Grifter pencil page 2

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Wanted to share page 2 of Grifter I had penciled. This was photographed again instead of scanned but I think it did a pretty good job of capturing it there is just some color difference in the two. I am including page 1 first then page 2 so its in order.

These were penciled with mostly 7h and 4h pencil on 5ply Bristol board that sadly they don't even make anymore in the brand I use :(

Thanks for checking it out and there are some more links to my work at bottom of page with some other pencil pages and pinups with super hero's if you are into that sort of thing!

I also have some slots open if you would like to have a Steemit trading card of you done for 40sbd! those are in links below as well



steemit adventure logo_001.jpg

More art below!
Steemit trading card 12
Cyberforce full page
Darth Vader
Grifter Page
Batman and Robin

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Looks real good!


Glad you liked it, and thanks for checking it out!


Not often you see a Jace avatar floating around! :D

Holy shit man... do you moonlight for DC or something hahaha... i'm loving your trading cards... but a comic by you...even just the pencils would be fucking epic!!! I'd throw my minnow votes at that all day lmao


Thanks dude! I may have something in the works for here on steemit :) I have worked on games etc but never got too much into comics because of the grind, its a lot of work to put out constantly. I am trying to come up with a good way for me to consistently put out a story here on steemit and am sketching on it now actually.


I hear that.. doing art i know how long it takes to get it just right, and you don't wanna put it out until it is cause it's your art..a part of you.. not to get all hippie but it's def real work that most people who aren't creative don't understand.... got me excited


Perfect Work...


Hello friend


I vote ur post please vote me

Wow! You have some pretty incredible artistic skills! Congrats!

Wow! so awesome illustrations! Upvoted and followed! Wishing to be as grow my skills to draw like that!

I am quite a beginner in this field and have uploded some of my works! If you have time please do visit my profile and provide me feedback if possible. Thanks a lot!


I like it too!!

Someone is so very talented and that someone is not me... ohhh wait it is You

I really liked the pictures that you share, i ll be gulided and see every posting you pic tures you share so good.

This is outstanding work. It is great seeing talent like this that exists in the SteemIt community. You gained a follower from me!

Color Levels correction could make these images more clear.

The process of Level adjusting

Wow! You are a very skilled artist. Really love your work.

That is a killer page! Amazing stuff. I'm sure a scanned version would show even more details. But it's already quite nice. I hope you get the chance to share more content like this. You seem to have mastered the art of making a comic page flow.


Really appreciate that! it is a subtle thing I think that can take time in making a comic boog page is making the eyes flow through it. Glad you noticed.

Man this is cool can you put alsow color in the future .

It is not easy to make this type of illustration.


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You really are a very talented illustrator... been watching your work for several months now. And the trading cards are an awesome idea, too! Maybe if I get nudge my rep up to 70 I can get one done...


Thanks a lot and hope all is going well at the gallery! specially after the water incident. I upvoted this comment to give you a little nudge closer to 70 :)


Thanks! It just seems a little... I dunno... excessive to have a trading card if you're not yet a household name or "institution" on Steemit.

We're moving along... slowly, thanks for asking. The infamous "buck" has been passed from our insurance company to the city's insurer, under the general heading of "infrastructure negligence." We're cautiously hopeful that at least some form of settlement will eventually come our way.

Something super cool would be a mock up of @bellyrub from you!!!

I loved your dang work amazing.
Not joking on the mock up : )


I will ponder some ideas for sure, hit me up in chat sometime and remind me.

Awesome :)

Damn, these are looking so great! Very dynamic.The amount of detail in those small panels is crazy. How long does it take you to draw up a page?


These took a very long time because of how "tight" I penciled it. If they were going to be inked I would pencil looser some. I think the first one took around 100 hours, maybe a little less on second.


Wow, that's amazing. It is obviously a labor of love. The amount of work you've put in really shows, and the fact that you're willing/want to work so hard on it means it's something you really care about. Excited to see where it goes!

Really amazing work! :)


Thanks for compliment and taking time to check it out!


of course! You are super talented!


Follow me plz

This is SUPER AWESOME man!! I can see the hard work in every single stroke. Very inspiring. I would love to see the inked version.

Remarkable illustrations, always appreciated such skills!


Glad you like and appreciate you letting me know!

Wow, beautiful talent! I wish I could draw like that, or just draw period.


Drawing has its moments but its a job like anything else. I tend to always think whatever you do just do it as well as you can.

Absolutely amazing! What a great job you are doing there. I could watch your pages for hours to discover all the details! 👍🏻


Thanks so much! there is a lot of tiny things in there that are often not looked at so glad you are checking it out. Wish I could post higher res.

Congratulations @steemitadventure!
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You seriously better start doing your own comic series soon. Or else I'm gonna find some mad doctor to swap our hands so I can have the ability to be this talented at drawing.

Also, maybe I should apply to get on that list for minnowbooster, lol.


lol :) and appreciate you checking out my posts often. Which reminds me I gotta swing by your blog again.


Ah, you're not missing that much. Just doing game reviews for the most part. I started trying my hand at learning video editing though, been enjoying that but I'm still just doing bare bones edits for comedic effect basically, haha.

this stuff looks really good


Appreciate you raking the time to leave a comment and glad you liked.

I find it very difficult to choose between @steemitadventure and @overkillcoin when it comes to art. Super cool.

Solid work, how long did it take you to finish these pieces?


THe first page is probably around 100 hours because I knew it wasn't going to be inked so wanted to make it really clean. second one maybe just a bit less.


That is amazing attention to detail. great work

To think I know you! :P

Very cool Work!
It’s nice to see fresh comics.
Thanks for sharing and steem on :)


Thanks for the compliment and taking the time to check it out, Means a lot.

Amazing talent! Now following you.


Thanks a lot for that and appreciate the follow!

Nice you are professional artist

Omg really good tallent. Looks like awesome. What are you thinking about coloring?

You're really talented. We've been working on a script that has to do with human evolution and culminates on the dark side of the moon. We're looking to find an illustrator sometime soon but admittedly are working with a small budget. Would you be interested?


I am not sure if I could take on a full project but if you needed like some "covers" or spot illustrations maybe. Keep in touch and you can always DM me in steemit chat.

Wow you are sooo talented and I wish you the best of luck in your future career as an Artist!!


Appreciate that!

Thanks for letting us know!

Calling @originalworks :)
img credz:
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wow, that is some great art!


Appreciate that!

nice post friend


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What a wonderful comics my friend, very compliments!
Could I share on my facebook page?

wow very nice post friend

😍A very informative post. Great job. Keep it up! 😍
OpenMusic Steemit Kiss.gif

Nice Nice art. There are all art are lively.

Awesome detail!

excelente ilustración me encantaria verla a color

This is what's so exciting and breathtaking about fiction.

rad illustration!


Glad you liked it.

Holy crap, what talent! I wish I had this type of skill set. Keep up these AMAZGING drawlings, @steemitadventure! I would love to see more. It's really inspirational.

New follower here.

Best Regards,
Bishop Corey DeFrancesco

You have done a great Job!! Congratulations.

You made bank with this one!!! Congratulations!

Good work !!! Amazing !!

You have some brilliant talent, to be honest, one that makes me jeaolus. To have the ability to accurately draw what you've imagined in mind is something else. I can't do nothing more than a stickman.

PIMP :) just awesome

Really amazing post! thanks...

Pencil page..

Nice work..Would be really interesting if you also have tutorials for beginners :)


Sadly I don't but maybe one day put some thoughts together. There are just so many out there on youtube I don't see the world needing another.

Hey friend your comi are really very nice and also the pistol in the injoy your post and have fun.

That is absolutely awesome. You definitely have a great future in in cartoon drawing. You should sell some of your art.

WOW!!!! Just wow! You oughta start your own comic book collection. Could put Marvel out of business ;) Keep it up!

Wow @steemitadventure you have amazing pencil sketching skills. I wish i could do it

that was a great work of art dude..!! keep it up and make some more.. that is your talent maybe you can be a comic book writer..

Wow really. You are talented. I have a comic of pirates. My blog is ( maxs)


yeah really a nice one

How beautiful is your arts,thanks a lot

Great job! Some colour would be nice too! :D


maybe one day ink and color it...thanks for checking it out.

amaging pic arts👌

your drawing is splendid i don't know much about drawing but after seeing this i must say you're awesome.

It's a pity that few brands don't look at their products from the customer/ client perspective and are not user centric. Amazing artwork by the

Good to Read :)

Great Work, interesting :)

nice photo

follow me,please


Could at least let the guy down gently. :3

As for the pages....what can I say? :) Brilliant.


No! means No! :) Glad you like and your avatar always makes me smile. I want to see another drawing from you!!


No is on written wrong way. On is the opposite of off.

Such a amazing drawing


Glad you liked!

Uoir pist tooke me to my childhood

Wow! this is amazing!! love the Art style. Hey i notice you're doing very well here on Steemit. Would you happen have any tips or tricks to going about on Steemit. i just started and i am posting just whatever i was doing on YouTube, which is Gaming. Is that a good idea?!?

amzing photos and kilar post kerry on my friend

This is really sharp! I love your art! I'm excited to see how this turns out! I'll be following you!

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It's always good to start something new. This is great.just try to improve.

Congratulations so amazing works.

Great Art.....

Woow, this is really amazing. Nice work.

I agree with the other comments, if you would colour this it would look even more awesome!
Keep up the great work!

Amazing Art . This is one of the best in my life. The pic is full of showing it the person make it with deep hart and its very skill full.

Wow! You are a very skilled artist. Wow!