a shame the sound wasn't as good as it could be and the people in the back talking made it hard sometimes to fully hear the music.


After @katrina-ariel it was @yidneth's turn and she played the recorder (flute?) and piano to some hauntingly beautiful music. She played the haunted house, the northern lights and the wind from her CD 'The Underliving'. Again, people talking in the back made it a bit difficult to hear clearly but she definitely impressed me enough to want to get her CD.
I even asked if I could purchase it with steem. I hope I can :)


Next were the @steembirds accompanied by a ukulele with their charming fascination with krypto-babes. The way I see it, we're all krypto-babes.
And yes, I do think they are both not only talented performers but also very cute :)


I was lucky enough to find their set song list at the end of the evening and get a picture with it but I cannot find that picture right now :(

After the @steembirds there were two more conceptual pieces with @edprivat and @greencross. People didn't so much stand to hear them perform so we scattered to various tables for more mingling.

I had a long conversation with @gillianpearce about various things and I got to meet the charming @karinxxl. She gave me a very special gift that is now waiting to be passed on to a worthy recipient.

I didn't really drink much but I still found the courage to let @katrina-ariel know how much I like her and give her my email in the hope we can stay in touch. I shared my email with @karinxxl as well. It's so annoying that steem doesn't have a PM system. Unless you know where to find the person on discord you really don't have a way of joining in a conversation.

I danced a bit with a very plastered @techslut before the night came to a close as the club staff kicked us out. I cannot believe some people actually went out to continue partying after that.

We went back to our room for some much-needed sleep.

Saturday dawned with a slight hangover for @techslut. Luckily, we made sure she had some water and protein the night before so it wasn't as bad as it could have been.

We had a light breakfast and headed out to the buses heading to Auschwitz. The ride took about an hour and a half.

I won't write about our visit there. It was difficult but I felt it was needed. I held back tears on several occasions. I know I do not have to but it's a long habit to reign in my emotions. We knew most of the facts presented but it is very different to see it and to be there compared to just hearing about it.

That day we got to meet the lovely @r00sj3 and I offered both her and @jayna a message on the bus on our way back. It made me feel better to give to others.

That evening we joined @suesa, @reggaemuffin, and @fukako for a pierogi dinner at Zalewajka Restauracja. Surprisingly, the spinach pierogis were the tastiest of the bunch. @suesa was suffering from a stress-related headache so we offered them to come over for a visit so I could give her a message in a more comfortable setting.

They came over and I did my best to help out @suesa's back. I'm sorry to say I was not entirely successful :(

@techslut and I debated whether or not to join the karaoke but since I love singing we decided to give it a chance.

We arrived at the Bulldog and thought it was crowded and loud but we still enjoyed a few songs in there.


I thought that the choice of Chumbawamba - I get knocked down was a brilliant karaoke pick for Steemfest :)

Here are @connecteconomy and @teodora enjoying themselves on the stage.


On our way out we saw that a lot more interesting people were sitting outside so we spent some time saying goodbye since the following day was the last one and we didn't know if we'd get to see more people before we left.

We encountered @pharesim with his dog and his girl and invited them over for a nightcap. @techslut offered an Israeli peanut snack - Bamba and I believe that @pharesim liked it :)


We went to sleep a bit sad that tomorrow was the last day but hoping to see more of the city and finally maybe do some shopping.

The following morning we packed our bags and left the apartment for the last time. We parked our bags at @redrica and @teodora's place that was a few doors down the street at the same building and then headed out into the city with @redrica.

Our first stop was the Galeria Kazimierz shopping center that felt oddly abandoned. After inquiring we learned that due to Poland national independence day and 100th anniversary almost everything was closed today so - no shopping.

We did find adorable early Christmas decorations outside and we all took turns sitting on Santa's chair.


Before leaving the mall we were joined by @teamsteem and we went out in search of the parade and something to eat.

We found the parade and even though I have no idea what was going on it still looked very impressive and included plenty of elaborate costumes and uninformed people on horses.




After the parade, we started looking for food aided by Google and settled on a vegetarian Tibetan restaurant - Momo Bar wegetariański. No time like being abroad for trying new types of food :)

We stopped for a short while on the way in a small, but well stocked, cannabis store, where we purchased some CBD pills and a cannabis lip balm. After that stop, we arrived at Momo without further delay and picked an assortment of salads each and one dish of Tibetan momo which looked like the Tibetan version of the Polish pierogis.

Here is a picture of my salads (almost all gone since I was quite hungry by this point)


And the Tibetan momo


@teamsteem was gracious enough to pick up the tab for all of us. Thanks, man :)

Based on @suesa's description I had a craving for a large hot cocoa with whipped cream and marshmallows so we went to look for that. On the way, we encountered even more steemians - @remyhauxley (the guy who traveled for one year on one bitcoin) and his wife Summer and the steem-monsters' famous @aggroed.

@aggroed joined us for the cocoa and cake. We, of course, picked the pinkest place we could find for @techslut.


And here's me, enjoying my cocoa.


We then headed back to @redrica and @teodora's place and were treated to the wonderful sunset view from the roof of the building.


@redrica was kind enough to order an Uber for @teodora and us to the airport and that is where our Steemfest story almost ends.

@techslut still got to enjoy one last good burger at the airport and we purchased quite a bit of (relatively) cheap alcohol at the duty-free. We also got a small pink Krakow dragon plushy


And a pink unicorn plushy for my niece's birthday.

On our connecting flight to Warsaw, we were served a small treat in honor of Poland's 100th anniversary.


Since @techslut had the foresight to check in early we got to sit at the emergency door on our way back to Israel which meant that for a change we had enough leg room.



And that's about it for this trip. Again - If you've met me and remember me fondly I'll be happy to hear from you in the comments. I'll also be happy to see any pictures of me you may have and any videos you may have of the performances at Klub 89.

I can't wait for Steemfest 4.

Love you steemians, stay awesome.


Yayyyyy, thanks for the mention.... I was surfing back mentions and I'm glad I didn't miss it, been bound to bed with the nasty infamous SF3 flu! hahaha
Still not over it but hahah I'll survive it.
Thanks also for your interest, in my page there are both digital and physical sales... I don't mind to sell you the digital in steem, both cds have that option, and that's easy for me to enable a download even if you use a transfer here, for the physical CD for me it's impossible, the shipping is quite substantial and I must pay it in FIAT myself. People usually buy the package (cos it's same shipping up to half a kilo) and I usually do something to add value as a sketch or something... I only brought three to the fest, I didn't think of selling them, still I sold one to reggaemuffin and the other two went to gtg and prc for their constant support as gifts. Guess I was not in the marketing mood of bringing merchandise over. So just let me know, I honestly think the physical CDs stand better for my work, but I understand we're tight in budget. I appreciate it whatever you choose. :)
20181108 - utopian - 01.jpg

Here Fufunchis mesmerized by @techslut Unicorn hair

Thanks once more for the sore throat candy :)

Since I want the physical copy I think I'll wait for a bit till I can afford it in Fiat.
Both @techslut and I like the pic so thaks for that :)

Thank you, and sorry for that, guess we're all on the same boat, I am trying to fund the third album and I have kind of similar problem, I will go again for a bulky edition, but then of course I need to cover the shipping which is complex... sometimes I wish I had gone for a light jewel case and then I'm proud I didn't... the endless quandary... Here in Spain is the same shipping 100 up to 500g so it's actually the same for one than 3 so I'll try to find a way that in the future I can make further packages with different things, honestly we musicians are living struggling times... spotify barely pays 0.0001 per stream you know, they are all windows and promotional tools but they don't allow us to go on creating :( and investing in our work. We'll see...
steem is gonna recover (crosses fingers)
I would never rely on steem to cover for it, but it would be nice if one day it can be a "support" to it :)

I may have more... "fufunchis" loved her hair... we are torn and divided, best hair in SF


no winner, was a fair draw

What about @gandalf ? His hair is legendary. Are we including @ned in this one? Cause, you know, hair jokes?

Oh my he will never forgive me...
bah Ned's hair was nice hair, but not that impressive honestly! yes @gandalf could make it to the list fairly though.

Hope you feel better soon Hug

Go Bamba! Now @pharesim won't get a peanut allergy!

"People didn't so much stand to hear them perform so we scattered to various tables for more mingling."

I think people that mattered were there :) and @greencross really killed it too.
I had a great time...

I think you really killed it @edprivat, people were still there with you on the dance floor, the problem was someone took over the DJ booth before me... the people left and those who stayed sat down... Then, when I finally got in, I faced an empty dance floor... I had to really hustle to bring the ones who remained at the club back to dance...

It was a challenge for me, and I'm happy I could deliver. Being a proper DJ after bands playing is no joke, if you don't know what you are doing, you'll never keep them from leaving or sitting down.

Thanks for the nice words by the way, for me you were the best performance of the night.


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"If you don't know what you are doing, you'll never keep them from leaving or sitting down"
I think people came back and danced for your set, it's just there were few groups a lil' too drunk and scattered.
Man I am totally fine with not being everyone's cup of tea, but if you dig Soul Jazz hip hop or RnB you probably gonna like my shit too!
I really enjoyed the versatility of the artists, and it was overall such a blast, cause it was like playing in front of friends, maybe a bunch of close friends :)

well I got to see you practicing on backstage, that was awesome! @edprivat!. Totally digged your performance.


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Thanks bro I truly appreciate, we on the same page for sure! :) See ya around!

Just to be clear, I liked both your sets. I just thought there could have been a better venue for it.

Lol don't worry bro, you can't be everyone's cup of tea and I am really fine with it ! Thanks for having the honesty to say out loud :) what you think, that's all that matters to me...

Aww I never understood why you didn't go just after us... @greencross wasn't I the best? betrayaaaaaaaaaaaaal!!!! LOL hahaha I'm just joking, Ed was absolutely thrilling, he has a gift!

Yes you were the best girl and Ed was the best boy! hahahaha

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tssssssst! XD hahah Seriously I was kidding, I was fangirling about @edprivat when he was singing too!

You were A-M-A-Z-I-N-G Ed

OOOhhh a fairy coming out of nowhere with some love :)
Thanks Pris!!!

You know fairies only grant wishes to those who deserve them :)
You're welcome!

I brought one of those dragons home, as well! Two actually, for my boys. Thank you for the sweetness, for the love, for the adoration that is absolutely mutual. And for sharing these memories, so that I can smile all over again. ((hugs))

Melts and Hugs back <3

It was SF dragons hangout... I met a few of them... fufunchis like dragons... they're sassy!

You improved my back a lot, but that was years of stress you were working against xD

Come over to Israel and I will give it another try :)

It was a beautiful evening amigo! Yeah a messaging system. Still have the email with me for when I reach home again, but will see if you are on Discord because that is way easier than emailing in the end :D

@techslut got me on discord for ginabot but I'm still not sure exactly what is going on there :)

This is an awesome post that captures the richness of the experience so well. Thank you for that awesome back rub. You have a gift!

Congratulations @mrlightning! You received a personal award!

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I was on the stage with Anja @connecteconomy ;)

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Thanks for the catch. I updated the post :)

Ah, nice!! Thanks for that picture! :)

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