A new art contest for Steemian artists: STEEMARKET ART CONTEST!

in art •  6 months ago

I'm launching a new art contest. Since I'm not managing anymore the Art-Trail contest (my choice; best wishes to it!), I thought about organizing a new art contest for Steemians. 

Many new users entered the Steemverse in the last month, and there are many artists between them.

Steem Art Community is great already, but it needs to grow and give to artists more opportunities to show (and sell) their artworks.

For this reason I launched about a month ago the showcase website to show and sell artworks, Steemarket.

This new art contest will be connected to Steemarket: The winners will be featured on Steemarket and will have a promoted post dedicated to their artwork. (Here is the contest on Steemarket

So, here it how it works:

- All artists on Steemit can submit their artworks from today to July 30, Sunday, h 11pm GMT.

- Each artist can submit 1 artwork for each of the 3 categories of the Contest

- The categories are

  1. Painting (not digital)
  2. Sculpture
  3. ITALY (Artworks somehow related to Italy or italian art)

To submit an artwork, each artist has to:

- make a post containing "SAC" (Steemarket Art Contest) in the title and #sac in the tag

- publish in the post a photograph of his submitted artwork/s (at least 1200px for the longest side)

- indicate category, title, size, date and technique of the submitted artworks.

- paste the link to his posts in the comments of this post.

Winners and Prizes: 

The winner of each category will be chosen by a jury of Steem artists. Winners will receive 5 Steems (or more, it depends on possible sponsors ;) ) and will be published in a promoted post.

Votes and comments to submitted artworks will be considered in choosing the winners

The results will be posted on August 1, Tuesday

* Please, share this post to other artists! *

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Hi all,
Here is my submission for SAC

And here is the link to my post
I hope you guys like it! 😃

Greetings @paolobeneforti
I have not heard of you or your projects but am grateful to find you now!
I appreciate it when Steemians do contests because it helps bring people together and brings out creative spirt in them.
One of the most valuable parts of Steemit is connecting with people and sharing our lives. The money is nice but its often as much a problem as it is a benefit for the real pleasures in life like art for example.
I wil be following you now to see what goes on and to help out where I feel called to.
Best Wishes~*~


that's absolutely my point. contests, challenges, meetings are a way to keep in contact and exchange experience, knowledge, skills.
that the way a community like this can walks to the future ;)

Oh yes dear friend....I love that you're taking this contest to another level. Your art is top notch and I'm sure you'll pick some very worthy artists as you have an incredible eye. I'd like to come and play with you, I shall see how my time flies!! LOVE IT! Thanks for all you do.

Hello everyone, this is my work, oil painting, landscape. I have been exploring Chinese landscape painting and the combination of Western painting, the point of expression, fusion China landscape layout and creative spirit.

And here is the link to my post:
I hope you like it! 😃


So beautiful!

inviting Steemit artists
update. since someone seems to polemicize for being tagged as an invitation to this and next contest, I take away the list of artists that joined past contests.
take it easy, kids! ;)


I don't appreciate this. It's not you, or your use of this list. It's that fact that I tried getting in touch with these people in the same way and I got chewed out for it, threatened and probably was flaged for trying to defend myself. Yet I see the same thing sitting here with not a peep, why? Why is it ok for you to do this but not me. One individual (I won't ever tag him again) is a digital artist, and clearly in your rules you state not digital. Why is it that when I did it he was all pissed because apparently digital artist don't sketch, but it seems he is ok with being excluded intirely.


I don't understand what you are saying, sorry.


Of course you don't because when you put a giant list of names on your post nobody says a word about it. When I come across this same list and try to use it to connect with my fellow artists I get berated and flagged. Your use of this list will result in more new users seeing it and thinking this is the way it's done. They will post it and get the same bullying messages everyone else gets. Like I said it has nothing to do with you, nor do I think this list is being mistreated, but if I'm going to get vibrally assulted when I try to use it in this same manner by the people contained on this list (not everyone a lot of them are really nice people) then every time I see this I'm going to be forced to point out the hypocracy of theses actions.


I build this list with my friend aksinya managing a lot of contests and taking the name of people joining those contests.
I don't know what you used that list for, but I guess it was not the same thing.
tagging people in a comment is not fair if they are not involved or interested in the thing the comment, or the post, talks about.
the last times I used this list, I got people's complaints for not beeing included in it.


I'm not involved in this yet you tagged me? Furthermore, as stated to me, your choice in tagging me has left me uninterested in the content posted. As you have stated in your post you have left Artquest, I gave my name to aksinya not you. Your use of this list, while what I originally thought it was for, is just as much spam as when I used it. As new artists join Steemit they are sure to find this list just as I did, and its going to result in those people leaving steemit because they are meet with hate for trying to use it. As good as your intentions are they are harming this community.


On an additional note as I stated above, there are digital artist on that list as well. Please explain how a digital artist is supposed to be interested or even involved with something that spacificly states no digital art?


oh my god! you are doing a great job! honestly, I wish I would get notifications anytime anyone tags my name. I don't, I don't know why. Keep it up! :)


I'm entering and glad I came across this as I'm a working artist (oil painting was what I studied at university. Please feel free to add me to your list. :)

I'm going to share this on my page. Thank you.


thx to you! :)

people thinking music is a popularity contest and not an art. ˙͜ >˙ upvoted

This is awesome. I will submit one under the painting category. The competition will be fierce but hey this will be fun. Good luck everyone!


i resteem this post..

Great idea, thank you for organizing it. I hope I can make entries in time to submit.


I made entries for categories 2 and 3. It takes a long time to think of projects to make for this contest. I do enjoy it so much :)

It is a good idea. I vote and resteem. I really want to participate, but I'm not an artist. Good luck to all the contestants.

This sounds interesting, I'm looking forward to seeing the results!

Love this idea @paolobeneforti! Thanks for putting this together! Here's my submission, an original painting I posted today. I'm excited to see all the other works people are posting for this! Great opportunity for exposure for all. Thanks again! https://steemit.com/art/@stanhopeofficial/frequency-rising-original-painting


Awesome contest :) I will participate for shure :) Resteemed :)


Would be so cool if people could sell their photos here too... oh well...


I meant digital


They can sell digital on steemarket

Sounds really good ... :-)

Few polite questions, why no digital art? Why only art related to Italy? What about the rest of the world? Steemit is a huge open community,home to many artists. There's a ton of digital and traditional amazing artists here. I'm an artist, I do a lot of different mediums. I don't sculp, I don't do art related to Italy or the styles. I guess this one isn't for me then. Looking forward to the entries.


this is the first edition of this contest. we will use different categories in each next edition.
we have to choose categories to characterize each edition. a theme. painting and sculpture are wide open category. italy is a particular one.


Oh ok, cool. Sorry I misunderstood. I'll check out the next one. Thanks for your response.

Why disqualify digital art?


this first edition has these categories. the next ones will have other, so to have interesting thematic selection each time.
drawing, engravure, mosaic and photography are out of this edition too.

great idea and thanks for the invitation :-), I'll try to get something together to submit!


awesome. :)

Great to know about it !

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Good idea, @paolobeneforti!
I'll send you my painting soon...


that's great, Marco :)

Here is link to my entry:


Hope you like it ..
Thanks for the great contest ...

Thank you for running this contest. I had fun making this entry :)

Here is the link to my entry in category 2 Sculpture:


cool!!! :) will do it!


looking forward for it :)

Here is my entry to the competition. Steemit has been a great art forum for me this far and it is only the beginning. Thanks for this platform!


Hope you get some new reflection! image

Cool, support this action, upvote, resteem, follow

Here is the link to my entry for the contest in category 3 ITALY (Artworks somehow related to Italy or Italian art):


Again, many thanks for organising this contest :)

Ok, that sounds good :) I am going to compete in the painting category!

Hi all,
Here is my art work for SAC

And here is the link to my post


and a photo to help you identify the post: greenbergr_02 sf.jpeg

This will be my first entry into any kind of art competition. I guess #sac will be the first.