Artstorm Contest #18 Day 2 - Theme Today - Fast Food

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Artstorm Contest #18 - Day 2.jpg

Day 2 is now finished.

Here is a link to Day 3, theme 'magic', in case you would like to enter:

Do you like entering challenges that don't take long to complete? Check out @mariannewest's 'Five Minute Freewrite' daily post. Just follow the link to her blog.

I'm including this YouTube video here as few people read my other posts. I like it a lot, hehe.

Click here if you want to know how I choose winners in the daily contests.


Thank you for your entry!

Thank you for your entry!

Love that shine on the bottles

Hi sweet friend @dinglehopper, are you going to enter here today, I’ll be waiting❣️

@lildebbiecakes yes I just posted my entry. I had been having network failed error message when I attach a photo but it is all good now.

Look at the eye of mustard it says a lot , more than what ketchup's eyes had to say. Great job @lildebbiecakes I love your drawing and the way you captured that moment of Mr and Ms Mustard and Ketchup

Yeah the mustard bottle is looking a little friskie @steempampanga, love is in the air❣️

Hi friend @lildebbiecakes.
Nice work..😊
how sweet your ketchup and mustard.

They make a perfect couple for sure @cjsean! Thanks

This picture makes me happy to look at so colorful very good @shley4u❣️

💓💓💓💓💓💓💓🙂 Thank you sis 😇

Thank you for your entry!

Here it is:

To all ramen lovers let me tempt you with my digital art entry here you go

Thank you for your entry!

Yummy, ramen noodles and what else in there @steempampanga? Looks like a sausage, veggies of some kind. A yummy wok type food 🥘!

Thank you for your entry!

Worm 🐛 burgers 🍔 yummm! But I think potato 🥔 peal chips sound yummy to. Your so funny @organduo! I’m so blessed your still drawing here friend, you and your wife. The day wouldn’t be as bright without you guys!

We're glad you like these silly drawings. They brighten our day too.

Hi Steemit friends, this is my entry to the Artstorm Contest # 18 Day 2 - Theme Today - Fast food.

Thank you for your entry!
Please upvote :)

Thank you for your entry! Good to see you here.

Please resteem my post to take part.

Исправила ошибку!

Thank you for resteeming. Now I can accept your entry :)

Here it is:

Amazing drawing the 🍟 french fries look so realistic!

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