There is no way for peace, Venezuela wakes up!

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Greetings and respects Steemiants, today I come to show you a drawing about the same situation that Venezuelans have.

6 (1).jpg
In time of protests, they do not see if they kill young people, women or children. What interests them is that we are afraid.

I hope you like it.





5 (1).jpg

6 (1).jpg

More Drawing:

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You have been warned before.

game over, welcome to the permanent Jaguar Force blacklist

art paraphrasing

Author of photograph: Jorge Silva


Steem Flag Rewards mention comment has been approved! Thank you for reporting this abuse, @jaguar.force.

  • art paraphasing
    You created a derivative artistic work but failed to cite the source(s) of inspiration. This is often a method employed to deceive curators in order to receive greater rewards.

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You have asked me for support on Discord. In good faith, I supported you directly with two transfers and with an upvote. After it became clear that you copied and colorized someone else's work you were flagged by @jaguar.foce. I was willing to give you a second chance and outlined the procedure which included to post clean and original work for a number of days. With this post, you made it clear that you have no intentions of rectifying the situation. For me, this case is closed and the account @chinotattooart is blocked.

Yes you are right. @chinotattooart must cite the source of his inspiration.
It is easy to do!

Take a look of his last post. With an original great artwork

This is a sad story, taking advantage of someone's help and good heart and breaking the rules more than 1 time leaves no option but to take action as you did. I hope you can find better and honest people from Venezuela to support, cheers!

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