San Luis Cumana Beach - Venezuela (Oil Painting).

in #art4 years ago (edited)

Greetings Steemiants bring you my second drawing of the day, It is a picture I made on the beach of Cumana - Venezuela, San Luis one of the best beaches in the state and throughout the country. I hope you like it and appreciate it.


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Dear @chinotattooart

I just had a chance to read your memo:

Greetings friend, thank you very much for the information, but I can not post, I do not know if it is because my balance is very little and it does not give me the necessary, but I would like to be able to do it since I have my publication finished and because of that, I can not. Tell me what I should do

What do you mean by "I can not post"? What message are you receiving ? It seem that you're posting and commenting already without a problem?

ps. Nice painting. You have soul of artist ? :)


Whats going on is that this user is a professional beggar thats has been spamming thousands of Discord users with victim stories such as the one you are telling about for months, additionally as you can see in his spider girl post he's now turning to art plagiarism, the guy is a professional abuser looking for every possible angle to exploit and abuse this platform.

Thank you for your comment @jaguar.force

And also sorry for such a late reply. Just wanted to let you know that I only had a chance to read your comment now and I appreciate you being so responsive.

Cheers, Piotr

Greetings, dear friend, If it's mine, it's a beach in the sucre state of Venezuela, Thank you very much for the support, I had problems posting on other platforms like busy, or utopian, but it's ready, it must be my connection problem. Thanks for the support.

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