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In my network of over 500 Visionary, Surrealist and Fantastic Realist Artists, published at the VISIONARY ART GALLERY there are a few here on Steemit. Should I have missed some, please let me know in the comments. The VAG is currently a construction zone since I am changing it over to a new template, and also the Flash embedded slide shows from the private network on Ning are not working anymore. Some artist pages have already been fixed - I was doing my friends first, but eventually all will be done, a project I estimate will take me until Summer.

Below find the ones I know about and am following here on Steemit

VLADA MIRKOVIC @vladamirkovicart


REINHARD SCHMID @reinhard-schmid


DENNIS KONSTANTIN @denniskonstantin

TIM ROOSEN @timroosen

KATHLEEN SCARBORO @kathleenscarboro

LEO PLAW @leoplaw

CAN EMED @art-of-can-emed

ELOH PROJECTS @elohprojects

SIGRID NEPELIUS @sigrid.nepelius

CHRIS DYER @chrisdyer

CODY SEEKINS @codyseekins

JAKE KOBRIN @jkobrinart

ALORIA WEAVER @luminousflux

DAVID HESKIN @luminousflux




JOE McGOWN@joemacgown

There are a number of great artists here on Steemit that are not members of the VA Network, but once the dust settles on my "construction project" I aim to add several artists that I am also following here to my website.

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Congratulations @thermoplastic, it is too late to vote, but your article is not lost on the Steem. It is in hooked to the SteemWiki now, in the category Steem Special.

interesting, thanks - another useful link in my toolbox

you are not trolling! Thanks for putting this up! So far, I did not get around to it, but I did upload all my pics on Flickr: - you will find your pic on there also.

I saw your albums on Fb, like that you went to Snezana studio, it was interesting to see her work place. Hope you liked our small ''crazy'' country and will visit it more :)

So many familiar faces on your flickr post, many people there know personally and others by work :) It was nicely visited opening and well held and organised.

Thanks for the informative post dear Otto ! I try to find my colleagues from the Visionaries but thsi post will help me on this.. and also thanks for mentioning me on the list ! :)

Thank you for sharing these artists. Will definitely follow.

You are absolutely right about Facebook, Otto, for the same reason I came here to Steemit . It's nice to see you here.

If it wasn't for staying in touch with friends, I would quit FB already. The censorship and the spam bots are going totally on my nerves. It is so that you cannot add a link in a comment, you get hit for spam! Sometimes even postings in groups - I am admin in several groups, and ever so once in a while I have to release some perfectly legit postings after the Facebook gnomes marked them for spam.

You are definitely the number one networker and promoter of this kind of art. Nice to see more of the tribe joining and contributing!

lets hope so - I really don't understand why so many I had talked to about it are still sitting on the fence!
At some point I will send out a broadcast - for all the good it did in the past, lol.

You know, some get it and some don't.. I have come to just accept that. And that is why they say: Jeder ist seines Glückes Schmi(e)d ;-)

@reinhard-schmid - I just added this to my Facebook group message:
This whole tread reminds me of a event back in Stockholm decades ago when I lived in Sweden: some TV reporter dressed as Santa (on candid camera) was handing out money on the street corner. People were eyeing him with suspicion, and hardly anyone took it - some even took it but threw it away! It was real money!
And yet I remember scammers on Facebook here that took artists for fees to join their websites, or to be in some book, and artists tripped all over themselves to give them their money. Go figure that one out!

Geben ist seliger denn Nehmen ;-)

Yes! big thanks Otto!

Very interested

Great initiative with some fantastic art featured here in your post.

I am an artist/writer/lightworker; but to date have only posted digital art here on Steemit due to my temporary hobbled housing situation.

Here is one of my recent digital collages:

Adonis 1.jpg

I am off to check out some of your links now; thanks for the heads up.


this is a nice work - I will follow you and see what you are up to


Follow happily reciprocated.



Many thanks Otto for this informative post! I immediately had to follow a bunch of great fellow artists :) up and re ...

it is not easy getting them all - I keep a list now on my computer. As long as the post is still open to edit, I will add if more show up, otherwise I just post an update with a link to this one.
There are a number of posts on Steemit about artists, but not any that are really comprehensive. I don't claim mine is (but I am putting in an effort) - and I need to add those (separate post) that are not members of VA - so hopefully in time we have more.
On the website I am adding a steemit badge with a link to the artists accounts here (you can't see it on this background, but it is a round png):

Thank you Otto for connecting us all, good to be in contact with you and the rest! Hi from Ibiza!

Hi Romanie - I am glad I found you in time to add to the list!

Nice to see Chris Dyer's there. I own 9 of his original paintings :) I was an art collector before I started to make art myself. If I hadn't gotten to know him through buying his art, and seen his career grow, I doubt I would have had the courage to do it myself. He told me one time "You can't ever expect to make a full time living working as an artist if you are not working as an artist full time". I quit my last job 2 weeks later, and have been doing art full time ever since :)

That's cool - I had never met Chris personally, but we have been associated on the internet for many years. Somehow we seem to miss each other in our travels. I still need to fix his page at the VAG.

He's a cool dude! Very fun to be around lol

Great story! And Chris is a great motivator for sure!

I have great respect for your art .. I enjoy watching. I'm lucky to have you with us on this platform :)

This is wonderful. What does one have to do to join? I'm not sure I'm exclusively surreal, but I do dabble in the surreal. I think of my art more walking the line of reality and sureal, a bit of quirk.

the network is set up by committee that decides on new members - and usually artists that had exhibited with one of our associated organisations are invited to join. It is not wide open, as are so many sites on the net. Content is curated the same way as in a brick-and-mortar gallery. You can also check our spin-off site VISIONARY ART EXHIBITION to get an idea what we are all about.

Remember "Phantastische Venus" in Viechtach Otto? Where we also had these monitors set up to be pretty much the first in our genre to show digital work in a sort of "native" way (not printed out)..
Had I known @donnadavisart back then, she would have definitely been a candidate. I like her work and I think it would be a great contribution to the network.

yes, of course I remember. There are a number of artists here I had earmarked, but until I catch up with the ones there are on it already, I will just let things sit in the queue. The private network on Ning is not working anymore they way intended, so I probably give up on it, just retaining the public space - so there is a category on it already for "Associated Artists" that I plan to expand on once I am caught up. I get very little sleep, and even less time in the studio, doing all this, but like a pitbull, I won't let go!


@reinhard-schmid you are so kind. I was just curious if it was an 'artists on Steemit' sort of inclusion, but it does sound like it's not and I am perfectly fine with that. I am excited to get to see the works of these artist. This seems a good idea. I wish I could have seen that niave digital show...

If it was an 'artists on Steemit' kind of thing, you would definitely be part of it. Otto's project is an amazing "hub" for artists from around the world working in the phantastic/visionary/surrealistic field. Many of us know each other from group exhibitions and other projects.

The show I curated was still mainly traditional media, but we included five digital artists, one even from Korea and we showed their work on large screens. Something new, since digital is mostly excluded in this genre... which I find a bit absurd ;-)

You are so kind to say so. I was really just curious. I would like to mix more with other artists, as I find myself often in my own little bubble. I find it easy enough to just go along in my little hide aways but being on Steemit lately has made me realize art cannot live in a vacuum.

In many ways I have been considering taking my pieces, which usually only border on the absurd and decorative with a bit of humour, into full scale surrealism. This, of course, has come about from being on here and seeing such work as yours and others. This is the momentum art often needs.

We shall see what becomes of it all, but it is a joyous ride none the less and it has always been about the journey and the process for me, the finished bits are just the happy accidents of deciding to move onto another piece :)

It is odd how digital is often looked upon the way photography was once seen. I'm not sure why, as artists are meant to be the forerunners to change, being the mirror of society they often can see beyond the present day into the future and should embrace it. But people are funny and it's a funny old world as well. :)

I am leaning toward digital for a viable artform that is easily transported - i.e. if you paint large works, how do you move them across borders, with customs (there is no duty on artwork, but some countries charge enormous VAT) - and I had already mused about this when I crossed borders into Switzerland for a show: would it not be ultimately easier to just go there with your digital art on a memory stick, print, sign and frame it right there - no hassles at borders, no expensive transports! I recently "donated" a large digital print to a show in Columbia. It was printed on site, I just sent the file info for downloading.
As for your work, I need some breathing space once I get through fixing the web pages of the existing artists and then I will decide what to do with the network on Ning. The main reason for maintaining the network was that slide shows from it could be embedded on the public site, but now with Flash being history, there is not much incentive to paying the exorbitant rates Ning charges for the network, so it is likely I just drop it once the contract runs out, and continue with my artist communications on various social networks where I found them in the first place.
So we definitely stay in touch here - once I maintain the VAG public site (which I do largely by myself anyway) without any "administrators" I be more free to make unilateral decisions, but this still means that I will use a high criteria selection process. Having been on government juries in Canada, I do have a background to do so. The work needs to fit into the genre of surreal, visionary, fantastic realism to qualify. There is a wealth of this art around, and spreading into wider genres would not serve anyone, since people come to look at this specific type of work and expect it on my website(s). I certainly don't want a so called "Kraut und Rüben Acker" (weeds and beets lot) as such a catch-all is called in German. For that reason I had the private network closed - if opened to public, then anyone could have registered, and if you look at what is out there on the internet that is wide open, you get frustrated finding anything good in a whole pile of stuff that should sooner belong pinned to grandmothers fridge door rather than published on the internet. Some call me elitist for my views, but not everyone that can handle a can opener can claim a job as a brain surgeon at the Mayo Clinic.

So true. I don't want you to think I was trying to 'push my way in' in fact, I was merely curious. I just didn't understand it was an established group of artists who had worked together.

For myself I do art for my own pleasure and enjoyment. I don't consider myself anything really, "surrealist, cubist, impressionist, pop artist" I care little for titles and am so quick to fly from this or that, that I'd not want a label for myself, but I do understand how it is needed in the arts community and certainly where 'high brow' and 'sales' are intermingled and important. So well done you.

As for me, I am happy as a spectator and certainly don't want you to think I wanted anything different. I have just been so happy to 'mix' with other artists on here, that I thought it was another such place for artists to intermingle, but I see that is not the case and that is ceratinly fine with me.

I know how important it is to label and sequester groups, surely. And indeed brain surgeons are not a dime a dozen nor are masterful artists :)

I shall continue to enjoy from afar and marvel in the works of the experts with their masterful skill. I am a happy fan, if nothing else :)

I added @joemacgown to the list - just found out he is also on Steemit!
Anyone else? either leave it in the comments here, or else send me a msg on Facebook:

Thanks Otto!

OMG, these artists are amazing and we will follow all of them. Thanks for creating this. Resteemed.

Super Bilder !

Thank you so much for posting this, I'm still finding my way round Steemit and struggling to find artists to follow. This helped.

I like the art. What is the idea behind the Visionary Art Gallery?

It started as a project with a handful of artist friends in 2009, the circle grew exponentially since then and we have now over 500 of the best artists of the genre around the globe. A scam on social networks like Facebook that solicited artists to pay for being on a (now defunct) website prompted me to prove that artists do not need to fork over hard earned money to be featured and promoted. The VAG survives on artist donations and some small ad revenue.
Since then, we are associated with several art communities and organisations that promote and organize exhibitions around the world.

Beautiful project and vision, @thermoplastic - thank you so much for your hard work - I look forward to being connected :-)

Wow, kannte ich nicht McGown und Smele, auch echt top!

hoping to recruit some more, but I can't edit this post anymore - there is a great newcomer: Liba WS
@libaws I would have wanted to add!

  ·  2 years ago (edited)

for a next time ;)
I follow already Libaws, thank you -)

Wow, this is one of the best curation I have ever seen! I think I'm all set now with my art feed on steemit. Not only that, I'm hoping I'll make some good connections among the artists here. :)

Thank you so much for doing this. You're the best!