Antique Lamp Restoration Project

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Art Nouveau Table Lamp - Aether


I'm back and sharing a completed project with all of you lovelies on Steemit. Many months have passed, and many lamps have been made. I thought it would be fun to share them with you!

The "Before" Picture - Eeek! Scary Looking Base


Don't you just love that tacky looking gold paint? And the empty wire frame? I found this old lamp on Ebay for a few bucks and had it rewired. I'm not sure what I was thinking using gold cord, but it's what I had at the time. I usually don't know what my lamps will look like when I get them rewired--ideas not born yet. But I'm learning to do it last now, if I can.

The Process - Some "In Work" Pics

This lamp was a lot of fun to make because I always seem to get in a Goth mood right around Fall. I used purple silk charmeuse, purple silk velvet that I snatched up in London, some antique black tape lace from Spain, beaded veiling from London, and some amazing antique lace with a "vine" motif. The center panel is an authentic 1920's Flapper applique, and I had a little fun with some black and silver trim that I threaded into a vintage purple trim from Amsterdam. This lamp is worldly!

The beadwork was a handful! I decided to use real amethyst beads on this shade and clearly I lost my presence of mind because I sewed a few to the face of the shade, as well. See those black daggers at the bottom? Those are made of glass, and come from the Czech Republic. The metal beads are silver plated. The beadwork was actually fun, once I memorized the pattern.

I hand-painted the base to match the shade and beads, and I think it turned out nice--except the gold cord. Groan. This lamp sold in two days and already has a new home. Yay!

The Finished Project - Closeups!

Pretty purple, black and silver. A giant Amethyst bead in the center flower. This one was actually easy to paint because I liked the colors.

Gorgeous amethyst, Czech glass and metal beads. Strangely, purple beads are hard to find! It must be hard to make them.

Wooo..yummy silk velvet, beaded veiling, antique silver metal trim, and amethyst beads on the face of the shade.

Super-duper closeup time. I won't lie, it was a nightmare sewing those beads to the lace. If only I had thought of it BEFORE the lace was on the shade. LOL!


Last but not least--the "lit" photo. This color makes me happy.

Current Projects - Dax Retuns!


I've got a couple of projects in-work, one of which is giving me fits. My cat Dax has decided to use this one as a fort while I have my Tizzy of Indecision. I'll post more if I actually make any decisions. Someday. Friggin' soon. Seriously soon. Gah!

Have an amazing night , everyone!

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All images © @crystalize.


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OMG this is amazing. Thank you so very much!

HEEEEELLLOOOOOOO YOU! Oh how we’ve missed you and your marvelous works of beauty! I always loved how you gathered your materials from different places to make these masterpieces.

I love the purple color with the black and those beads are gorgeous! I can imagine how hard that was sewing the beads in the lace attached to the lampshade. 😬 But hey you did it, it’s gorgeous and it sold!

Lol I love Dax’s royalty fort! 😄

Congratulations on the curie vote and recognition, well deserved. 😊💛 It’s great to have you back ~

Well hellooo there to you, Miss @crosheille! looks like you are moving up in the world of Steemit--look at you go! Thank you kindly for the warm welcome. I had some business to attend to (literally) and now I'm enjoying a little relaxation, but I want to share some lamps with you all! Dax is still the center of attention around here so this is much her blog as it is mine...maybe moreso, LOL. How are you enjoying your toddler?

I’m hanging in there, feels like it’s been such a slow grow for me (being here for 3 years). But I have cut back on my posting days to spend more time here and home and mentally refresh. It’s nice to still be able to be here and mingle and connect :)

Glad you get to enjoy some relaxation time and come share with us again. Your skills always being a fresh and special flavor to the mix. I’m sure you’ve noticed quite a bit has changed with the new Steem and addition of tribes and tokens. Holla at me if you need any guidance with anything although I’m sure you’re catch right on ;)

Oh goodness she’s such a hoot. She’s one now and a terror to her siblings! 😂 This girl loves to see how much she can get away with and has everyone on their toes . We love it though, I truly enjoy having a big family.

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WOW! This is so pretty! I'm not surprised that it was sold in two days. I'm just wondering how much you ask for such a work of art, of course I'm not asking you directly, just wondering :) You have put so much creativity, time and effort into this.. and well, you also learned that you need to sew them on before you put in on the frame, that's a good lesson learned, lol :D

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your well deserved curie vote!

Thank you @delsihtreats! I really appreciate it. This one sold for $880, if I remember correctly. Antique textiles are expensive, as are beads an antique lamp bases. All handmade. Yes, the curie votes blew me away! Thanks for your comment.

Hi crystalize,

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Wow! Thank you so very much!

hi dear @crystalize, this is a great job! very detailed and nice :-D do you do it for work or is it a passion? keep on and congratulations on your curie rating

Hi @roadtohorizon! Thanks for the wonderful compliment! I do not do this for a living, but I am running a small business in my "spare" time. Feel free to check out some of my sold lamps at the links below. It's fun to see the different styles. Thanks for your great comment!

What an awesome project to get stuck into! Absolutely LOVE the intricacy of the shade! Really stunning!

Thank you so much, @jaynie! And thanks for visiting my blog! Most of my work is very intricate and I hope that is what makes it special!. :-)

My pleasure :) and I would definitely say YES it does!

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Awww. I feel the love. Thank you so very much!!!

Hello Hello!

Your imagination is really cute! Very interesting how you worked on the lamp by placing a good combination of very functional colors :)

Greetings from Venezuela

@jamsaray thanks for stopping by to look at my post! I really appreciate the support.

Yay! Welcome back @crystalize!! We have missed you!! I love the transformation and purple is one of my favourite colours!! It looks so elegant now. You have magic mind and hands! The dangling stones and beads are beautiful! And Dax looks dashing!! Congrats on the curie!! 💗

Hi @Marbley! It's been awhile! I appreciate the warm welcome. I took some time to build my business and now it is time to get back to where the "making" blogging began! I very much appreciate the support and kindness.

Yes it has been awhile and I am really happy to see you back :) There has been many changes here and it is quite a challenge to keep up, though sad to say many has left too. But one thing’s for sure, needleworkmonday is still growing! :) Looking forward to seeing your blogs! Happy weekend @crystalize!

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This is very nice handwork

@viki76 thank you for the lovely compliment, and for the post visit.

Beautiful lamp! Love the colors!

@jamethiel, Jamie Jamie Jamie! I've missed you. Still haunting Neddlework Monday? Thank you so much for the blog post visit.

I'm around, been offline a bunch lately. Debating how online I want to be in 2020. Was nice to see you post something! Been taking a break from needlework posts‐ working on knitting a giant ugly leftover yarn blanket and playing too many games to have anything interesting to post. :)

I loved your restoration work. The photographs of the details are magnificent. Restoring is a very delicate work and art since authentic colors and materials must be preserved. A great greeting for you @crystalize and one for the precious Dax

@marcybetancourt Thank you very much! Dax and I appreciate the blog post visit! More lamps to come, although I admit I don't always stay true to authentic restorations. There is some artistic license. Hee!

This is awesome work! I love the colors and the bead work!
It's good to see you here again! :-)

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