Dedicated to the Catholic Church.

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Good greetings and respects Steemiants today I come to show you another of my drawings, made today.

I have called it "Decicado to the catholic church" Because, like this, Because of my own thoughts and of many people worldwide, I have respect to all those religious but they do not inspire me to believe in them if not in the gods.

Part I:

1 (6).jpg

Part II:

2 (6).jpg

Part III:

3 (6).jpg

"No pedophilia" As you know, pedophilia is the disease that people suffer when wanting to have sex with perverted things with minors. Many people around the world do not trust them because many think they use the word of Mr. to excite children or other users.

Final Part:

4 (6).jpg

I hope you like them, and I appreciate all the possible support.

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you’re not alone with this opinion @chinotattooart, a large part of the world shares this one with you, unfortunately, media keeps it a secret—as does the church.

Thank you for tagging #artzone otherwise I may have missed this one. Stay #blessed!

Good lookin out @mariusfebruary. See this @splatz?

Thanks for the support, of course will always tag Artzone so that he can see my publications and be able to receive some of his support. Thank you very much for seeing my drawing and commenting on it.

Thank you very much for the support, it is a pleasure for me to continue sharing my drawings and I will continue doing it through @artzone for you.

Running a little late but I am here and ready for business

It is an aberration, it has no words or qualifiers.

Maybe it is, but it is a truth that not many accept in this world, in the end it is a world full of lies.

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