I Need Your Opinion!!!

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I wasn't really planning on telling you guys that I did this, because I guess I was kind of embarrassed that I did this for some reason.

But I need an opinion, and being embarrassed is lame. So, I'm kicking embarrassment to the curb, and not even giving it a chance to pack a suitcase first.

Take THAT, embarrassment.

Anyway, I wrote a kid's book and I might self publish it.

But for now, I need help deciding what kind of illustrations I should do for it!

I've spent too much time debating between two styles. There is no one better than you guys to help me choose the BEST option for the book illustrations!

Amazing comments will always get my upvote, but maybe an SBD sent your way, too (even if it's a harsh comment, it's okay. I'm a big girl. I can handle constructive criticism).


Style A:

And this:

Style B:

Now, those are just the two kinds of styles!

Then, I got a little carried away and did a few covers in just the second kind of style (style B)!

Cover 1:

Cover 2:

Cover 3:

So, which style/ cover do you like the most? Which cover do you really dislike? Are they all horrible? Is the font ok?

I can sometimes be too harsh on myself, 'cause I think it's just human nature to be extra critical of ourselves sometimes.
The more I think about it, some of these I strongly dislike and want to start all over again.


I can't decide.

Please help.

This is an SOS.


Por favor.

Should I kick these to the curb along with the embarrassment?

Should I print one out and use it as toilet paper?

Or, is one of these semi-decent and I could hang it on my mom's fridge?

Please let me know!

<3, @nomadicsoul & the steem dress

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The second one makes me feel happy looking at it, which I think will resonate most with children, since they have a natural joy that still dominates in them. The first one is more unique, cool and interesting, but they haven't seen enough to really need that yet.


thanks I'm so happy you gave your input!

Love this

And this.

I will go with the first one though. This is nothing to be embarrassed about, 57. At least all of them can read it and get excited when they are trying to disturb us, in reaching that landmark. We can use it as a strategy to engage them.

Jokes apart, this is good and i have no problem with the title either.

PS: You are absolutely gorgeous. I guess i need to make a steem dress too, so will the 57 too.

Being an expert on the matter (ummm...mini @eoj/ @suitcasemama just turned two years old - we read a LOT of books!) I can confidently say that style B, cover 2 win easily. The trick with children's books is also thinking about the parents and the pain you may accidentally inflict on them :) Lose the parents, they won't buy the book.

It's down to preference, but we definitely like the more art-y less cartoony style of B. Covers 1 and 3 are too busy for our liking.

Did you do all this yourself?!?! These look AWESOME! We want to be your book testers!!!!!


I have to agree with @eoj choice. Im very picky with choosing childen's books. I try to shy away from too much color or too much drawings, less distractions the better specially for a toddler.

I have to say Im impressed with your talent!! Hope to see more posts like this from you in the future. :)


hahaha "the pain you may accidentally inflict on them" this is something I'll def. have to keep in mind!! I did some of them myself, but I won't say which ones :) Thanks SO much for feedback! I needed it even more than I need chocolate. Same with you @suitcasemama I'm glad you both gave feedback!


No prob! And we remain available for kiddie book testing!!!!

I love your work and I find it interesting that you look for opinion here in steemit. I like the second style more, even if it's a children's book that does not need so much detail, I think you should not choose something as linear as the first style. I think that for the education of a child it would be much more important to know the correct proportions of each animal even if it is a fantasy book. Nowadays children are much more visual and intelligent and they love seeing things a little more realistic.

Of the covers that you placed with the second style I liked the last, it seems more appropriate than the other two. The first cover seems to me that it has too much color and very intense, I do not know where to focus the view, whether on the animals or the landscape. The second cover looks more like a book before bed and it's simple but the last one has in my opinion the right amount of color, excellent details like the grass and the sky without overloading the cover, I think the crocodile could put it in On the other hand, as between the grass and the butterfly on the mountain, I certainly loved the bird.

I really liked your work, visit other posts of yours and really that you are a great artist and with excellent skills. A pleasure to visit your post, greetings.


Thanks SO much for your opinion @reialfr!!! This is the kind of detailed stuff I need! Super helpful thank you!

I like both styles but I think the first one will have more "grab off the shelf" appeal to kids. The darker, more textured one is very nice but has more of an adult appeal.

I think at least for the covers whichever way you go they would be better with entirely illustrated text. The brief glimpse of inside text looks fine but the non-illustrated text on the covers really clashes for me. The "Lionhorn" on the first one is pretty great, though.


Thank you!!! This is useful stuff! So grateful for your input @tcpolymath

I am leaning heavily towards style A. If I were walking down an isle this book would pop and catch my attention. I personally feel that style B is a bit busy with the current illustrations and it wouldn't catch my attention in a sea of other children's books.

The style B also reminds me of those old school children's books with the gold foil on the spine. Kind of outdated.

I also asked my girlfriend for her opinion since she is a kindergarten teacher who reads tons of books each year to her kids. She also chose style A over style B for similar reasons that I mentioned. Good luck with your decision as I'm sure this is an exciting time for you!


thanks!! I really appreciate you putting so much thought into it!

Omg you are literally the cutest person ever hahah

I like them all.. I'm just amazed that you created more than one look..I could barely do one lol

My favorite is style A, cover 2. The very first picture you have up and cover 2 are pretty tied.. but I still chose cover 2 :) Its just so pretty!


You're pretty dang cute yourself! Thanks SO much for your opinion, I need all the help I can get!!!

Hey! Wow, a book!! And a Steem dress!! :D

I honestly like them all, but if I had to pick I'd go with the very first one. But I might be influenced by the fact that's it the only one that you made look like a finished book.

I just found it a bit hard to read the title at first glance. But maybe that's just me.

I'm intrigued! I wanna read it! :)


I think you might be right about the hard to read thing! Thanks SO much for you input, it's super helpful! You're so sweet!!!

I like style B better, I think. And maybe cover 1. Never heard of a Lionhorn before...


hehe I made it up. Thanks for your help!

Ah.... firstly, is there a post in the Steem dress? Is this a world-first steem dress?

Secondly, I love love love the first style, it's just so cute... the second style is great, you can't lose at all between these two, but I really do love the first one so hard.

Thirdly, is this really helpful or has it confused you further?

Lastly, you have to publish this book so I can buy it. You don't want to disappoint your fanbase do you? ( Wait, do you? So mean).

Lastly, lastly... could you publish both?


hahaha you are so funny! It's helpful, not confusing! I laughed out loud at "wait, do you? so mean" haha. I also kinda giggled at you saying "could you publish both?" Lol I thought of that and then I thought "why am I overcomplicating, just pick one and make a decision for once in your life, this is getting ridiculous lol."

Maybe you are as ridiculous as me :)

Thanks for helping me out!


Hmmm, do we need an international competition of ridiculousness? I guess we'd never be able to decide on the winner for reasons of ridiculous.

Well, I'm super glad it's helpful, and please feel free to mention me in the comments when you do release this little guy for public sale.... because it looks adorable and I want to do the buying.

The two styles are very beautiful, they are the product of good creativity. But since we have to help you in deciding which one is better, I will go for (style Bii) for the following reasons.

  1. It shows the real picture of the two animals in question; lion and butterfly. Unlike style A which seems not to portray the true picture of a lion, but a carbonized version. Smile

  2. Since the book is written for the children, they are always attracted to brighter colors, and style Bii is just a perfect style to achieve this, due to many brighter and attractive colours on it.

  3. The inclusion of rainbow, bird, grass and other animals also add to the beauty of the cover. Though, the book centered on lion and butterfly, but the appearance of other animals would help them to have a glance at other animals.


Thanks @emmakkayluv for your detailed opinion/advice!!! This is so helpful, thank you!


I'm glad it is helpful....

You wanna publish a book? That will be so nice! Please when will that be? I kinda like the 1 cover and 3 with sky blue background. It's so colourful and kids likes colourful stuffs. I'll go for the A because it's super colourful and the rainbow makes me remember childhood.

As for the cover 1 is just good but I'll suggest you shred it into pieces Sorry to hurt you!


haha it's okay, I'm not hurt! I appreciate the honesty :) thank you @vintageverve

A book! Thats awesome! Is there anything you cant do???? I personally am attracted to the one with the dark background but I generally prefer clean solid colors. I think the youngsters would like the one with the bright rainbows and smiley sun face. Amazing work ::)


haha thanks for your feedback @goldmatters!!! I appreciate it SO much!!!! I bet you'd be even MORE attracted to a gold book!!!! I think there needs to be a gold cover kids book featuring Goldmatters Jr. and also @goldfashioned's GLD! The 3 of us author it and then sell it for steem haha. Or gold. Or we just write a steemit post with a shiny gold thumbnail and call it a day haha


OMG YOU MIGHT USE VANG ???? I would be unbelievably attracted to a vang book !!!


The gold loving dog said he would be HONORED

Both styles are great but I would choose the first style. It is clean and less busy than some of the second examples.
Great job!


thanks so much @doctorcrypto I appreciate your advice!

That's pretty cool! Congratulations and you shouldn't be ashamed of yourself at all. We like the Style A much more, it looks cleaner and that is really good for young children to understand and even develop their creative side because it is based on very simple illustrations that will remain engraved in their minds and when they try to draw for themselves some animals, characters or other elements they will remember your book and try to recreate it. Great illustrations btw!!!

We've made a couple illustration proyects for kid's book but this one is our favourite. Please, do not hesitate on ask for this kind of help to your followers! Just look how kindly everyone is helping you 😁


omg this is AMAZING @themonkeyzuelans!!!!!! You're right, I'm so happy I asked because everyone is being amazing and helpful and honest!! Les doy muchisimas gracias a Uds por comentar tambien!!!

First of all... nice drawing skills!! On the style, I would definetely go for style B, and from B, cover 1. Between style A and B, you have a lot more detail on B, much more eye appealing, hence my choice. And in the different covers from B, cover 1 has for me the "cleanest" look: cover 2 seems a little bit too simple, and the back pattern on cover 3 takes a little bit the focus on the animals, they dont stand out as much as in cover 1. In cover 1 we have no problems in reading the title with the current font, and the colors of the animals and the rainbow make them stand out really well; and I do like their disposition on the cover, seems well balanced. There, my honest opinion. And again, great job!


ok, thanks SO much for your honest opinion @pardinus this kind of detail is so helpful!


My pleasure to help! Let us know which one you decided in the end ;)

Wow! This is amazing that you manage s to write and create a kid's book. We prefer Style 2 and Cover 2, but really any like do although Style 1 is different from all the Covers, so maybe not that one. Unless you have different covers for that style.

Anyway, well done and looking forward to hearing when it's finally self published. 😊


aw thanks for your help!!! I appreciate it so much you guys!

I know I'm late but I really like style A :)

I think Style B is better...


thanks! I'm so happy for any input!

@karensuestudios any chance in the world you have an opinion on this? I totally admire your artwork so I'd love to hear what you think (even if you think)! You don't have to upvote this or anything. Butttt I'd like your opinion if you have maybe 15 seconds to spare

Ah.... firstly, is there a post in the Steem dress? Is this a world-first steem dress?

Secondly, I love love love the first style, it's just so cute... the second style is great, you can't lose at all between these two, but I really do love the first one so hard.

Thirdly, is this really helpful or has it confused you further?

Lastly, you have to publish this book so I can buy it. You don't want to disappoint your fanbase do you? ( Wait, do you? So mean).

Lastly, lastly... could you publish both?