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I thought of "narcotic pill chihuahua" or "no-prescription chihuahua".

Forgot about these in a long time. I started sketching these for a crazy idea of military mechas, that were hacked and used in rebellious and subversive acts by insurgent characters. The hacked mechas were painted by insurgents, and they painted these faces on various mechas giving them some character and also a name for the cause.


I totally forgot I had these sketches:


The file was created in 28th december 2017 almost 2 years ago.

I saw the file while browsing in weird-named forgotten folders. Around 2 months ago. And decided to finish it... at least just the decals/design of the hacked mechas, actual mechas would come later. Way later. Hopefully not that later.

The aim was to make some kind of animal "vicious" (in a certain fashion) But cute faces. Some look like dogs other I had a certain animal in mind... other look like hybrids. Also the style foresaw was a little like oldschool and very cartoony. A mix between cuphead and tiny toons.

So how would you called these:


This could be like "Trauma walrus".

"Liquefying kitty"

"Treacherous bovine"

"Malicious seal"

How about "Rancorous boxer".

"Deceiver cuyo"

"Cannibalistic lynx"

"Hysterical retriever" Like a golden nuts.

"Barbaric mongrel" haha

"Savage chick"

"Depraved piranha"

"Imprudent meerkat"

"Virulent komodo"

"Furtive wildcat"

"Ruthless bear"

"Acidified panther"

"Bizarre bunny"

"Tyrant shark"

I'll upload these to opengameart in a few days under cc-0 copyleft. Meanwhile someone can came up with a name for some of these guys perhaps.


These guys are my kind of cute :3.

I've been scrolling up and down to decide my favourite one, but ... can't lol. I love it that they have so much attitude in each and everyone of them. Oh, I also like all the nicks you gave them :D.

These ARE made to be a bit cute my friend... Well kind of kawaii but vicious at the same time. Come on scrawls! Pick one or some and re name them :D

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Thanks 4 the support C^2.

I can't pick a favourite aaaaaaaaaaaaah

They are all so cool and awesome * ___ * Love the expressions and the style! The bold linearting works soooo well with that simplified shading colouring <3 Love 'em!

My top favs are Depraved Piranha and Tyrant Shark XD

ZEEN~ you are so amazzzzzzeeeeeeeeeeng~ * ___ *

Oh you like the aquatic ones... the fisheses. Perhaps you're drawn to the Capricorn/Seagoat stuffis O.o. Come on! you too pick one for renaming it.

I thought I'd call the Piranha, "Burpy" when I saw it cuz it looks like it's burping loudly XD So loud that it seems a bit shocked by its own burp XD

Haha, Burpy... the gaseous fish. Derped by its own burp. It wants to hunt in the deep... but its effervescent inner nature won't let it.

I would call them "Circle Chompers". Or, "CC" for short.
Tag line - "CC - Add them on to life"
CC be Carbon Copy, like in a email. These are like little pets you can add on to things.
Circle Chompers, add them onto life.

Haha, sounds awesome! Super catchy.

Hey! I uploaded them to opengameart, and called them CC0 - Cirlce Chompers Zero... Zero cause they're now cc0 copyleft.

I would call "Rancorous Boxer" as "Shepherd of fight"! ;)

Awesome! Definitely suits the looks of it. With the scar and everything. Thanks! ;)

Love it!

But Im missing an ape (:

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Haha yeah. An "Atrocious primate" would be a nice addition.


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Thanks :)

These would make great stickers in real life!.

Awesome indeed

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Oh yeah! in part other thing that I based on to make these, are those urban street art stickers you see on big cities... well at least in Mexico shitty - I meant city- you see lots of them almost everywhere. Some are really cool.

A video of a guy's door with more than 500 stickers. He has interchanged lots with several people around the country.

The question about names is pretty complicated! The dogs so many! :) I’ll try to allocate time and come up with at least one good name a little later.

Hey thanks for taking a little time! I think you must be super busy with drawing and 3D. I know both disciplines are super time-consuming. Yes at least one name would be awesome my friend.

Moreover, I still work as a web developer for 9 hours a day ...

Oh man. Well, your commitment is most admirable then.
( ̄^ ̄)ゞ

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