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in art •  6 months ago

I have for some time used a lot of my time on my comic, but I still make other pieces too. What I forget to do is publishing them as creative commons on my Diaspora profile, which is the place I originally started to publish my free art.

But a couple of days ago I found some time to publish two of the latest and I intend to be doing more of this in December - consider it a Christmas present (the artworks are free and in high enough resolution to print in good quality)

Here is the links:





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So nice of you to give your work to the creative commons. As a video editor who uses a lot of public domain imagery, thank you!


You are more than welcome. The Katharsisdrill pseudonym is an experiment that has lasted for about four years now. Originally it was my idea to just share the odd digital artworks I made - now it has become an almost full-time occupation with my comic as the main project, but only thanks to crypto-coins and some grants.

I have seen your comic cooperation and have voted on it too, but I have been too busy... or confused... or what ever I have been to write you a comment. But it looks good!

nice contrast. love the night shot the flickers of light on the water delightful.


Thank you. Water is a real challenge. I have become ok at this calm water, but I will work on adding to the repertoire.


The best water painter I know is the Norwegian Frits Thaulow. You should check him out.

Great work , but in the back of this art ..i think are many hours of drawing .
Amazing ! Keep going


Yes, many hours of drawing. That's my life.

I love that alien beach house :)


outstanding art...
love it....
thank's for sharing @katharsisdrill

Great stuff! I wish I was st your level


A lot of hard work will always get you there :)


yeah this is very true, I been putting in my hours I can do so realism but I love creating abstract art