Artstorm Contest #18 Day 1 - Theme Today - Flowers in Your Hair

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Artstorm Contest #18 - Day 1.jpg

Day 1 is now finished.

Here is a link to Day 2, theme 'fast food', in case you would like to enter:

Do you like entering challenges that don't take long to complete? Check out @mariannewest's 'Five Minute Freewrite' daily post. Just follow the link to her blog.

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Thank you for your entry!

Wow spiky sprouted wings! Very pretty flower 🌸 🌺 🌼🌺🌹🌻🌷🌼🌸 crown 👑 ❣️I especially like the look on pinks face @organduo!

Piglets have trouble looking up...

Thank you for your entry!
Here it is:

Ooooooo @cjsean isn’t she pretty! Wow love her eyes, and eyebrow. Beautiful focal point❣️

Thank you friend @lildebbiecakes.
Actualy in real life i don't know how to draw my own eyebrow. Hahahahaha..!

first here!!!

This is my non digital art entry. Ok... I might have cheated. I painted this last night, because I couldn't wait for the post, but still within 15 minutes.IMG_20180402_201323 (1).jpg

Thank you for your entry! Great planning @fleurinna. That's why I do the preview post :)

Oooooooo beautiful portrait, love the hair. I often willl do a few drawings for Artstorm at one time. The previews are awsome so you can do that if you don’t have time the following day. Also it gives you time to create the thought of what your masterpiece is going to look like❣️Particularly love the way you painted the flowers in here hair, they look so real. And you picked perfect colors, very elegantly done little sister.

Thank you for your entry!

Awsome story, cute ending friend, and love the drawing. The little chick is so precious in Mrs. Bertie’s hand @dinglehopper❣️

Thank you for your entry!
Here it is:

Lovely lady @ashley4u, not only her but you as well! Remember God loves you little sister ❣️

Thank you for your entry!
Here it is:

Ahhh a punk rock chick yeah baby!! I can see you drew what @deemarshalls music 🎶 portrays. A punk rock chick with attitude ❣️ Very good, love how the ruffles at the bottom of her skirt look so real! your such a magnificent artist. This is so beautiful and elegant. Such a joy to show us how you work! Bless you my friend.

Thank you for your entry!

This girls face is so beautifully done. Her hair is just so cool @pollocyber. Fantastic drawing as usual friend❣️

thank very much, @lildebbiecakes , thanks for your good comments

Thank you for your entry!

Hello here my post I hope you like them.Category Non-Digital Art. Greeting.

Very beautiful @yumifer love her face!

Thank you for your entry!

Thank you for your entry! A beautiful image but I don't see any flowers in her hair.

i try draw a flower but am not good at pen :C but the idea was draw a flower umbrella, not a leave

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