Painting - Game of Thrones - Portrait studies - Cersei & Jaime Lannister

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Hey everyone!

To follow up on my previous Game of Thrones portrait study post...

I will copy a bit of text from that post here, so I explain why is do these paintings! :)

Quote from last post:
"As some of you might know I'm an artist that works for films and games blablabla.. :)

Anyway, most of the time I get asked by clients to create things.. come up with stuff from imagination and make it look as real as possible.. In order to do that you get references so you know how certain things look in real life, or how some materials react to light or whatever..

As an artist you need to try and learn all those things and understand what is happening most of the time.. It is crucial in order to make images look believable.. even when the subject matter might not be!

So one of the ways I train myself is to paint studies and focus on certain aspect,, proportion, light and color or certain materials etc..

So a few months ago I made a whole series of Game of Thrones portrait studies to train myself and get better! :)"

Okay.. So here are a 2 more studies I did.. I have these as small prints too that I used to sell at a local comic-con.

Would anyone like to see these in the raffle next week?

Hope you like em!

Thank you, have a great weekend!



The skin looks great on both images. I might just spend the rest of my day painting skin.

lol :P Yeh doing photostudies from moviestills is a great practice for that :o even just hitting the right colors instead of likeness is great practice,, you really get to paint how skin reacts under different situations.. ull learn loads :D

Gads, mostly bot comments. Godammit Steemit, this guy deserves more than that.

I can't draw faces worth a damn, so seeing someone not only get portraits right but have the skill and focus to knock out full-color digital paintings is highly impressive.

Learn by doing, like they say - and you my friend do quite a lot of quality work even if they're "practice". To me, the composition is spot-on and subtle details draw me in.

Makes me want to spring for a nice input tablet just to get into practicing, I used to do a bit of pen and ink work and getting color composition under my belt would be a good first step.

Thanks for sharing these.

haha you recognize the bots? :D

Thank you so much for the kind words! It really is just a matter of practice and study,, weither its with a pencil or brush or a graphic tablet like a wacom. As long as you practice and study u will get better! :)

very nice... I guess the raffle will be crowdy next week..

Haha Yeah who knows! Would be cool! If the raffle post does really well we can maybe have 2 winners :D

Upvoted and also resteemed :)

Thank you very much! :)

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wow . this is amazing bro!

Thanks bRaawwww! :D

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Fantastic work

Thank you :)

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WOW! what amazing work! in the thumbnail, I thought it was a photograph - it's really something how you can make it so photorealistic , while still so rough around the edges - it's a hell of a technique you're using - keep up the good work!

hahah :) Thank you! I try to keep it rough so it is more like a traditional painting! I like to approach digital painting as if it is traditional! :)

well you nailed it! - do you ever take requests?

You mean like commissions? Yeah, I do.. when I have a slow period with freelance work I take on some commissions :)

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OMG, this is soo awesome and precise! expressions and lighting on point!


Thank you very much :)))

You should take pictures of unfinished work, so people can actually believe this, some could think this is a photoshoped picture.

Then I'd gladly invite people to look at all my other work , process videos or what not :P

Beautiful Post well done

Wow! It's awesome painting. You are talented. Loved it. Thanks for sharing.

Thank you so much! :)

You are welcome.

At first I thought these were pictures but finally I understand these were the tables. I like it very much. Their eyebrows, face expressions... İts look so real. really it is perfect work

Thanks man! :)
Appreciate it!

nice work, it looks so real

Thank you mate!