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This is my entry for Crypto Art Challenge [Round 6: Cardano Edition]. The theme for this week is to create an artwork with Cardano logo in the style of an artist of our choice. I decided to choose Picasso as the artist who inspired my entry for this week's challenge.

One of the challenge's requirements is to author a post explaining the Artist that you were inspired by.

So why Picasso?

One of the things I admired most about Picasso is how prolific he was as an artist. Did you know that he produced 50,000 artworks throughout his lifetime? He lived until the age of 91 and he created so many artworks since he was a youth. The 50K artworks comprised of 1885 paintings, 1228 sculptures, 2880 ceramics,12000 drawings, thousands of prints, and various tapestries and rugs.

That is so incredible!

I think he lived a good life LOL and remained true to his calling as an artist.

Not only that Picasso was well known for his various art styles. He was known as the pioneer of Cubism art movement alongside another artist. He also made contributions to Surrealism and Symbolism art movement.

“When I paint a bowl, I want to show you that it is round, of course. But the general rhythm of the picture, its composition framework, may compel me to show the round shape as a square. When you come to think of it, I am probably a painter without style. ‘Style’ is often something that ties the artist down and makes him look at things in one particular way, the same technique, the same formulas, year after year, sometimes for a whole lifetime. You recognize him immediately, for he is always in the same suit, or a suit of the same cut. There are, of course, great painters who have a certain style. However, I always thrash about rather wildly. I am a bit of a tramp. You can see me at this moment, but I have already changed, I am already somewhere else. I can never be tied down, and that is why I have no style.” - Pablo Picasso

With so many achievements and projects, I am pretty sure Picasso did not waste his time on other endeavors that could pull him away from his art.

The painting

When I think of Picasso's vast artworks, I think of him as someone who worked tirelessly throughout his life to pursue what he loved the most. He did not allow himself get distracted by trivial matters or things that can pull him away from what he loved the most. And how do I relate this to Cardano's logo? There are six circles in the middle of the logo. To me, these circles represent the core values and the true calling of a person. And the smaller circles around them represent opportunities in life that do not necessarily align with those core values and the person's calling.

All of us have our own strengths and weaknesses. We have different talents. My calling in life is not necessarily similar to yours. In short, we are unique individuals. However, sometimes we tend to do not know how to hold fast to our core values or pursue our calling. Why? Fear of rejection, fear of not being accepted, afraid of being different, afraid of being lonely. All of these are valid reasons. We stumbled through life following the majority and afraid to go against the mainstream. We afraid to question things for fear of being labeled as rebels. So we live our life "safe", forever getting distracted by the "smaller circles", chasing opportunities everywhere yet never quite know how to be anchored to what truly matters - our values and our calling.

Picasso is a perfect example of someone who stayed true to what he believed in and his vocation as an artist. He was a prolific artist because he did not allow himself get distracted by the "tiny circles" around him. And that is how Picasso inspired my entry.

This painting is a combination of traditional and digital art. The traditional art on the right portrays a woman of various talents and capabilities who look longingly on the "greener pasture" (represents by the flowers) on the left.

Here are the progress photos:







Thank you for checking out my post!

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Love how you are actually doing something new with the symbol and you can see the time and effort you put into the piece.

She's good at it always.

Thank you for the kind words @twirble @angiechin28 😊

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