The Lunation in Capricorn 2019 -- understanding life's current trends -- Part 2

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Part 1


Once again, here's what the Lunation Chart looks like this month.
The Lunation in Capricorn

So here are the positive things about this Lunation chart.

  • All this Capricorn energy!!! -- it can be so productive!!
  • The Lunation, Saturn and Pluto are sextile to Neptune.
  • Mars, Jupiter, Saturn and Neptune are all in their home signs.
  • Uranus is stationary and about to go direct (soon crossing back into Taurus).
  • Venus in Scorpio (shudder) ... is mercifully void-of-course.

Problems in this Lunation?

  • All this Capricorn energy!!! -- which can get tedious and flat wear you out!
  • Jupiter is square to Neptune -- and this will get more intense.
  • Void in Air element -- for the second month in a row. And void-of-course Venus is the only Fixed element.
  • It's not really a problem this month, but Mars will be coming square to both Saturn and Pluto during early Aquarius.

All in all, not a bad chart ... considering!


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Specifically this month
Lunation Issues

Personal focus ---> What new professional and life-direction projects have you resolved to undertake this year? Specifically, what do you want to accomplish that will advance your goals and ambitions significantly ... and put you in a much better position by this time next year?

Are there teaching-and-learning / mentoring relationships that apply to these ventures? Who do you want to be "when you grow up?" Who do you know at the moment that are accomplishing what you want to do? Are there ways to approach them for advice, help, inspiration, alliance?


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Mercury Issues

Ideas, communication, information ---> Your plans, which have been mostly "lovely fantasies" are taking on a more realistic and focused resolve. This is a wonderful time to develop a mission statement, a plan of action, a list of steps / milestone goals that can keep you on track and making progress. (Especially when you're so tired you need reminders of "what to do next." Expect that for a while).

Also, be aware that Mercury is not tightly aligned with the Lunation / Saturn / Pluto conjunction, so it is already square to Mars in this chart. This puts thought and ambition somewhat in conflict with action and initiative. You may intend one thing (with a lot of determination and structure behind the idea) but wind up doing something else ... from convenience or impatience.


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It gets better

There are essentially several parts of you who "want to do it right this time" and another influential part that wants to "get going and do it quickly." That's simply a built-in feature of this month's Lunation ... so it's something we'll all have to deal with.

It may mean things go a lot slower than you'd like for a while ... and the temptation to cut corners will be mighty!! Decide to be happy with whatever your choice brings you. Either choice carries costs.

In early Pisces, Sun / Neptune will be sextile to Mars (by then in Taurus) and Mars itself will be trine to these Capricorn placements. That's a much more congenial "action environment." (See if you can possibly figure that into your schedule.)

Meanwhile, there are some perfectly marvelous "learning opportunities" on deck as Mars comes trine to Venus / Jupiter in early Aquarius. You might want to get those under your belt before you push too hard for results that may not be what you want ... when the picture finally becomes clear.


Image Source

Venus Issues

Relationships and Resources ---> With Venus void-of-course, after all this retrograde mucking around, she may have done all the damage she intends to do to your relationships and financial support.

So, be satisfied that whatever (or whoever) you cut loose in the past several months was something that was ready to pass on. And as Venus moves into Sagittarius -- and the coming conjunction with Jupiter, know that far better prospects and partnerships will present themselves for your consideration. (Be ready to think big. That alliance is really set up for that this year.)


Image Source

On the move again

Action ---> Mars in Aries signals the return of your physical energy and ambition. After that conjunction with sleepy, passive Neptune and square to everything Sagittarius brought to the table last month, you may appreciate the change of pace.

Imagination is great and fantasies can be fun, but when it comes to really getting things done, all this earth energy is a real plus. So are the seven Cardinal planets!! "Starting stuff" may be seriously on your agenda this month -- but keeping them grounded and on track may be a problem.


Image Source

Mind games

Expansion ---> I'm only going to mention this briefly, because this one is just getting started. Jupiter will square Neptune this month ... but it will retrograde past this point again June and won't finish up again until late September. (So this is another ... keep-it-in-mind bit.) Jupiter square Neptune will do serious things to your imagination. Unfortunately, that goes both directions.

It is extremely creative. It is also extremely optimistic, often without any reason to be. It can also make you paranoid as all get-out, because the too-good-to-be-true aura it carries is intrinsically shaky. Your fretting and worry may also be for no good reason, but that doesn't make them any less annoying.


Image Source

A mixed blessing

During this time your intuition is so wide open and sensitive, it's actually showing you both sides of the potentials you are creating -- the wonderful one if you pull it all off, and the serious downside if you don't. It could be one of the most informative experiences you've had in forever ... because this is what life is like when you walk the line in creating your own reality.

Mystics, gurus and ordinary people exult in the idea of, "Oh, how wonderful!!! I can use my mind and create my own reality!!" While that is factually true, "creating your own reality" is also about balancing on the highwire -- with roaring success on the one side and disaster on the other ... and each step you take is wobbly and treacherous ... and each place you put your foot takes you further into "the uncharted unknown."

It can be exhilarating ... and terrifying ... all mixed up together. So, let's get to the end of the year and compare notes on how "wonderful" it felt when we're finally through it. My money is on the side of "mixed reviews" ... at best. More later on this one. Count on it.


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