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My name is Otto Rapp, and I have been around this mortal coil for quite some time now, since 1944 to be exact.
A detailed Introduction is found on my website: Art of the Mystic - Introduction

Bogomil's Landing

"These are universal archetypes that may be found deep inside our collective subconscious. While seemingly extraterrestrial and alien, they are also strangely familiar. I take the viewer into an area that they might have been before in another existence or have entered in their dreams. It is a 'method in this madness' but everything arises by elimination of conscious guidance. The work grows seemingly by itself, like frost flowers on a windowpane. "

Aside from Paintings, my forte is actually drawing, such as this one:

Alpha and Omega: The Reconstruction of Bogomil's Universe

At times when I feel playful, I use my designs, or details of my designs, to create some digital work:
FOMORII INCUBATOR 2 boardflpPLAY2A1100.jpg
Fomorii Incubator - digital adaption from one of my drawings.

Much of my digital work is specifically created for my fashion designs, such as on ZAZZLE



But I have other designer sites - here you find all my designs under one umbrella:
Fashion Designs.JPG

at the Ernst Fuchs Museum

Visit my website



Welcome to Steemit! Nice to meet you :)

Thanks to @leoplaw I am wondering your blog today and enjoying your so detailed work, this takes time, so many stories told on your work..Very complex, imaginative and intuitive, my personal feeling abut all seen. And loooot of hard work.

Thank you kindly. When I am working, there are so many things that come at me from all sides that it is hard not to weave them into the work. Thus depending which way you enter, there are many possibilities to embark on a trip of your own.

Welcome to Steem @thermoplastic I have upvoted and sent you a tip

thank you kindly!

It's a bot Otto, ignore it. Never upvote them. They are designed to rape the reward pool that pays us all. If you look at the profile, it is not following anyone.

Hey, Welcome aboard! Love your story.
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thanks for the tips - there is a lot I have to learn yet!

Glad to see you @Thermoplastic I hope you enjoy your time here, its a great community ! Nice post, i will follow your account, please follow me !

thank you - I am checking your page .....

I just checked out the Vida page.
The scarves and wraps are so cool! You're going to take all of my money!

OMG - thank you!

Otto! Great seeing you here on Steem, good sir! Hope you've been well and looking forward to seeing more of you again.

Great work @thermoplastic i will call it a mater piece , Keep doing what you do best

Greetings thermoplastic, I hope you enjoy it here!

I have observed that people get upset or frustrated when they ask someone to follow them, and that doesn’t occur. There was a reason, following someone was reserved for someone whom you identified with, or you enjoyed their posts, things of that nature.

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I was so gullible on BitcoinsBrain, that I took all my other coins and invested them into this fund. I was still texting and sending messages a full two weeks after they quit paying me. I could not grasp that I had been ripped off.

Secondly, @jerrybanfield is perhaps the strongest Steemian on Steem today. Check his site out for a free tutorial on how to use Steem. I took it and have learned plenty.

I hope things go well for you on here and once again, WELCOME to STEEMIT!!!


PS: If you like recipes, try @nettikisses.

wow, this is great - I've gotten some good advice also from others. Great community! But I am still trying to figure it all out. Your comment helped me very much!

Nelson, Marie
Something made me sit down and bring up Steemit tonight. And there you were. I found myself fascinated with your post for a great number of reasons which I will run through quickly which will be a great challenge for me because I had such visceral reactions to some of your choices and some of your designs. We are of an age, I was born in 45. Isn't it good to remember that life is basically indestructible? I am a weaver, design fabrics, the fibers often provide all of the clues as to the kind of weave and texture they want and then I let those fabrics speak to me when designing what I do with them especially if they are to be worn on a body whether it walks or runs through life.
I have yet to write my own introduction to the people on this platform basically because the idea of peer to peer has caused me endless hours of intrigue. That's in case you might think to hunt up my post to possibly see pictures of what I do.
I am going to assume that you did not have the fabric that holds your cashmere/model surface design specifically woven for you. I like both of those fibers so it's not that I am a fiber snob but I felt left speechless (yah, right, lots of luck) at the fabric woven of it because those fibers both have such distinctive energies, and with the case of cashmere it has an intrinsic memory of its entire life. If I held cashmere in one had and model in the other the model would be quiet, almost sterile in the sense of itself but not the cashmere, and it would end up feeling almost friendless in the blend of the two fibers.
I loved the colors, especially in the first painting. There she was sitting out in nature and it was an explosion of color. Yet she is wrapped in white. Is the look on her face one of quiet bewilderment? Does she wonder as I often do if she actually belongs in nature and does her choice of white reflect away the energies and messages of her environment? I never feel that I am the center when I am out in nature, but maybe as I look at her face again she might just feel that way. That she is in the center of her life.
Thank you for your post. I once created dishtowels for myself after enjoying chips and salsa. All the lovely colors and I believe the people who reacted to them with joy and bought them also liked chips and salsa and it was somewhere in their neuro-schematic brain structure, so they just had to have them. Aren't those lovely words when you know yourself that something has worked? Being able to step aside and let creation come through is a fantastic feeling and also a mysterious miracle.
As ever. M

Thank you for your insights! I shall check up on your page here. Right now you have no posts, nor is there a website link on your profile.
As for fabric - VIDA is a design platform, I have only the choices they offer to put my images/designs on it. The same with some other platforms I am on.

glad to see more real artists on here. ill follow you. that pencil drawings really cool

great, thanks!

Great introduction Otto! Happy to see, you are on a roll!! 🚀

I wrote one some time earlier (not the same, I hate to preach twice), but didn't use the proper tags - sure seemed to work a lot better now.

Bravo!!! Steem ahead! :-)

that's the plan! I just have to find a way to paint faster, lol ......

Bienvenido a Steemit, te dejo mi voto!

Te invito a visitar mi artículo y dejar tu voto.



thank you kindly!

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I hope You enjoy in this Community
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