Another Short but Sweet Tuesday thread.

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Sharing some great art for Twirble Tuesday; mostly from today. So many brilliant artists on Steemit I am sure I am missing so much.

My bluetooth on my tablet is not working still so only a small list today of some beautiful pieces. These were all underrated when I found them; not sure what they are at now.

This week I put the links before the images instead of after; not sure why.

Keep staying positive and keep making art and what you love. This is @Twirble signing off; how was everyone's day?

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Another great one @twirble, thanks for asking! Great picks today.

A great curation with many of my favourites! :)

thanks for featuring my work!

Excellent choices as always. Nice possibility for me to discover new art as well :-)

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Whoa! there are some interesting pieces in this gallery! Cool!

This is a very attractive actress article.
You are a very interesting article writer.

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Some interesting artworks here! Thank you! ^__^