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The Pseudonym "Katharsisdrill" is an experiment that has been running for over four years. The principles were to make art anonymously and to give it all away for free under the creative commons attribute license. Thanks to generous donations of bitcoins mainly from people at the Diaspora network and upvotes and donations from you guys I have been able to work most of 2018 on this project. I hope you will consider supporting my work - you can find different ways to do that at the bottom of this post.

As is my custom my drawings are only Creative Commons when they are posted on my Diaspora-profile (unless stated otherwise). In return they are in high resolution so it is possible to make quality prints from them. If you have a laser printer you can get close to perfect quality in A4 and A3.

All the pieces are licensed CC-by 4.0. Remember that if you use any of my drawings in public circumstances you are obliged to mention me and link to my Diaspora page:

Artist: Kathrsisdrill

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A night at the art exhibition

Krita drawing - 4016 × 4700 - 4,9 MB PNG

Number 23

Krita drawing - 4700 × 4700 - 30 MB PNG

The Theodore Roosevelt Memorial Monster

Krita drawing - 3736 × 4384 - 2.9 MB PNG


Krita drawing - 3500 × 3414 - 12.9 MB PNG

Cold Cold War Warrior

Krita drawing - 3500 × 3500 - 13.9 MB PNG

All works are licensed under a

Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 International License.

Attribute - Katharsisdrill - Site:

All the artworks are for free, but I would be very pleased if you considered supporting my work.


or with cryptocoins:

Bitcoins: 1EpzfvHpvYui8dguG2sbxk7VvcehxZGNca

Ether: 0x779f31b12862e6d750cbbcdb9a2c315b44504d83

Litecoin: LcUeDDMSzhaGwMd7m6x1qptdNZ3nrPEyiq

Nano: nano_1h5g99zrmuo8df659wwge5uhncnw6ay1n6t8g9tp3bdazcmex3onbndys8cu

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I never knew that that was your goal, that's really awesome man! I don't have any bitcoin, but I'll keep the upvotes coming!

These are such great pieces and I always forget you share them this way @katharsisdrill . I'll have to find a way to use a couple of them some day when I do over a room. They'd be awesome framed up in a 'print room' or mixed with some 19th c. hunt scenes, especially the gentleman with enjoying the statue. I wonder if there is a parallel world where their roles are reversed, a lady in evening dress contemplating a statue of a man?


You instantly got me thinking... the woman in the dress would be obvious, and the statue would be something like this:

The grotesque Den from Richard Corbens comics of the same name.

But what should be behind her? What kind of painting would be interesting to have?

These are cool pieces, @katharsisdrill :D I always admire how you are sharing your talents through CC because not only your arts are really good but I think you are educating people about creative commons (and about artists' copyrights, by extension) :)

Love this post :)


Thanks! I am still not sure if CC will help artists, but we won't know if we don't try. I hope that in time people will realise that they have to support artists directly. It will in the end also cost them less as there will be no middlemen. But right now the big corporations use the artist as free entertainment that makes it possible for them to sell commercials in the breaks. Those commercial money is rightfully ours. Facebook, Spotify, Youtube, Instagram.

These are all simply awesome again!


Thanks, mate!

Wow man congrats that you have been able to work on your personal stuff thnx to the community. That's really cool. I've seen people make tons of money on patreon but you have to be super trendy, and I think that kinda mutes one's individual juice. I like all the titties, butts and dongs on your work cause you've been always pretty open about the human body... It's just natural after all (¬‿¬ )


Both this community and Diaspora. The prices of Bitcoins last Christmas helped a lot too :) I never really had much success at Patreon and I left when they tried to press the prices up, but maybe I can someday get a bit more money from Liberapay which I fancy more.

As for titties and such it was always part of my world. I'm a Dane :)