An Entry for "SAC" or Steemarket Art Contest🎨

in sac •  last year


This is my entry for the Steemarket Art Contest #sac by @paolobeneforti

It's my take on painting a vanishing point :) it's the first one in the series. Sometime I hope to combine all the ones I made and make an animation.

"Magic in Progress"
Oil on canvas, 40 x40 cm, 2014

You can find the rules of the contest here if you are interested to join :)
A thank you goes to @musingsltd for telling me about it :)

Thank you for taking a look :)
Feel free to comment and ask questions.

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Very nice indeed


thank you :)

Very cool. Whats a vanishing point?


thanks :) Vanishing point is used to create a three dimentional illusion in linear perspective drawings and paintings, it is a spot on a horizon where parallel lines converge together.
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Fantastic! It was great to see how you painted it. 🤗

Great are contest @fukako! I will let my artist friend @freeman01 know. Thank you for sharing. 🤗


thank you! there is still time to join :) and if not, there is going to be a new one from next week already!


Thank you! I told him. That is so cool that there's going to be another one!