The Boeing YAL-1 ~ Ultra Directed Energy Weapon

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  • This weapon is a man made LIGHTNING BOLT, that travels inside a channel of plasma (created by a very short pulsed laser in a millionth part of a millisecond), which is repeated several times carrying 50,000,000,000 watts of power !!!

"LIPC weapons are hybrid weapons that use a laser to ionise a path of molecules to the target, via which an electric charge can be delivered into the target to cause damaging effects. These can be used to destroy anything that conducts electricity better than the air or ground surrounding it. This works as follows:
A high-intensity train of picosecond laser pulses is used to create a powerful electromagnetic pulse around itself that strips electrons from air molecules, thereby creating a plasma channel through the air. Since the air is composed of neutral particles that act as insulators, LIPC is relatively a good conductor. A high-voltage current discharge is sent down this conducting filament to the target rather than arcing unpredictably through the air—a phenomenon similar to lightening that finds its way from clouds to ground via the path of least resistance."
"... The US army has successfully tested a laser device that shoots out >> 50 billion << watt-powered bolts of lightning. "We never got tired of the lightning bolts zapping our simulated targets," admitted George Fischer, a physicist leading the project at the Picatinny Arsenal research lab in New Jersey.

Rather than harnessing actual bolts of lightning, the Laser-Induced Plasma Channel (LIPC) works by pairing an intense laser beam with an electromagnetic field strong enough to rip electrons from surrounding air molecules. This produces a beam of plasma that travels along the laser beam and can be redirected using mirrors. "The plasma channel conducts electricity way better than un-ionised air, so if we set up the laser so that the filament comes near a high voltage source, the electrical energy will travel down the filament," said Fischer.

The resulting flash of energy appears like a bolt of lightning.

Fischer went on to explain how by ensuring the laser pulse is short and sharp, the energy can be significantly increased: "If a laser puts out a pulse with modest energy, but the time is incredibly tiny, the power can be huge. During the laser pulse it can be putting out more power than a large city needs, but the pulse only lasts for two-trillionths of a second."

He added: "For very powerful and high intensity laser pulses, the air acts like a lens, keeping the light in a small-diameter filament. We use an ultra-short-pulse laser of modest energy to make a laser beam so intense that it focuses on itself in air and stays focused in a filament."

And don't make confusion with the electron beams of medium range which are shoot from some combat cars, these maybe are visible under special conditions or in certain kinds of weapons, but the technology is different. From aircraft everything indicates that what is happening, is that they are shooting artificial "lightning bolts" which are directed by a channel of plasma created by a pulsed laser of high frequency that lasts very short in time. And these will be hardly visible, only perhaps, in exceptional conditions and in a very short flash.

  • What have in common the fires of California (2017/18), the fires of Portugal and Spain (2017), and these huge fires of these last hours in >> Greece << (and also in Sweden)? Besides of the FLAMMABLE aerosols used in climate engineering, which are covering everything and are causing a desiccant effect in trees. All of these terrible fires which caused many deaths, have in common this:

  • This is BAD stuff !!

Illegal Active Denial System – Part 1 of 3 – YouTube

Illegal Active Denial System – Part 2 of 3 – YouTube

Illegal Active Denial System – Part 3 of 3
Published on Jan 3, 2010

Another very important detail: everything indicates that the pulsed laser used to create the plasma channel, is used in a very high frequency of "near-infrared" (NIR) or in a UV frequency, and in this way the plasma channel will not be visible to the naked eye. The electrical discharge which the plasma will be channeling is also invisible, because it is not burning O2. And everything indicates that this plasma channel is very narrow, probably less that 1cm of diameter. When we see lightning, we see the electricity blasting the O2 molecules, and this creates light and noise (but electricity itself is invisible). A plasma channel will permit the super fast passage of the electrical discharge without having contact with the air outside the ionised channel of plasma. Perhaps only in very special circumstances these discharges will be visible, but very hardly. Maybe with a camera filming in infrared vision (night vision). These cameras can film images catching the infrared radiation, if I am not mistaken. Either way, the discharges we are talking about even if multiple, are extremely fast, and only if a special camera is pointing to a place where some activity is expected to occur, eventually some kind of image would be filmed. And this will not be easy to achieve. It is easier to point these cameras to houses in places included in the "evacuation areas" of the agenda 21/30.







Government Mindlessly Investing Trillions Of Dollars in Weapons of Mass Destruction



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that thing is awesome, suck it Zeus

There are so many things that goes even more beyond than this one. Sadly they are keeping so much for themselves only.

word, the selection of consumer directed energy weapons is poor.

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