Lunar Folks in a Sun Sign World -- When the Moon is your guiding light

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A place in the Sun

It would seem life in "the outer world" is built for Sun Sign folks. Maybe that's as it should be. Even mainstream Astrology ... the kind most people know, at least from the dime store Astrology books and daily horoscopes that pass for "Astrology" in our culture ... casts Sun Sign energy as the lead player in life's drama.

But as I've written in a number of places ... and as I keep on saying ... your Sun Sign is not the whole story. There's a whole supporting line-up of other actors and inner personalities that make up the complexity of every human being. The different planets ... other than the Sun ... in the horoscope define them.


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Under the Moon

Chief among these is the Moon. When people don't "relate well" to the description of themselves in their Sun Sign qualities (and it's possible they see these traits, but consider them "secondary" at best) ... there's a good chance they are more in touch with their Moon Sign energy.

The Moon Sign represents the cluster of qualities, attitudes, and interests described by the "emotional self" ... the inner self who is more attuned to family, feelings, moods, and an entire private life reality that is very valid, very powerful. However, it is often less explicit and obvious to those who live more from their Sun energy's expressions and interests ... those pieces of personality on display in the Sun Sign's sunshine.


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Moon energy is just as important

It's not easy being a "lunar type in a solar world." Ask any of these folks, and they'll gladly agree. The introverts, the emotional souls, the intuitives, the artists, the "homebodies," the "everybody's-mother" sorts ... of both sexes.

But Moon Sign energy is just as powerful and just as legitimate a personality from which to build a lifestyle as Sun Sign energy. In fact, it's healthier to live in touch with your emotional center, more authentic to feel your feelings, and far better for everyone if you are free to comfortably share your compassion and caring. The world needs that kind of love.


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These people are special

This love comes from the special people who have prominent Moon energy in their Natal Charts ... and therefore in their personalities. In fact, these people may not be able to conceal this side of their character -- and the best of them don't try. It's who they are ... and they're fine with their unusual warmth and grace.

So, who are these "lunar types?" People with Moon in Cancer, Scorpio or Pisces fall in this category. People with Cancer Rising also fit here. People with their Moon in any sign, but with it located in First, Fourth, Eighth, or Twelfth House are others who are considered "lunar types."

So, too, people with their Moon conjunct or opposing their Sun (thus people born near the New Moon or Full Moon) ... and people with their Moon conjunct their Mercury ... also qualify.


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They're more sensitive

These people are all more sensitive to Moon energy and interests ... such as stresses to their Natal Moon from other parts of their Natal Chart ... or planets transiting in the sky.

But on the other hand, they're more sensitive in positive ways, more intuitive, more caring, more compassionate, more empathetic ... and better able to make constructive use of helpful transits and other available resources.

But they are also keenly attuned to their own feelings, their psychic talents, the "mood" and emotional currents in the atmosphere around them, other people's moods, and the care they can give people who need special psychological support and protection.


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They're more introverted

They are also more attuned to family issues, family and social dynamics, issues of home and security, and the conditions that exist both in the world around them and in their private lives. They are more affected by the comfort and aesthetics (or lack of these) in their living arrangements.

They need more time alone to recharge their own emotional batteries -- therefore "privacy" is important to them. They feel deeply, but may have trouble articulating what they feel.


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They mix thoughts and feelings

Thoughts and feelings are apt to "cross over" in their personalities so they make less distinction between these two functions than the more "logical" types. (In fact, they may use the words "think" and "feel" interchangeably ... and not really see a lot of difference between the two.)

They are keenly affected by memories. They are sentimental and nostalgic spirits. "The past" may have both special attractions and sharp pain for them when they go wandering through those corridors in their imaginations ... and dreams.


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They are the best

They are tender and protective with those who are helpless, ill, injured, victimized, or needy. They often "adopt strays" ... both animals and people ... and incorporate them into their family circle with a loving generosity that can be literally life-saving.

They are folks others know they can turn to when they need an understanding heart or a helping hand. They may "just know" things without having to be told ... and quietly offer what they sense will help in the way of a kind word, empathy, or a gift of something sorely lacking.

If they sound saintly, I wouldn't disagree with that. They know what it means to "give til it hurts" ... because they do so often. They are possibly the best among us. And the world is a better place for their presence.


Thank you for stopping by!

If you've always known there was more to Astrology than Sun Sign material and the three line daily horoscope in the newspaper, climb aboard and follow this blog. You'll find a world of wisdom detailing how you were designed to work with life ... and why you are the way you are -- all in quick-to-read, easy-to-digest-and-remember, written-in-plain-English essays that offer plenty of food for thought.

Little by little, I'm doing a set of articles that talks about all the elements in your horoscope and what they have to say about you. If you "know something" about Astrology -- or know something about your chart placements, that will help you get more from this material.

If you don't ... well, this is one place you can learn. We all have to start somewhere ... because we aren't born knowing this stuff. Meanwhile, if you've never seen your horoscope ... and don't have a clue how to work with it, maybe it's time to find out. There are lots of "chart services" on the internet -- some of whom produce decent, readable charts "for free" and some are so awful and confusing that even I can't read them easily -- and I've worked with charts for decades.

One extremely user-friendly chart site is here: AstroLabe. I recommend them if you want a simple, easy-to-read chart. I think they even give a reasonable little interpretive reading of your horoscope as part of the package. You'll need to know your birth information -- day, month, year, time and geographical place. Without all that your chart will have limited accuracy.

Or, if you want to get serious and really talk about this, upvote this post and start a conversation in the comments section sometime in the next six days from the time of publication. We'll go from there depending on what you want to know.


Questions about any of this? -- Upvote this post and talk to me in comments. It's a terrific way to build value for yourself and the community ... and it will give me ideas of what to write about in future posts. Believe me there is lots to say about the way The Sun, The Moon -- and all the other elements in a horoscope, all the other components of Astrology -- work together to interpret you and your story -- and what it all means to the person you've become.

This is who I am.


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This was very interesting. It’s the first I’ve heard of moon sign energy and sun sign energy. I really love the photos you used!

Well, I had to go look. I was just reading along thinking "I've got no moon influence" until I read that people with those influences often use 'think and feel' interchangeably. So I went a looked at the moon phase when I was born. Almost last quarter, right between full moon and new moon.

I'm no introvert, but some of those descriptions fit me. I'm sorta hit and missing my personal story, and it comes hard for me. Mostly because I have a hard time deciding what it 'good stuff' and 'nobody's damn business.'

Thanks for another great post that makes me think and do research. Doesn't get much better than that.

eagle looks over her shoulder wondering if enchanted is following her this sounds so much like me and em .. kinda freakayyy.
i think i had moon somewhere ... not sure if it was cancer but this sounds familiar. much love, eagle spirit

I am constantly learning more about myself through your thoughtful posts. A lot of the moon-focused energy you speak of is relatable to me. 💖

I upvoted your post.

Cheers to you.

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