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I gotta quit worrying about shit. As well as trying to work out every conspiracy for the past century as usual, this week I've been checking out accounts on Steemit right left and center and concluding that at least half the new ones set up this year are fake, and also checking out all the vote bots that people are using. I think vote bots suck balls, so that made me grumpy.

And all the other bollocks - the latest being Qanon. No Americans, your current moron puppet president is not going to expose the deep state. Like every previous president he is working for it too, or he wouldn't be the latest puppet! But I quit, I'm not an alarm clock, (wake up America) I've been doing conspiracies since 98 when I first got internet, and I'm burned out.

So now I'm just going to focus on cool shit and quit worrying that everything is totally fucked up.

This week we are making truckloads of cash because cryptos are going up again.

One of the largest Chinese exchanges - Huobi has just added support for trading Steem against Bitcoin, Ethereum and USD so we are probably going to rake in even more this week

And I'm really pleased with my new Samsung tablet, it's got a pen and I can draw on it which is fun so I'm going to make like a freak and do more pictures!


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You quitter. <-----I meant to be funny there.

This optimism/denial I am rocking keeps me from worrying about things too much. I look at the tech prison being built up around us and, while I would much prefer to run away to the woods and not come back, I feel like it is for me to look at what I am seeing and talk about it. I'm that wacky lady in the store that talks to strangers.

Bots, schmots. Spam, schmam. I say that but I did just have a tiny comment conversation where I kind of passive aggressively picked on someone using vote bots. Oh hell.

I am a little envious of your new tablet. I was recently thinking I wanted to get one because I have a comic in mind that I'd like to make, not that I draw well. I'll just tell you about it instead, that'll be fun too. I picture a guy walking away from a group sitting at a campfire saying 'I'm going to get a faggot to throw on the fire' and when he comes back with the bundle of sticks (the faggot) in his hands the rest of the group is all angry with pitchforks and such.
I thought it was funny.

Looking forward to more of your cool shit!

I'm most impressed with the tablet - I might do a post about which apps I'm using

They have come down to NZ $876 now


It may be all selling our souls, but holy crap we are making $ on cryptos again this month!

Well sure I mentioned the tablet, but really, @sift666? Don't I even get an arse picture? I share most of a reply with builderofcastles, though perhaps I got it first. And I guess I did get an extra sentence...

I'm actually joking about the whole comment thing. But seriously, is 'faggot' not used the same way in New Zealand as it is here in the USSA?

I've been doing conspiracies since 98 when I first got internet, and I'm burned out.
So now I'm just going to focus on cool shit and quit worrying that everything is totally fucked up.

Until I see you posting and commenting again about things that matter I shall just imagine you like this, but surrounded by truckloads of cash and happy.

No! - faggot is very gay in NZ!

If you called this guy one, things would go badly :)

Sorry for passing you off with a one size fits all comment - here is a penis pic!

Now I feel better.

Here, faggot is also very gay and people would likely be offended and possibly 'triggered' if you went around using it.

One definition for faggot (fagot) is 'a bundle of sticks'.

Do you know the story of the Father and Sons? There's a site that has several variations of the tale. This one made me laugh a little tonight so it wins to tell the story here.

L’Estrange version
It was the hap of a very honest man to be the father of a contentious brood of children. He call’d for a rod, and bad ’em take it, and try one after another with all their force, if they could break it. They try’d, and could not. Well (says he) unbind it now, and take every twig of it apart, and see what you can do that way. They did so, and with great ease, by one and one, they snapt it all to pieces. This (says he) is the true emblem of your condition. Keep together and y’are safe, divide, and y’are undone.

So do you see? The moral of the story is we need to bundle up and be faggots! Ha! They have a collective reasoning driving them. I think it's our only chance. Well, that and another thing. I'll get back to you on that.

On another subject, you listen to Corbett. Do you also listen to or have you heard of this guy Tony Heller? I know James has shared his videos before. I mention it because I know I've brought up to you some of my thoughts on the Global Warming thing before. I elaborated on the subject elsewhere on here and I wanted to point it out to you because I neglected to go that far in my comment to you. See how thoughtful I am.

yah boy! Besides worrying about the boogyman enjoy your LIFE. The elites certainly do.

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Yeah, you are right, like someone said, "don't sweat the small stuff." But I do find some conspiracy theories interesting and entertaining. I like your artwork. Great colors and imagination. Keep up the good work and thanks for sharing.

Holy shit - you read the post didn't you?


Do you think I should go black and white?

I can't read, I just look at the pictures. Black & White is cool. I think I like Green and Blue the best.

This isn't fair. I am colour blind.

That's fucking better...thanks

love it.

You are to comments what I was to conspiracies!

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Yup, there definitely comes a point when a break from conspiracies is called for- when they are making you miserable that's a good indicator, I'm on an extended break myself (for the most part)

I definitely can't hate on technology without being a hypocrite-Howie just gave me an early birthday present, a pair of bluetooth wireless, noise cancelling Sony headphones that cost wayyyy too much money, but are fucking awesome! I can put on youtube in my room then wander around (dance around) the house, the backyard, the trampoline...haha, the sound is AWESOME...maybe not as awesome as that picture you drew, but still AWESOME!

A new tablet is a very appealing thought...there's still mother's day!

I'm still doing cold turkey on conspiracies :)

We just got a new dishwasher this morning and I've been doing more pictures testing out some new apps

Lizard butt! My eyes were drawn to that for some reason.... that's really cool, I'm definitely looking into tablets :)

You are odd...

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I'm odd? I'm not the one drawing lizard butts.... ;)

I only do landscapes and portraits!

Image result for quitting funny

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If I only post nice stuff will you be short of post ideas?

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You and me both. Sick of worrying about shit all of the time. I wonder if I have forgotten how to have fun. I love your colorful drawings and your desire for a new attitude! 🐓🐓

I have known about the samsung tablets, and i wanted one so i could draw, but they were wicked expensive compared to other tablets of their size. And could not find anyone with experience actually trying to art on a samsung.

I would like to hear your opinions on that tablet.

Conspiracy theories are hard.
When you get into them it is like, this could not be.
Later it is like, i can't think of anything else that explains this but the conspiracy.

And then, every where you look at govern-cement, you see conspiracy.
Against the people conspiracy.

And you want to tell everyone, but the average person lacks the interest to find out the truth. The lack the ability to reason (twin towers fell at free fall speeds, thus explosives). The lack the ability to work with so much data. And they don't want to hear it, because ignorance is bliss.

They can't fathom that the banks, and their puppets The US is taking 80% of their labor. If tomorrow the banks were gone, you could start your 1 day work week. If tomorrow the govern-cement was gone, a huge swath of paper pushers would have no need to push paper.

Fortunately, cryptos and block-chain and open source are going to destroy those entities. Whether the sheep believe in conspiracies or not.


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I'm most impressed with the tablet - I might do a post about which apps I'm using

They have come down to NZ $876 now


I’m in same boat. It’s easy to get into a funk and worry about stuff. I’m with ya friend

We need to party in the streets

you need a refreshment ;p

So sift666 is off conspiracy crap cold turkey. Something tells me you will be back like a mouse for cheese. Where do you get your art inspiration ?


LOL you know me too well

I just do stuff without thinking at all and see what comes out

You can make a new category and call it brainless art.

Not related to this post but some cheese for the sift mouse ....


LOL - Here is where I don't think about killery any further or link to any of my killery posts, and just post a colourful drawing :)

Not for nothing but you should put your ID mark on your digital drawings because they ate very unique and can be worth millions in the future.

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Millions LOL :) - I am putting www.sift.co.nz or @sift666 in the bottom right frame. Do you think I need to do more? I could put a hidden watermark in there but I've never done that because it's really only useful for commercial art legal stuff and nobody would see it or know it was there.

With art there is no clear point at which anyone could say they have modified a picture enough to say it's original - I'm doing a lot of effects on most of my pictures, and they are based on my own drawings, photos, paintings, and graphics, but I do also sometimes use photos I find online to start with, and I could remove a visible signature in the blink of an eye.

I don't, but I could. So I'm totally unsure about ID's and signatures. Are they worthwhile or important?

I just did this one 5 mins ago

I might do a post about how I do my pictures - this one was originally pen on paper, then scanned and copied to my tablet, then coloured in using ArtFlow, filter effects in GoArt, and finally some edits in Snapseed. I often use Photoshop as well, but not yet with this one. Watermarks and signatures are done in Photoshop.

You are right for sure, 10 years is enough, don't make it 11.
Quit while you are still fairly sane.
Do not even think of abusing your new tablet and pen by going down the ddees.com artwork road. Oh, shit looks like it's tooooo late.
You may well be beyond help.
Good Luck Bud, dog loves a trier.

20 years! - I'm an old freak...

I am also a big fan of David Dees - but hell he's good - I couldn't do that sort of stuff...

Pop your head out of the rabbit hole, bath in crypto's go on holiday from the wind!

Will do! :)

There is always another conspiracy waiting around the corner.

Hell yes - I'm going to have a crack at not peering round the corner for a while though - a bit of a challenge

Hahaha I don't believe it either you will be back for sure :) You attract spam like no one else lol I never get comments like you :(

I could coach you in how to attract it :)


Really expressive graphics
A very great article done well
You are a successful person

Thanks, you are successful too - would you like to see a drawing of my arse?

I gotta quit. I love that topic bro and by the way You made an amazing content my dear friend. I already upvoted you and following you, please support my project https://steemit.com/donation/@ayahlistic/introducing-educate-500-a-charity-project-backed-by-steemit-and-the-messiah-s-foundation-to-support-and-educate-kids-in-africa think about that. Thanks and greeting from @ayahlistic

I love you too bro we should do some drugs


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You are such a goat


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SPAM IS MY LIFE.........

what a art
so marvelous
i agreed

what a spam
so nice
i had an orgasm


Spam to the left of me, spam to the right, here I am, stuck in the middle with you.

no doubt thus a great art
really great!

Wow the art tag really pulls some spam doesn't it?

It is very interesting to read carefully. Your writing skills are incredible. Criticism based on factual criticism. It is very cool! I think, calm mind more effectively solve the problem :)

Have a nice day @sift666!


And outsranding too


You are certainly outsranding.

Amazing art.

Are you a bot?

kIlL tHe bOtS.
wAtCh oUt bOts aBoUt

If we are not careful, steemit will go trash and it will be exceeded by some new better designed platform!
We all know you are not going to quit, especially now that steem it going up :)
UP UP UP, cheer up ;)

Yay! It's good to get away from stressing about stuff. I go through those fuckit phases too but usually circle back to giving a fuck again.

Nice pic too. It makes me wanna get my drawing tablet out and have a dabble