Brand Image for the Memory Sports Community Account

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memory sports Steemit

This is another great example for a well done Steemit comission. The illustrator and pixel artist @eqko has delivered a fantastic design for the @memorysports community account on Steemit.


Steemit is amazing for bringing people together. After working with @em3di on the new Steemy faces I have yet found another great artist for a comission work:


@eqko made himself a name for his participation in various Pixelart Challenges and logo designs. Here are few of his previous works:

@Steemporium Logo
Steemstreams - Developing the logo
PAW - Legendary Weapons Entry
Pixel Art Weekly Entry - @papa-pepper - Papa's Proof Debunked
Pixel Art Weekly #9 entry - Steemit Contraption


The image I requested should contain Marvin the memory sports mascot. Also a couple of fantasy creatures coming out of his imagination and forming the ltters Memory Sports. I really love the outcome. That means I have no more excuses and should start posting on @memorysports soon. Although I have one more surprise up my sleeve which I will reveal soon enough!

Here is now the final design from @eqko:


What do you think?

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You're truly a trailblazer my friend! The first person, that I know of, making use of the SMT technology and doing so quickly and efficiently. The announcement was not even a full week and @eqko has already finished a beautiful logo for the sccount. You're really getting things rolling. Nice job and I will be watching and cheering your progress as time goes on!


Well, I haven't used SMT fot this because they are not yet released. I just payed with Steem for this gig. But yes, i press things forward! :)

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i'll just smile at your wonderful work :)

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Great work

Great Design
sun divider.png
I like the plants and animals intertwined with the text and the little icons that are also strategically placed to shape the text out of thin air... I don't know what this is about but it makes me want to learn more : ) so that's good design!!


It is about the sport of memory where people learn to memorize names, digits and cards in lightning speed.


Cool I'll definitely check it out!

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Wow, he has some talent! Even the small amount of gifs and graphics I do is very time comsuming!
I love the logo! Keep up the good work!


Thanks, @lymmerik :)