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Greetings Everyone!

Welcome back to “The Awakening Project”.


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In this post we are going to talk about the BioAPI, another product of chemtrails in the line with Barium, strontium, titanium, piezoelectric nano-crystals, Morgellons fibers and finally bioAPI.

We are leveling up the information by each upcoming posts in ascending order, so every post from “The Awakening Project”, will contain more advanced level information, and will touch more higher level military, science, spirituality, quantum domains.

So to make sense of all of these things that we are sharing here, we recommend you to please read this series from the beginning. It's very important that everyone should get aware of what is happening behind the scenes.

Disclaimer: We strongly recommend you to take only what resonates with you and leave the rest. You don't need to believe whatever we say here or mention, but we urge you to do your own research and then decide yourself if we are speaking truth or not.

Please Keep Your Mind & Heart Open


@multidimensional speaking, In our previous posts we disclosed some very important aspects of chemtrails, and discussed very critical reality about them with patents and evidences related to them. If you have read all of our previous posts and did your own research, you’d have probably understood that the entire thing about chemtrails, and everything related to the Matrix system are compartmentalised. It's bigger than a small group or single entity.

There is a giant invisible hand that is gripping this very tightly.

Let's Start With Nano-fiber Basics


Nano-fibers specifically are a transport mechanism. Nothing more. They hold a payload for delivery. A payload that would otherwise be compromised by the sun or atmosphere or not make it to its destination (your body). Such as viral RNA code, metals such as aluminum, nano-components, etc. The fibers are (surprisingly) quite harmless as everyone has them.

The fibers must be independently sprayed, if they we're added to the jet fuel the extreme heat would destroy the payload.

So it's not the fiber that is critical, it's the payload.

What is a BioAPI (Biometric Application Programming Interfaces)?


In order to program your typical laptop computer you need an API. Application Programming Interface. This is simply how to talk to the computer so a programmer can tell it to do things, like read a DVD, recognize mouse movement, etc. A BioAPI is exactly the same thing, except instead of computer hardware a BioAPI interfaces with your body parts, specifically your neurons and synapses which control your body and mind. Also known as wetware, essentially the BioAPI in you consists of nano-implants. These implants are required because it's simply not possible to influence, communicate or control any part of your body or mind with classical methods as a electromagnetic quantum signal has nothing to talk to, hence the requirement of a middleware (the nano-implants or wetware).


To summarize it ~ This BioAPI nano-fibers are sprayed through chemtrails on the entire planet which you breathe in. These fibers contain (nano & micro) components which construct and install nano-implants which the aggregate of constitutes what is commonly known as a Biological Application Programming Interface allowing for the complete monitoring, control and extension of all body and mind functions by attaching themselves to neurons or synapses and self-replicating until they have artificially encapsulated and rewired your brain in a given host (you, and everyone on the entire planet).


Once nano-particulates have sufficient control over a host body, they can then be remotely controlled to work as GPS tracking devices, to inflict physical pain and disease, to influence emotional states, to cause memory lapses, to read brain patterns, and even to remotely influence thoughts.


BioAPI Phases

There are two phases involved with the installation of the BioAPI. Which is known as phase 1 and phase 2.

Phase 1: Almost everyone on the planet is affected and involved in this phase. Everyone to some extent has the nano-fibers within their body cavity, and therefore wired ['I'm wired too.' - Michael Hall, Gamer (2009)]. Side effects include a clicking sound from within the skull and basic annoying body complications like aching joints. This phase provides complete remote control of your speech and thought patterns through suggestion (partially subconsciously). About 98% of the populace of the entire planet has this phase.
Phase 2: This phase must be triggered (by nano-trigger-bots) and is extreme. It completely compromises your health and can do anything from kill you to simply monitor you. This phase cannot be forced onto you like phase 1 (technically it can but they don't do that yet). This involves multiple nano-sensors from ocular to heart and everything in between. About 2% of the population has gone through this phase. If you want to get specific, the nano-tech or nano-implants that compose phase 2 of the BioAPI is actually just the vehicle they use to monitor, torment, test and hurt people.

Nano-fiber, BioAPI Side Effects

  • Phase 1 & 2 - Cranium Clicking/Screeching: A phase 1 side effect goes back as early as 2001. Exactly what is happening is not completely known but involves some sort of nano-chip being installed/operated in the cranium (your head) of the host. This is probably the equivalent of a CPU of some sort. The actual clicking/screeching sound observed is usually at night on average once a month and only lasts for a few seconds. Completely painless and easily ignored or passed off by the person.
  • Phase 1 & 2 - Aching Joints, Headaches, Fatigue, etc.: The saturation of nano-fibers has different effects on different people. The sheer numbers involved results is a random combination of health implications. Most people will not notice anything, or pass any slight symptom off as getting older. Other people who have more of a reaction will go to the doctor and get diagnosed with fibromyalgia. Fibromyalgia is a catch all disease that was created about a decade ago to give doctors something to tell the patient when they complained. The doctors can't accurate diagnose or understand what or why a patient is feeling a certain way, so the corrupt medical establishment gives them this nonsense to spew. These side effects are primarily phase 1 but are a constant problem across the board. Notice the root word of fibromyalgia is fib[e]r, it's not a coincidence.


Lay The favourite (2012) where Bruce Willis itches his forearm clearly and intentionally after referencing it a few seconds earlier. [Nothing is Coincidence]

  • Phase 2 - Itching: For whatever reason they may force harsh itching on you when they do not agree with what you are doing or how you are behaving. You probably will have no idea it is phase 2 at the beginning. In people with phase 2, the BioAPI is monitoring thought and emotional patterns which if conflict triggers an itch; it's automated.
  • Phase 2 - Burning Smell: Phase 2 encapsulates the person's ability to smell, so they can read/write scents. It's used to help warp the reality of someone they have specifically targeted. When inhaling or specifically exhaling quickly its often a burning/smoke smell that is noticed. This is an unwanted side effect - or more accurately to encapsulate any neuron in the body involved in sensing (for example, smell, taste, etc.) there ends up being be some minor side effect. Interestingly when I cry the smell is amplified and it smells like buttered popcorn of all things.
  • Phase 2 - Permanent Metallic Taste: Some people will comment on a metallic taste in the mouth. Typically when going to sleep it becomes prevalent. . It is not a side effect of medication, that's the typical response a doctor will give you. If you are not on medication and otherwise completely healthy and all of a sudden have a permanent metallic taste in your mouth, you are being recorded (but not watched) 24/7, The AI system do its job.
  • Phase 2 - Morgellons: Morgellon's can strike anyone. It's a direct problem from the nano-fibers, whether intentional or accidental. The body's immune system can't see or recognize the fibers at all. So when the body can't accept the fibers anymore it beings to push them out through the skin. But the skin is a barrier because the fibers are too large. So the skin breaks up which is why people get lesions. Note that technically everyone has morgellons (nano-fibers), the actual mogellon's symptoms are when the person's body tries to get rid of them the only way possible.

Note: We’ve extensively talked about Morgellons in our previous post


How To Confirm If You Have Phase 2?

This is a phase 2 subject with a nano-camera/ocular implant in the left eye.

You can 100% confirm if you have phase 2 or not by seeing an eye doctor and asking him to look for anomalies exactly where the ocular implant is located. The implant is still a camera and therefore must conform to the laws of physics and optics still so it must, just like your eye has, have a concave lens which it does. You might be able to slightly feel it at night when your falling asleep when your eyes are dryer and you move your eyeball around with your eyes closed.

Red wine mouth rinse test: Materials and Procedure


  • Glass or small jar to mix the solution
  • Bowl to expel the solution
  • 3% Hydrogen-Peroxide
  • Merlot Red Wine
  • Measuring spoons
  • Toothbrush/toothpaste
  • Timer


  1. Brush your teeth well, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water
  2. Mix 2 tsp (10mL) of Merlot Red Wine with 1 tsp (5mL) Hydrogen Peroxide in the glass
  3. Use the red wine/peroxide solution as a mouth rinse; rinse ‘vigorously’ for exactly five minutes. Make sure to swish it in your cheeks+gums, etc for the full 5 mins.
  4. Expel all the rinse solution into a bowl
  5. Carefully examine the rinse for fibers. They are invariably present and look like tiny pieces of wet chewing tobacco. These are components of nanotech pathogens infecting everyone most likely via chemtrails.


  1. You can add 91% or higher IPA (Isopropyl Alcohol) to the precipitated fibers to remove the red pigment caused by the wine. The fibers generally float like a jellyfish on top of the IPA.

You will find all these^ contents of nanofibers and what not.

If you found this test positive then CONGRATULATIONS!!! You have got the biggest evidence right there in front of you that you spit out from your own mouth.


Gangstalking ~ To Remove Undesirables


They are doing so many horrific & stupid things and Gangstalking is one of them.

Gangstalking is a programme set up by your so-called shadow governments all over the world to get rid of undesirables. They invade all areas of an individual's life on a continuing basis. They use all sorts of methods/tactics to dismantle you from the society.

Who is undesirables or targeted individuals?

It's us who are a potential threat to their matrix system, we are the ones who are free thinkers and do not follow government laws that are keeping us enslaved to their matrix system, we are the ones who are intelligent enough to decode every piece of illusive matrix codes. We see through veil of deception and question every single thing. They intentionally target individuals that are highly intelligent ~ with highly functional mind, those who are gifted psychics like us, who do their alternative research and expose many of their dark operations like the Secret Space Program, and Government PsyOp Contractors. The people that are targeted are Truthers, That Have Real Knowledge, Whistleblowers, Educators Not Teaching Government Approved Lesson Plans, Scientists Not Researching Government Authorized & Sanctioned Topics, like we are doing here. And THEY don't want us to do these things and that's why they want to stop us from exposing them and that's why THEY use anything that works best ~ THEY use energy devices which plants suggestions in the targets mind to effect people decisions. They can make their targets like a zombie that take commands and respond them robotically. In very rare cases when they cannot able to break their target and their target poss imminent threat to their secret operations, they would then use DEW (Directed Energy Weapon), boiling the targets’ body with 50,000,000,000+ watts of power!!!, you think it's impossible? Well, you don't know the actual reality. Go check out their Boeing YAL-1 which was airborne since 2002 and retired in 2014, well it's a very old plane with that technology, there are new ones that goes beyond it.

They use many Electronic Harassment, Mind Control, and Voice To Brain Technologies used by Covert Intelligence, Dark Projects.


Predatory Gangstalking
While each individual gangstalker does his or her small part, what defines "Predatory Gangstalking" is the collective intent to do harm.

Tactics of Predatory Gangstalking include highly coordinated surveillance, harassment, and psychological, psychosocial, financial and sometime physical assaults on an individual by a large group of people who are often strangers to the targeted individual.

Following the target whenever he or she leaves their home is probably the most common "Tactic" of Gang Stalking.
If the target leaves his or her home on foot, they are usually followed on foot, although other stalkers may be in vehicles as well.
If the target leaves his or her home by car, the stalkers will follow in their own vehicles, often in well-coordinated groups who wait for the target's vehicle to pass by and then begin to follow.
The criminals who engage in Predatory Gangstalking usually keep in constant touch with their "handlers" or "managers" via cell phone.

Oftentimes the "handlers" know where the target is going ahead of time, based on previous activities by the target. One example of this might be a certain supermarket that the target often uses; so the "handler" or "manager" might station one of the group to be parked in the parking lot of that supermarket before the target even arrives. Please read more about their tactics here.

By doing so they isolate the Targeted Individual (Ti) from their family, from their friends, from their mind, from their body, from their emotions, until the Ti themselves don't end their life by suicide.

Conscious Beings are very high on their list for targeting, so please beware of your surroundings, stay very observant, & always pay attention to details that others would overlook. Be very cognizant of your thoughts or things that don't appear to be from your own thoughts, high pitch frequency ringing in the ears, and voices projected at you so those voices are heard in the frontal lobe of the brain rather than with your ears.

The tactics are designed to make you think you are going crazy. If you seek psychiatric help they can forcibly medicate or commit you, but they love it the most if you simply commit suicide. The least they want to accomplish is to make you withdraw, lose your health, lose your friends, and make yourself think you are crazy. Please don't beLIEve this just because we wrote it here, watch some videos on the topic, chat with others that are currently suffering through Gang Stalking. Lots of FB members will gladly chat with you about what is happening to them & has been happening for several years now. It is real & it is government operatives that run the Gang Stalking programs.

Although Gangstalking/Targeted-Individuals, BioAPI Implant Program and CHEMTRAILS are worldwide but are more concentrated in the G5 countries.

UK & USA ranks the top in GANGSTALKING/Targeted-Folks, by Corporations, but through the states.

Research G3, G5, G8, G14, and G20 nations.


They are using GNSS receiver with L band (0 to 50Hz) continuous pulse transmitting radio frequency. A computer to brain link is made with Matlab platform called (EEGlab) that creates a RFID. GPS is UHF/VHF frequencies that carry voice and video.

Using Very low electromagnetic frequency (ELF) are extracted from the brain that are unique set of brain waves: Alpha (8 Hz - 12 Hz - Awake, mild/moderate stimulation), Beta (15 Hz - 25 Hz - Awake, moderate/excited stimulation), Delta (0.5 Hz - 4 Hz - Stage 3 Sleep, Stage 4 Sleep), Theta (4 Hz - 8 Hz - Stage 1 Sleep and REM Sleep), and Spindles (12 Hz - 15 Hz - Stage 2 Sleep, often with K-Complex) waveforms.

A few of the Brain Area Bioelectric Resonance Frequency Information Induced Through Modulation:
Motor Control Cortex 10 Hz Motor Impulse co-ordination.

Auditory Cortex 15 Hz Sound which bypasses the ears.

Visual Cortex 25 Hz Images in the brain bypassing the eyes.

Somatosensory 9 Hz Phantom touch sense.

Thought Center 20 Hz Imposed subconscious thoughts.


Patents regarding this: US PATENT 3951134

This patent was filed August 5, 1974 by inventor Robert G. Malech of Plainview, NY. The patent itself describes a method to monitor and activate brain activity using directed electromagnetic radiation without the use of local sensors. It indicates that by altering the scan angle and direction of the antennas any region of the brain can be targeted. Since the patent was granted April 20, 1976 (42 years ago), It gets upgraded by now and got very advanced and effective that can easily be fitted inside the small light bulb or phone or TV.

US Patent 5507291

In a method for remotely determining information relating to a person's emotional state, an waveform energy having a predetermined frequency and a predetermined intensity is generated and wirelessly transmitted towards a remotely located subject. Waveform energy emitted from the subject is detected and automatically analyzed to derive information relating to the individual's emotional state. Physiological or physical parameters of blood pressure, pulse rate, pupil size, respiration rate and perspiration level are measured and compared with reference values to provide information utilizable in evaluating interviewee's responses or possibly criminal intent in security sensitive areas.

Just to give you few more patents




US Patent US5629678 - IMPLANTABLE TRANSCEIVER – Apparatus for Tracking and Recovering Humans.




Why They Are Doing This?

The Matrix, Surrogates, Gamer, The Crazies, The Happening, The Adjustment Bureau, Metropia and all these other movies were showing you in plain sight how the elites are able to hijack and remote control our consciousness. Actually, you must understand that the whole system is based on compartmentalised structure, so there are many there are many private organisations and groups of agents in DUMBs (Deep Underground Military Bases) who barely ever come to the surface and spend their whole lives living vicariously through other people using these BioAPIs to control people like a remote-control toy and play their stupid games.


And then some are private organisations like SIS (Security Industry Specialists.INC), that are running social engineering programs, They are themselves under the influence of AI and Satanic Black Magic control group on the top, but not all of them are under the influence, those on the top knows and control it all.

We can tell you the exact names of corporation, companies who are running these and behind it, and it would be too much unbelievable for many of you, because you all know these companies very well. We won't disclose it until you ask us and provide us much needed support to be able to do that.


Final Thoughts

unnamed (2).png

So the whole thing is about Divide and conquer, they create conflicts between Ti’s and their family, friends and everyone else, they turn anyone against anyone else and create conflict between them, these mind-control weapons gives them ability to shape or influence the reality of any person, corporation as they want, it's a big game for them where they are the controllers enjoying the power of being in power, being on the top, satisfying their big Ego’s and creating food for their demonic Lords which is negative emotion(s), through inflicting pain and fear.

If you think your so called President of The United States is the only one on the top who run America and there's no one above him, then you are wrong, There are more than 27 layers of top secret clearance above POTUS, and we know each one of them, but they are highly compartmentalised. Q is one of them with codename, cosmic security clearance is one of the top security clearance.

Please do your own research and wake-up yourself to the truth, there so many more things to look at other than political drama that many people are so much into. Wake-up before it gets too late. 🙏


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Mindblowing and terrifying. You end the post with, "Wake-up before it gets too late." but based on the information presented, their doesn't appear to be much we can do. If things are advanced as you suggest and everyone on the planet is affected, there is no conceivable way I can think of that sufficent numbers of people will wake up to stop it, and this is if it can even be stopped. As I said, if things are as advanced as suggested, surely, if too many started waking up they would just start implementing some of the control mechanisms they currently only use on 2% of the population to more people. Considering that most people still don't believe chemtrails are real, getting them to believe that movies like Gamer are actually based on reality and real technologies is an almost impossible task and even though many are waking up, is it happening fast enough?

I'm already feeling pretty low about the way things are going in the world due to chemtrails, microwaves, 5g and now Biohacking. Is there any chance you can give me a bit of hope because from where I'm sitting and based on the information I have gathered myself and the stuff you present, things aren't looking too good.

First of all, thank you so much for taking your time to read our post. We suggest you to read every single post from "The Awakening Project" series.

Every problem comes with a some solutions, fortunately we have found the solution too! But we need support from the community, we are asking for donations therefore so that we can proceed to create a "switch shield" (That's what we named this device), that works pretty much like emp weapons, but it's a shield that bounce back and re-direct plasmonic fields, Electromagnetic frequency back to the source, we have figured the way to use scalar wave beams that combines dual sine waves and can be changed to square wave. Doing so give us direct access to aether energy that creates more energy and to collect that energy we have set the combination of crystal grids to absorb the energy and then amplify it for multi purpose energy shield. We know it's easy to say than done but we have many more solutions that works on different levels, it all depends on the amount of help we receive from the people.

On Steemit, not many people are interested in reading these stuffs, they are so much into matrix that they enjoy political drama more than the real thing. So we are thinking to shift this project to some other platforms, where we can reach to more people and hopefully we get some help and donations to work on creating the switch shield, we have bio shield in place so we can protect ourselves on individual level, but for protecting on mass level and disabling their matrix grid, we need the support if more people. Only then we will able to use our combined power of collective consciousness to completely dismantle their matrix grid.

5G timeline is very near, and it will merge with the main timeline in 2020, only 1 year left, we are doing what we can, but it's upto the people if they do their part or not.

There's a hope too, good things are happening too, we are aware of majority of the main events that are happening all around the world and behind the scenes. We have achieved 70% of critical mass, we need to achieve just 30% more to crystalline the positive collective timeline that is in the future, just going adjacent to our main collective timeline. [If you aren't familiar with what we are speaking here, you can ask for clarification.]

"... but it's a shield that bounce back and re-direct plasmonic fields, Electromagnetic frequency back to the source, we have figured the way to use scalar wave beams that combines dual sine waves and can be changed to square wave. Doing so give us direct access to aether energy that creates more energy and to collect that energy we have set the combination of crystal grids to absorb the energy and then amplify it for multi purpose energy shield. "

Well before I got to the reference to perpetual motion, this set off my BS detector.

If you want to be taken seriously by anyone with any technical knowledge at all, you will need to provide actual science. This paragraph is nothing more than mumbo jumbo.

While I realize my comment here is certain to be offensive to a true believer, an actual scientist will understand my interest in details, such as papers, schematics, and studies showing how this might function.

Any reference to 'aether energy that creates more energy' is nothing more than BS.

We understand that it's too much unbelievable for many people to even believe a thing like that can even exist, we hadn't mentioned it in our posts yet with full details about its working and how it operates, we may reveal more about it in our upcoming posts.

About aether energy that creates more energy, *it's not just the aether, but the zero-point energy.

You must understand that if you believe that everything follow the Second Law of Thermodynamics, which is entropy, you would call every such
Higher dimensional technologies bs, coz your science needs more correction than you are aware of.

If you would have ever wondered a bit about why the electrons never sloved down, you would have figured it out long ago in your school days that they don't follow the Second Law of Thermodynamics.

The reason why they don't slow down is ~ they're constantly absorbing the zero-point energy, and that's what keeps the electrons around the atomic structure in our universe. It keeps them energised. That's why it never disintegrates, falls apart.

We're not going to explain everything in this comment alone. Wait for our upcoming posts, we will put everything up.*

Everyone's support is much needed. thank You! ☺

There is much that is misunderstood in science. That is why the scientific method succeeds, because it is simply a way of asking questions that makes getting answers possible.

Sadly, postulating that electrons don't slow because they are powered by zero-point energy is untrue, and this has been shown by experiment.

Bose-Einstein condensates, the Hall Effect, and even basic chemistry, prove that electrons do in fact follow the Second Law of Thermodynamics. I urge you to either gain nominal understanding of the science you discuss, or to accept you do not, and state your remarks accordingly.

While no scientist worthy of the name will state the Aether does not exist, if only because a negative cannot be proven, I know of none that claim it does. The Aether, zero-point energy, and psychic phenomena are hallmarks of pseudoscience, and incessantly used to baffle with BS those unable to understand actual physics.

Such extraordinary claims, contravening not just some esoteric formula but the entire body of scientific research that has ever been published and is the basis for every functioning technology more advanced than fire and pointy sticks, require equally extraordinary evidence to be considered reliable.

Absent any evidence at all, which is what you have provided, I will remain unconvinced of your thesis.

Thanks for bringing us this information so much to learn.

You're welcome! Thank you for taking your time to read our post.

Yes, there's so much more to learn. ☺

interesting discussion of technologies and strategies that may be used to harm people. While there are demonstrably real and dangerous technologies dealt with here, there are some things that are perhaps less so.

I will have little to say about psychic phenomena.

However, EMF radiation, as well as other wave based energies, are difficult to reduce to a single target. I'm not saying it can't be, or isn't, done, but the necessary precision is not inexpensive. Considering that your thesis requires that essentially all living breathing creatures are implanted with particular devices that facilitate such measures, how would a signal broadcast be limited to an, or certain, individuals? What would keep hired thugs from experiencing the same debilitating effects as do the targets?

Finally, whatever technology may impact us, if they aren't also susceptible to it, then there is nominal defensive technology. No matter what the nature of the device, the laws of physics will apply, and thus suitable technologies can make this enormous and apparently unlimited expense of blood and treasure of limited value to those who may be using it for evil purposes.

No doubt gangstalking is practiced. It is exactly because such techniques work that one should pick one's friends carefully. Real friends and people that actually love you will not be swayed by whisper campaigns, slander, or anything at all to separate you from them.

I say this knowing full well that lesser people and affection certainly can be disrupted. Thus it is not only important to consider only those people that are utterly reliable to count on, but to be utterly reliable oneself.


Although it's difficult to reduce to a single target, but there's a way to bounce back or re-direct them to different directions.

We can tell you that The Shadow government is hiding so many lightyear ahead advanced technologies ~ that could revolutionise the whole planet and our lives, we would have become intergalactic civilization by now, but they're keeping those exotic technologies to themselves alone, and limiting us from every way possible.

They have only one major agenda, "To Get Control Over Everything And Everyone", what’s the better way of doing this other than mind-controlling/consciousness hijacking via transhumanism where human race is already heading towards. Use your critical mind and you will get the glimpse of the bigger picture.

Thank you for your comment.

um, why does it have to be Merlot? five minutes of swishing with wine and peroxide will certainly result in exfoliating a lot of dead skin and such from the inside of your mouth.

Whenever I read accounts of gangstalking they just sound like what paranoid schizophrenics talk about. None of the people who claim to be victims are important enough to justify anyone spending the required effort to gang stalk them as part of a coordinated secret global effort. IF anyone was going to coordinate efforts to upset someone in subtle ways it would be someone important not a nobody.

I have a microscope, where should I look exactly and what is the exact size of the implant I am looking for?

Because Merlot Red Wine works best for this. But you can use organic grape juice as a substitute

If you really want to do that "Red Wine mouth rinse test", then, please follow the method we've mentioned above.^

Whenever I read accounts of gangstalking they just sound like what paranoid schizophrenics talk about.

A person would call another person's state insane/crazy until he himself experience the exact thing, then only he get the core understanding of what it's like to experience such things.

None of the people who claim to be victims are important enough to justify anyone spending the required effort to gang stalk them as part of a coordinated secret global effort. IF anyone was going to coordinate efforts to upset someone in subtle ways it would be someone important not a nobody.

Seems like you haven't read our post thoroughly.

Please read the "Who is undesirables or targeted individuals?" section again.

Look for metal fingerprints, Like, Barium, Aluminium, Titanate, but generally you will see fibres, when you'll look closely using microscope you will see black seeds that has self-replicating polymer.

The tissue on the inside of your mouth sloughs off pretty easily, that would be a good method for collecting an oral tissue sample. How have you confirmed that what you see in that test is nanotechnology and not oral tissue? Next time my wife opens a bottle of red wine I will give it a try and then look at the results with a microscope. Do you have a microscope?

A person would call another person's state insane/crazy until he himself experience the exact thing, then only he get the core understanding of what it's like to experience such things.

I once had a job interviewing schizophrenics at the mental hospital and I have a Psychology degree. I had a good friend who developed paranoid schizophrenia. How would you differentiate a victim of gangstalking from someone suffering from paranoid schizophrenia?

I read the targeted individuals, it didn't make sense, if all the other people walking and driving by you on their cell phones are all working together to upset you it takes a lot of resources. It does not make sense to expend that amount of resources on anyone who "free thinkers and do not follow government laws" in fact it would be impossible. If they were targeting high level government employees or celebrities or billionaires that would be at least logical, they don't need to do that for every petty criminal. People who don't follow the government laws don't need to have secret gang stalking campaigns from the government to fuck with their minds, the regular police put them in the regular jail.
Being a free thinker who does not follow the laws just does not qualify you as a threat to the matrix or status quo. There needs to be something more.
Where can I find the black self replicating polymer seeds? In the oral sample?

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