Venezuela in repression, Dictatorship Venezuela 2019.

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Good morning, Greetings and respects for all of you today Steemiants.

Today I come to show you and talk a little more about the situation in my country Venezuela.

6 (2).jpg

As everyone knows, Venezuela is a beautiful country rich in minerals but governed by poor brains and who only think about having more money and not helping their inhabitants.

1 (7).jpg

We Venezuelans have taken the decision, to go out to protest our freedom, because by taking away our right to know what is happening in Venezuela or in the world, a dictatorship is confirmed, social networks and media are blocking us
and also break the laws by defending their ideals that their own people.

2 (7).jpg

In other countries such as: United States, Japan, China, Germany, etc. .. Large countries such as those mentioned, we feel a great honor for the National Guard and for the people who defend the Nation. In Venezuela we have learned to have more fear to the National Guard that to the same death.

3 (7).jpg

I am part of Voluntad Popular, a democratic party willing to do everything for the country. Our job is to go out and protest the things that are needed in the communities.
Protests for water, light, food, overflowing sewage, garbage, lack of medical supplies, among others that every day communities come out to protest in a peaceful way.

4 (7).jpg

But, the government chiefs are not interested if there is no water in your house or food, they just do not want them to leave the ideal of the chavizmo on the ground.

5 (3).jpg

The way for them to calm the marches, rallies or protests is always in a dangerous way, repressing the Venezuelans and they always form guarimbas in a protest situation.

Clear example of what I want you to realize is in the entry of humanitarian aid, if it is not something given by the same revolutionary government, they do not accept it.

I hope you like it, and before the community I want to apologize for the problem of my previous drawing, I will leave several links of my previous drawings for you to appreciate them.

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Amigo soy venezolana y apoyo todo lo dices,este es el peor gobierno que ha tenido el pais,y respaldo a voluntad popular,el gobierno quiere acabar de un todo con el,quiere eliminarlo y ya esta deteniendo a sus dirigentes,la lucha sigue pero tienen que vencerse,Guaido ha sido mas contundente que leopoldo,adelante nosotros los opositores,y te digo odio los policias y guardias puros jala b....,saludos .

No existen mejores palabras de su parte, mis saludos y respetos para usted y todos los Venezolanos que seguimos en esta lucha aportando un granito de arena para salir de este regimen y dictadura.

Seriously? Thank you. I was inspired by the serious situation of poverty and need that the Venezuelans go through, and the governmental entities, instead of helping what they do, is to keep their people in fear.

Dear Artzonian, thanks for using the #ArtzOne hashtag. Your work is valuable to the @ArtzOne community. Quote of the week: Art, freedom and creativity will change society faster than politics. -Victor Pinchuk

Here are 28 Venezuelan Chicken for you. Congratulations. Sincerely
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Hola chinotattooart,

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Gracias por ser parte de nuestra comunidad!

Saludos desde Mexico! No se que tan fuerte este la situación ahi, sin embargo, te compadezco. Debemos tener fe en la blockchain! A cambiar el mundo!

Me encanto el dibujo pero sobretodo me encanto de que trata de la verdad por la que esta pasando mi país

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