The Odyssey of my drawing Emrakul

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Since I entered the Trial by Comics Contest "Magic: The Gathering II" with my drawing EMRAKUL about 9 months ago, this drawing has made quite an odyssey. In my entry I described the ordeal I went through in creating it, and now it seems there is a curse on it. Let me explain:

When I sent my drawing EMRAKUL off to Poland at the end of August for the Magical Dreams V exhibition (together with 2 paintings), for some unexplainable reason the Post managed to break the frame and shatter the glass. How that happened I cannot figure out, since this piece was sandwiched between the paintings, and they were not damaged. I packed it very carefully, thinking they should survive a trip around the world and be dropped from a plane without damage. So after attending the opening on September 7th 2019, I took it home with me.

Opening of Magical Dreams V at Gallery Bator in Szczyrk, Poland
along with Emrakul, I had 2 paintings in this show, so the day was not completely lost.

The broken frame I might be able to cut up into one about half the size. The drawing had scratches from the glass which I was able to fix (restoration took almost as much time as the initial work). A couple of weeks ago I found a frame at Boesner and I re-framed it. The outside dimension of the frame is roughly 50 x 60 cm. I found a box 70 x 70 cm and packed it in there, double bubble wrap, sandwiched between styrofoam sheets and double corrugated cardboard, the empty spaces filled with styrofoam slabs (salvaged from a construction site), wads of filler paper and additional bubble wrap wadded up. The box itself is triple strength corrugated cardboard. It should survive a trip to the dark side of the moon without damage.
I am already curious though if it makes it to Poland without getting trashed ..... going to mail it within the next few days.

This how it was originally framed - a antique frame.
It got broken in the mail.

This is a frame I got from Boesner, it is a object-box frame, the line is called "Stockholm". So the matboard and drawing are set back from the glass by a narrow spacer.

I posted on Facebook, and here is a relevant comment tread:

  • Paula Rosa:
    Wow! that was an odyssey! I hope it arrives in perfect condition.
  • Otto Rapp:
    I can only hope ...... from the photos that the gallerist sent me, it looked like the package had been hit from the side with a sharp object. While this one I am sending now could withstand a lot, it would not withstand getting hit with a pick-ax!
  • Paula Rosa:
    😃 I hope they're not using pick-axes anymore at the Post Office. Love the drawing! Good luck, dear friend.

Magical Dreams V runs until October 30th 2019 at the GALLERY BATOR in SZCZYRK , Poland. 2020 it will travel to various centers in Poland, Austria and Germany - see here for the schedule. Additional venues might still be added. Thus, it is important for my work to get there and be included in the upcoming shows, alongside my two paintings.


Note: for larger images, see this post on Busy

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So beautifully detailed and creepy :D

ha, creepy, that is the purpose, lol - it is a "creepy" subject. If you check this link Emrakul contest entry it gives you an idea what it was all about.

@tipu curate

Thank you!

Thank you kindly for your support!

...there are some countrys where people working at the airport have a special relationship with incoming much depends on the description or the recipient that leads them into temptation to look further...
I had some funny experiences in that order myself, luckily it was a print that was destroyed with a knife because someone didn't like the recipient it was sent to...that was easy to change and a second try with another address just worked out fine.

this was by truck, it only went to Poland. But I know what you mean - I had worked in Logistics decades ago (my apprentice years) and know what goes on there sometimes.

Not something you want to encounter...anywhere never mind in a dark alley XD

That was a bit of a saga with getting the drawing there O_O did you take it up with the post office? Hope it gets/got back unscathed!

second time is the charm. It got there in good shape. I packed it so it would survive a trip to the moon!

Fingers crossed - it arrived in Poland at the Distribution Center of DHL in Zabrze October 18th:

It arrived in good shape, and the gallerist contacted me and said it has been hung in the exhibition.