DO NOT DISTURB THE SALAMANDER - Illustration Step by Step + (Original GIF)

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Salamanders are fabulous amphibians that have cold blood and can live in both water and land. This animal is an intrepid hunter who eats insects and tiny fish. There are also certain types of salamander that have flat tails and more separated eyes that live long times under water, these we call tritons. Recently someone told me that he likes salamanders. Well this funny salamander is dedicated to @veryspider. I hope you like this fun hibrid guy.

Unfortunately, these precious creatures are in danger of extinction. So...
Salamandra Gif.gif


Step 1

Shaping this hybrid salamander.

Step 2

The first basic colors.

Step 3

Still a little more orange to give it more life.

Step 4

In this step, our salamander still looks opaque and flat, right?

Final Step


Reference image


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Nice work with this! That gif definitely caught my eye because I was amazed to see this move because of the medium it's draw on. lol

It is a different world.

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Amazing, wonderful drawing and gifs.

descarga (3).jpg

Hamtaro, wonderful

hahahaha i love it, @andreasalas! what a wonderful animated gif, it really looks like the salamander is reacting to your finger as it comes close to it <3 such a lovely work !!! <3

the colours are gorgeous too, i love the reds and blacks patterning you got on the body very much!!! <3

Pleased that you like my drawing. I had never drawn one.

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Always a taste @ art-venture

excelente dibujo, los colores estan geniales, me gusto como se mueve, y muerde, es una lagartija de cuidado, muy agresiva jajajaj te felicito

Your drawing is so beautiful and cool that it almost looks alive. It seems to be popping out of the paper. Fantastic effect, @andreasalas!

Thanks a lot for sharing your creative skills with us! 😊

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