3 Artists Worthy of Your (and My) Follow! #2

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I know you all must be going through the same issue as I: It is often hard to find good quality content on Steemit, because the platform is fast filling up with people thinking they're going to get rich quick by posting memes and photos of their pets.
So I've decided to come to the rescue ;) - I realise my account is small (for now), and thus also my reach, but hopefully bigger accounts will see this and resteem it =)
Every week, I'll search for good stuff, and on Sundays, I'll do a curation post like this. My favourite thing is visual art, so expect many of them. But I'll mix it up every now and then with writers/bloggers and musicians too. My intention is to find two relatively small accounts and one relatively bigger one.

I knew from the start that it was going to be hard for me to describe Agnes's (@agneslaczo) work... The first piece that caught my eye was her wonderful watercolour "Magical town", but I was simply bewildered when going through the rest of her stuff...

Whimsical, child-like fantasy mixed with sometimes very strange, surreal elements make her unpredictable.

I mean, just look at this steampunky piece!

She is a prolific artist, with several posts a day, definitely worth following and supporting. I still can't get over how eclectic her style is, and how hidden the talent! Look at this digital drawing piece, which she simply says was "Just for fun!" ... O.O

Helen, or @hloria, doesn't post very often but when I found the above piece I just had to look into her - and was very glad I did.

She doesn't post one blogpost for every piece she does. Most of her posts feature several pieces of her work, often with pics showing her work in-progress.

For example, definitely go check out her posts from October last year, where she shared 30 pieces of art in three blogposts! (This was for #inktober ...)

I really hope she starts to use Steemit more because her style is uniquely fun and deserves the attention that "Interstellar Girl" got (which I just noticed was because it was curated by the @ocd team - a team one of my favourite Steemit artists, @m31, is involved with).

Hloria also gets extra points for being a Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy fan! (Take a look at Interstellar Girl's pack ;) ).

Sabina's (@anibas) work just blew me away (and filled me with a rare feeling of acute envy - I wish I had her talent!) ...

I went through her profile and felt like I was entering a different dream every time I saw a different piece of hers. Also, she's not only a brilliant visual artist, but has a way with words too - you'll find poetic prose and philosophical musings in almost all of her posts.

Dreamy, fantastical, mesmerizing... I just had to see more, so I went to her website. This is how she describes her work:

"My paintings could probably be categorized into two groups, especially if you are one of those people who like labeling things into neat packages. I have a strong emotional side, sensitive and poetic, with all the adorning side-effects, which enables me to lift paintings up to what has been referred to as visual poetry or poetic symbolism. The other me is cool and collected, witty and sharp, with a passion for philosophy, psychology and games… That is rather the surrealistic and wacky me, and so are some of my paintings."

Thank you for your upvote 💖
I appreciate it more than can be expressed in one line at the end of a post.

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Great work on finding some undervalued curable artists. I'll have to check them out more throughly after work.

great artist you've found there.

try visiting my blog

and sir, may i know how you put your paragraf centered that way ?
i had problem on writing my blog

Thanks =) I hope you checked their blogs... Beautiful work!
I checked yours and wow, cool to find another artist who uses fractals here on Steemit =) There aren't many of us. Followed! ;)

As for the centering... I use the center html tags, like this:

<center>Put you paragraph here</center>

wow thank you so much, yes i've check them, the last one is marvelous.

i m sorry sir, but i didnt see the code how to write that ?

oh sorry, got it

nice thank you so much

Oh! No, I should apologise. I tried to show the code tags in the comment but it didn't work out, lol. But happy that you figured it out! =)

Thank You for this ! :-)
And by the way...


My pleasure! And I'm very happy that you're now following me <3
I just posted a mandala, one of my favourite things ;)

It's so cool dude! I didn't expect that someone will check my blog out someday. You had touched my heart 17.png

Aww... <3 <3
You really do deserve more attention! I only wish my account was bigger.

... You should post more regularly! Or are you busy with other stuff right now? ... Last October for #inktober you managed to create something every day! Well done. I only got to day 11, hehehe.

No, i'm not so busy. I'm just a snail and do everything to slow 3.png