Fundition - Crypto Art & Design Challenge [Round 13 Winners]

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Today, we are thrilled to announce the results of our 13th Crypto Art and Design Challenge. Thank you to the @fundition team for collaborating with us on this challenge and for empowering so many artful projects all over the globe. Fundition is Steem's very own crypto-crowdfunding application. With Fundition, Hearts (backed by the Steem cryptocurrency) are used as a mechanism to distribute rewards to project creators, curators, and Fundition sponsors.

Steemit Page: @fundition

Congratulations to the Winners!

This past week, we tasked Steemians to re-imagine the Fundition logo through the lens of a famous artist (Picasso, Van Gogh, David Hockney, Michelangelo etc.) The results were incredibly creative and innovative - a real testament to both the community surrounding @fundition and the Steem ecosystem as a whole! Here are the winning and honorable mention entries -

Top 5

@catwomanteresa's Guiding Hand

Hands down, the top spot goes to this beautiful entry by @catwomanteresa. Inspired by a Taiwanese illustrator - Jimmy Liao. Support the original post here.

Fundition is a fantastic crowdfunding platform on the blockchain which helps a lot of people to achieve their dreams. So I drew this picture about an angel helping a blind girl just as fundition helps many people.

@misomaniac's Haring Handshakes

Fundition is all about the hearts! Who better to emulate than world renowned pop artist - Keith Haring. Support the original post here.

@jossduarte's Mirróring-magnificence

A surreal and supreme collage - Spanish artist Joan Miró inspired @jossduarte to create this beautiful piece. Support the original post here.

@camiloferrua's Bau-WOW!

A collage of craft and composition - @camiloferrua dives into the best of the Bauhaus movement to create this mesmerizing animation! Support the original post here.

@reseller's Fundition Fairy Tales

This is a different kind of Fairy Tale, HOPE-maker himself - street artist Shepard Fairy - was the inspiration behind this piece by @reseller! Support the original post here.


Artwork by @bharathi22

Kinetic public art extraordinaire - Carlos Cruz-Diez inspired this piece by @bharathi22. Support the original post here.

Artwork by @nanosesame

World renowned Dot Master - Yayoi Kusama - inspired this piece by @nanosesame. Support the original post here.

Artwork by @mr-monk

Steem is what dreams are made of - a Starry rendition by @mr-monk. Support the original post here.

Artwork by @hag228

Bringing a new perspective! @hag228 takes this composition to the next dimension. Support the original post here.

Artwork by @ran.koree

Hand-crafted and meticulously made @ran.koree goes physical with this creative work! Support the original post here.

Thank you @fundition!

Thank you to the Fundition team for collaborating with us on this week's contest! A big thanks to all the amazing artists who participated in the challenge as well. Make sure to check the @sndbox page for future Crypto Art and Design challenges / explore the fundition website to support crypto-crowdfunded projects!

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Fundition Art & Design Challenge

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Lots of great inspiring entries! Great work @sndbox and @fundition putting this one together and all the artists who submitted works!


Hi @reseller, thanks so much for participating! :D


Congrats, you made the #steemitminute for today!
Click the Image Below to see the Video!


awsome work @sndbox ...
i am very new to steemit and this my first comment.
i really adored the work and effort you put and kuddos to all the participants.
my favorite is the linocut work done by @ran.koree .
@catwomanteresa 's guiding hand was very innovative. also a simple but outstanding art work
on newspaper made by @reseller stand out. rest are equally amazing with their work.


I am very pleased that you like my design ... thank you very much :))

I'm glad you enjoyed my design....
thanks for the honorable mention and congratulations to all the participants and winners ... great creativity


Thank you for participating @ran.koree and for sharing your craft :)

I'm very happy that you liked my design. Thank you very much for this honorable mention, and also for this great opportunity :3 Congratulations to all the winners! Regards @sndbox & @fundition <3

Congratulations to the winners! Well done and well chosen too. I love these challenges, it always has me looking back at some of my favourite artists.

The Crypto Art & Design Challenge it's a great space to show our creativity and support important projects like @fundition! Thank you very much @sndbox!!

Thanks a lot @sndbox

Excellent work, everyone! Creativity is evident in every trace of every work. All by themselves are a sign of talent and creativity. Certainly the work inspired by Taiwanese illustrator Jimmy Liao and made by @catwomanteresa , is of sufficient delicacy and merit to take first place. In a few beautiful words! Greetings

Hi, I thought the contest was great, congratulations to the winners, however I noticed that not all the posts were voted, I was wondering what had happened since in the original post of the contest they said that all the contestants would be given a vote ?. My ticket was voted so that was not my case but the one of many that in my opinion were good jobs. Excuse me if I am being reckless but I would like to clarify this doubt


Hi @norihany, thanks for participating! Out of 50+ entries there were only a very small handful of posts that were not upvoted. If the post you're referring to was not curated it was simply because our curation team found that they did not follow the guidelines. We do our best to support as many entries as possible!


Ah ok thank you very much, I think I was referring to the @fundition vote but I guess you do not have to do with that. In the same way, thank you very much, it was a very good contest and I hope you keep doing things like that. regards

Awesome art works. This challenge really bringing out the best in people. Thank you fundition for supporting this awesome initiative

STEM contributor

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Congratulations to the winners.

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Congrats to all winners 🎉

aaww is late :( but... well, i want to show you mine !

I was inspired by the artist Jesus Soto, creator of "the sphere of Caracas"


i am not in😔