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There is a theory, that personalities can be related to one of the four elements. Or a mix of them.. which.. ahm.. makes everything possible again. Sort of like in the story of the dog... Two men meet in the street walking their dogs. One asks the other, is your dog a good dog? Yes says the other, look... if I say "sit or not", it always sits... or not...

Anyways, to come back to the original thought, my element supposedly is water. Ok, I like water, rivers, lakes and the ocean. Even was a sailor for some years.. on a submarine, to really get into it, I guess 😜


Maybe this is also the reason, why I like fish. I have drawn and painted countless variations, as you can see with a look into my sketch book



Not all of these will eventually lead to a finished painting, but the little "Blowfish" here did


After a first quick pencil sketch, to capture my idea, I design the mechanical parts in a 2D drawing program


I wanted it to appear like one of those old fashioned paper dolls, where one could put on different pieces of clothing on a cut out figure. In the case of my fish, it was more the removal of the outer skin, so one could see the mechanical inside.

As always, I started with the pencil drawing on glass


Once that is finished, I add a layer of watercolor and finish it in thin oil glazes. The final step is to build a handmade frame. Its always one of a kind, custom tailored for the painting. In this case, I wanted it to look like an old fashioned little casket or cabinet with moving doors...


I enjoy reading your comments!

If you like my work, of course I appreciate your upvotes and resteems



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All photos/scans by me of my own artwork done in my special technique as introduced in What is Hinterglas?


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Fish are so infinitely interesting, there are so many amazing creatures hidden in the sea I can see why you are drawn to them! Awesome art as usual :)


Thank you, yes, the underwater world is definitely surreal and therefore an endless source of inspiration for a surrealist ;-)

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Thank you so very much for your support. I'm familiar with minnowsupport community and the peace abundance and liberty channel. Wonderful initiative and group. Thank you for the inviation. Looks like its time to stop by again 😀

That blowfish is so cute, and I love that you can always sneak in a pair of gorgeous legs into your art :D

Funny sidenote, I just called myself a blowfish today, because I’m small but I’m wearing a huge puffy winter jacket.


Glad you like it. Hehe.. don't know, how certain "subjects" just always pop up ;-)

Could see how your slim long legs and that puffy winter jacket might have a certain resemblance with my painting!

Again fantastic! I thoroughly enjoy your thought provoking work.


Thanks a lot! Glad it holds up to your keen eye!

I am also a water sign, for what that is worth. I love the sea and really any form of water. I always have at least one aquarium going. I really love these and I love the process. As a fellow artist, I have to say the process is always important to me. When I was primarily a printmaker the process was like a religion to me or zen anyway. The layering of print and ink and application, it was so relaxing and almost spiritual. Again, amazing work!


..for what its worth is right. I like to "play" with these things, but they don't rule my life. As a Libra, my sign would actually be air. Hehe.. air head ;-) This post here is based on a different system by German Tarot expert Hajo Banzhaf...

Yes, I like it too, when I can see the process of the creation of an artwork. The process is also important for myself and I can well understand, what you say about it. Being totally devoted to what you are doing and sort of becoming a part of it..

Really nice work! :-)


Thank you :-)

Really like your renditions... the 'humanizing' of fishes by adding human body parts -- Guess I'd say my favorites were the Very 1st one on the left (w/ an Arm/hand) & the one right below it (Legs extending out fm the FISH ).

Read about yr process. And that ya use a 2D drawing program! Have never tried 1 of those; must be fun..

I've done only the old-fashioned way - #sketching or oils ♦♦Lucky you.

I have an online program -maybe this Xmas will try


Thanks a lot for your nice comment and pointing out, which sketches you like.

The drawing program I use only for a few things like designing the mechanics. I also do it the old fashioned way sometimes, but using a PC for that makes it easier to move elements around and change things.

From what I know, you can get inkscape for free!


Thanx 4 the info!


Surreale Wasserwelt - cool gezeicnet - genial gemalt - TOP :-)


Danke Dir, freut mich, wie immer :-)

Another priceless piece of your art are those unique frames, i am sure you spend as much time making them as your painting, if not more :)
Oh, and i am sorry for that drowned woman, judging from the position of her legs she is in some kind of trouble :)


Yeah, I do spend a lot of time on the frames, although it still takes a lot longer to paint them. This one was tricky in particular, as it was done with shellac and I wanted it to have a vintage look.

Haha.. never thought of the legs indicating a drowned woman... it represents more of an idea, something the fish.. or who ever is in his position might be dreaming of ;-)

Man, I'm scanning through art posts to tell people about a holiday edition art contest I'm running this week....and the stuff I'm finding on here is mesmerizing.
Hats off to you!


A big thank you for your compliments! Saw the contest, but since I don't know much about pixel art, nor Christmas sweaters, I guess, I'll just enjoy looking at the entries!

This is really cool. I love the mix of the mechanical and the organic, also the rough drafts. Glad to see a fellow surrealist on here. Keep up the good work


Thanks a lot. I like the mix too, in fact, most of my work is based on that. Nice blog you have!

Trippy and I like it. Reminds me of Dali and Escher. Really inspiring.


Thank you. Not the worst artists to be compared to :-)

Oh he is adorable! I like his little kissy mouth 😗 and how you can see into his inner workings. Really love the rich colors on this one.

I was just about to exclaim how there are no high heels in this one, but when I looked again I saw them there in the back ground. Of course! 😁🙏🏽


Oh that mouth... good thing nobody sees me when I'm drawing. I do it like children when they play, and really get into it. You know, like the boys when they feel like they really are driving that little matchbox car.. I sort of become what I draw and I have caught myself making funny faces...

Hehe... no heels, no fun ;-)


Ah, I love it! Now I can visualize your inner workings!! Lips all puckered up, mental wheels turning to conjure up just how the puffer fish would look as such. 😆 do you use a mirror to see from your play how the image should be drawn, or it just comes to your mind?


Pretty accurate description ;-)

Sometimes I use a mirror, but its more for reference of a hand or an ear. As for the subject of your painting, you have to feel it, like an artist friend once said 😁

Very cool to see how you work Reinhard :-)


Thanks a lot Dennis. Always enjoy seeing that on your blog too!

We love your art and resteem it !