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Disclaimer: We strongly recommend you to take only what resonates with you and leave the rest. You don't need to believe whatever we say here or mention, but we urge you to do your own research and then decide yourself if we are speaking truth or not.

Please Keep Your Mind & Heart Open


@multidimensional speaking, In this post we are going to dive deep into the gravest topic “The Morgellons”. It's going to be very disturbing one, but we have to go through it anyway to understand what's going on behind the scenes.


Let's first recall what we said in our previous post about Morgellons

Morgellons are basically self-replicating hollow fiber “Nano Tags” used to track anyone and to be able to know what they are thinking. They can read out the “light fingerprint” of your DNA and turn them into an electronic signal which can be read by satellites or ground stations. This is a read/write unit.
(an example of use ~ read out a person's anger who is angry, digitize it, put it on antenna rebroadcast it to other 100 people that are not angry & if they have this biology within their system, this read/write units, then they will feel exactly the same experience of anger that's broadcasted from a single person and voila ~ you've got yourself an Arab Spring ~ just introduce a little anger into the system.)

We also mentioned that these Morgellons fibres are airborne especially in Europe and Iraq and are billions in quantities. This fibres, this fungus is infecting the human body & with 99% of people nothing special happens. They're just embedded somewhere & your biology is keeping the fungus population low in your body. They just function as a plasmonic antenna to send out signals but you don't get sick from it, no visible symptoms. So it's not big deal, it's not dangerous as long as body can handle this thing.

But some of the people cannot handle it.

What happens then? Normally patients are diagnosed having "delusional parasitosis" and are treated with psychopharmaca. Which looks like this:


These fungus/fibres starts to multiple in their body and at certain point they starts extracting from the skin.


They also have these two colours variations red & blue, they're of technical origin ~ it's not a natural substance.


So you can see^ them when the skin is opening, you can see them under the microscope during the blood analysis, you’ll find that the blood is infected & when you let them grow artificially in a petri dish & when you look at them then you will find this:


They are little bit more complex than the simple fungus. They have kind of organs inside, they’ve little red stem cells of an unknown species that are self-replicating as well.


Apparently they produce other structure, this looks like a sporing budding, it's like the unit where it's forming a mushroom, fruiting body & then from fruiting body ~ spores are coming out for the next generation.


And from it^ it produces next generation of it which is a mushroom, a fungus. So this seems to be a containment for spores. Because when you put this into the petri dish, you’ll find its next generation growing.


Now other things you’ll find, it's getting fringe, really getting very fringe ~ it's fragments of insects skin being extracted from a Morgellon victim.


So something from this disease is/are making insect parts or insects that grows within the human body.

Now let's connect the dots. If you've read our previous posts, where we mentioned about "Co-opted INSECTS" from NASA presentation. We're getting there.

To understand what this is all about. At first sight this is a disease which can be cured, it's easy, you don't even need to fight the Morgellons. You just need to reestablish healthy environment within the human body. Take out the acid, take out the heavy metals, cure the function of the liver that's irritated by the Mercury or disturbed candida environment which is due to antibiotics, and you will be healed.

So this goes into medical domain, this goes back to vaccination, to antibiotics which is completely disturbing our system and at the end of the line, the morgellon is kind of trying to save us from all the poisons that are within us, it save us from the acid, save us from the heavy metals by containing them. This is why body loves them to grow, so this is not actually the disease which is infecting us with bad intentions, almost everybody is infected but the one who haa too much heavy metals in the system will show symptoms because that person would allow this fungus to replicate in his/her body and suck-in all these heavy metals.

Now if you want to understand the Agenda behind, there's was a brave lady at Harvard University that made the chemical analysis of these fibers in a nano-lab, and, she threw out some chemical formulas, and she also analysed a single colour particle that she found in the air, also the colour airborne that at certain point are entering the granulosum after it replicated within the human body.


This is coming to the concept of Self-assembling nanobots.

Self-assembling means, you spray the fibres ~ it's replicating, you then spray the colour codes and within the human body, the colour and fibre mounting in a working unit ~ this is what we call Self-assembling nanobots.


Let's take a look at the deeper aspect of morgellon disease that are little bit more strange.
Morgellon victim has this sensation of insects crawling through their body, and sometimes this disease is called "delusional parasitosis", when patient go to the doctor for treatment, they say this is pure madness & treat them with psychopharmaca.

What is most disturbing about is that, if you look at the family of Morgellon fungus, it's a close relative to a certain myco-insecticide,and they have also this property to kill insects, If you remember, We mentioned about EPA Quietly Approved Monsanto's New Genetic-Engineering Technology, who approved DvSnf7 dsRNA an unusual insecticide that disrupts a critical rootworm gene and kills the pest. And you encode instructions for manufacturing it in the DNA of the crop itself.

So what they do actually is ~ they attack let's say a fly, they eat the fly from inside & then they assimilate the DNA of the fly & form the fruiting body in from of the fly & make the eyes of the fly glow which is exactly like the artificial light created by the morgellon fungus, and this is attracting other flies to get infected with this fungus, so this is something this family loves to do.

Now what if it attacks the humans to extract human DNA & to form fruiting bodies in the form of a human embryo, because this is what is in the biology of this fungus family. But, it's bringing in red stem cells & morphogenesis of this fruiting body is pretty close to human embryo, but there are certain differences & there are certain properties of this form that are not human.

So the question is ~ what type of species is carried by this morphogenesis of this mushrooms, because it's not human?

And, is there connection between this thing and the sensation of crawling insects in the morgellon patient body?

The answer is ~ yes there's very strong connection, as the morphogenesis is actually carrying a transdimensional being.

This got very clear when one morgellon victim fortunately had this **remote viewing capacities, and had the ability to visualise and luckily he was quite talented in painting. So he was asked to paint those creatures that he could perceive in his remote viewing that were crawling in his body. He painted many times, and he got better and better and the last picture that came out looks like this:


So we have this^ spider form, with quite highly developed face, quite highly developed character, and he drew the eye in the middle. The one that's showing up and the morphogenesis of the mushroom.


This makes very clear that the fruiting bodies carry a humanoid morphogenesis. Typical properties of the fruiting body are a shrimp-like form with a hip, a head with a distinct forehead similar to the human embryo in the 20th week of pregnancy, naval cord, a reptile shaped tail and one single insect eye. There are male and female forms, who might form unisexual multiple siamese twins within one fruiting body. The female forms are rather oval and carry pearl-chain-like patterns of red eggs or stem cells under their skin, that have been described by the carnicom institute as modified human red blood cells that basically withstand everything, burning with a Bunsen flame, deep freezing, vacuum and treatment with acids. The male forms are rather slim and produce a single "bulbus" like structure, i.e. something resembling the male reproductive organ of a spider. The single insect eye at the same time is the reproductive organ of the fungus itself, producing transparent multi layered hexagonal structures carrying the spores of the fungus.


Stranger Than Fiction

Many patients reported of having the sensation of a strong extraction of bio photons from their body. The process was triggered by pain in the intestines and was experienced as if energy is flowing from the head to the lower body, accompanied with a rhythmically pulsed suction that appears as a sound in the ears. According to one patient own words the patient during this process of bio-photon-extraction suffered from fever and physical weakness.

People with heavy infections show a number of psychological patterns. They might become very egocentric, obsessed about talking about their disease, but at the end about 90% miss out on their appointments with doctors, as soon as real help is underway. The disease seems to have the ability to take over part of the consciousness of the patients. Similar symptoms are reported from borrelia. It is advised to have someone assisting with the medical appointments and the application of medication.


The Truth


We are quite familiar with the Higher dimensional physics, so we can clearly say that whatever is born down there in the lower intestine ~ is stealing light, stealing vital bio-photon energy form the human system to accumulate as much as possible to keep themselves into slightly parallel transdimensional state that's undetectable by our 3rd dimensional mainstream machines, and this goes beyond physics into the spiritual realms, If you know that we are about to ascend to the next dimension, and this is all identical with the multilayer space-time sheets of dimensions. So for us, it's very easy to understand higher dimensions biology, that this being is a transdimensional being, and this being is abusing the humans to reproduce their own species and steal humans vital bio-photon to get ascend to that parallel dimension, and from then they become invisible, but they still remains in the body.

So you have this invisible transdimensional creature crawling through your body, trying to access your energetic system ~ this is very close to what one might call The Daemon, or an Archons, If you look at the descriptions of Archons from 2500 years ago, the description of their biology is identical to these Morgellons victims are painting, they described spiders with human faces and there are exactly two different species that are close relatives but different. And, it's described them as light parasites and this is what the entire black magic tradition is all about.

images (32).jpg

Black magicians are those people who can communicate with those Archons and they offer them access to their, body energetic system and allow them to feed light photon energy/life-force energy and in exchange THEY offer POWER, power over other human beings, this is what black magic rituals are always about. So we starting to get a picture.

If you look at the political entities who might be responsible to introduce Morgellons into the air, look at into the United States, Bush family and those inside Bush, and all the members of Skull and Bones {Sounds pretty black magic}, If you look how this people are interconnected, you will find the whole connection hiding behind the scenes in a very highly complicated multilayer systematic structure, and you will end-up with another piece of puzzle to figure out the whole thing!


More on NASA Presentation


Let's go back to NASA presentation, you can see, “THIS PRESENTATION BASED ON “FUTURES” WORK FOR/WITH”, and they’ve got everybody on their side, US AIR FORCE, NATIONAL RESEARCH COUNCILS, DARPA, DIA, CIA, FBI, SOCOM, etc, everybody came to the party in this document.


NASA goes on to say,

  • Is meant to incite/thought discussion
  • Is based is all cases upon existing data/trends/analysis/technologies (e.g., NO PIXIE DUST)
  • Provide in some cases broader view of perspective developments and issues.

So this^ makes it very clear that these are not stuffs that are made up, it all exists and out there ~ operating right now.


Final Thoughts

Truth is obviously stranger than fiction; whether you believe it not, humans are being harvested for eons, there are hyper-dimensional forces that feeding of our vital energy and this whole MATRIX system is using energy harvesting mechanisms. And THEY are way ahead in this game. Please wake-up before it gets too late to do anything. Think outside of the box, beyond the limited paradigm.

Do your own deep research by keeping your mind wide open! You will find truth only when you seek it with your own will to know and understand what it is all about!


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Another super interesting post. Was able to read this one without children pulling at my leg.

Those who seek to control us have had a long time to perfect their system. Better than slaves who know they are slaves, now we are slaves with the illusion of freedom.

Some pretty horrific stuff going on here which I believe we can protect ourselves against using focused intention. I very often imagine a white ball of protective light around myself and my family and repeat these words three times: ONLY THE BEST ENERGIES ARE COMING TO US!

Ending with... IT IS DONE!

Thank you for putting all this time into sharing your intuitive insights.

Thank you very much, Sam! ☺
That's right! They have perfected their system long time ago and they are keep perfecting it more, but, their perfection cannot stop us from knowing about them and if more people get aware of their plan/agenda, we will all eventually get together to defend ourselves from them and shut down their horrific crimes against humanity.

Btw, this particular post was very disturbing for me as I am a very sensitive girl, and my Bro wrote so much horrific, disgusting looking stuffs that I had to cut few sections of it as it was too much to handle for me and many people.

Yes, that shielding techniques! We often use it combined with tetrahedron shielding techniques. ☺

You're welcome and thank you for your kind support! ✨

Another great post thank you for giving this info about the Morgellons.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read and comment. You are welcome. ☺

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an example of use ~ read out a person's anger who is angry, digitize it, put it on antenna rebroadcast it to other 100 people that are not angry & if they have this biology within their system, this read/write units, then they will feel exactly the same experience of anger that's broadcasted from a single person and voila ~ you've got yourself an Arab Spring ~ just introduce a little anger into the system.)

That's what CNN and cable news achieves without the use of any nano technology.

ancient evil trans-dimensional space ghosts infecting people is one of the tenants of scientology.

Here is something I cam across you might like, they are using nanotechnology to implant insulin nano networks which they can then trigger using ultrasound.


We are pretty much aware about everything you mentioned in your comment. 🙂 There's so much more to reveal.

Thank you so much for taking your time to read and comment! ☺✨

In Scientology, the concept of the thetan () is similar to the concept of self, or the spirit or soul as found in several other belief systems. The term is derived from the Greek letter Θ, theta, which in Scientology beliefs represents "the source of life, or life itself." In Scientology it is believed that it is the thetan, not the central nervous system, which commands the body through communication points.Thetans have been described in the Church of Scientology in a number of ways.

A "thetan is an immortal spiritual being; the human soul."
"The being who is the individual and who handles and lives in the body."
"A thetan is not a thing, a thetan is the creator of things."
A thetan is "the person himself—not his body or his name, the physical universe, his mind, or anything else; that which is aware of being aware; the identity which is the individual. The thetan is most familiar to one and all as you."According to the Church of Scientology, the concept for the thetan was first discovered in the early 1950s by L. Ron Hubbard, drawing on reports by Dianetics practitioners of past-life experiences.

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