Facing the lines/Mirando las líneas

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Retrato de mujer. Bolígrafo sobre papel. 21x28 cm./ Woman portrait. Ballpoint pen on paper. 21x 28cm.

Siempre me gustó el realismo en el dibujo. Pensé que era fantástico poder reproducir una cara hasta el punto de la confusión fotográfica. Entonces, cuando comencé a dibujar caras continuamente, esta fue la tendencia a la que me incliné.

Sin embargo, a medida que pasaba el tiempo y aprendí sobre arte, comencé a encontrar belleza en estilos que preservaban la armonía de las formas, agregando texturas. O que mantuvieron la identidad del sujeto incluso cuando lo deformaran.

Así fue como comencé a entregarme, sin darme cuenta, a la creación con los estilos que mejor me describían. Estas líneas son una muestra de esto. El reconocimiento de la cara en las líneas, en las formas que siguen, es quizás uno de mis ejercicios de dibujo favoritos.

Haber hecho realismo por un tiempo me ayudó a comprender las proporciones ... "Solo cuando conoces algo complejo perfectamente puedes reducirlo y sintetizarlo. Solo aquellos que conocen la constitución de algo pueden aprender a deconstruirlo" . Entonces empiezo a deconstruir caras, reduciéndolas a líneas.

Aquí está un poco de mi proceso creativo.

Si te gusta mi trabajo, puedes visitar mi cuenta de IG https://www.instagram.com/alejandra_herrera_illustration/?hl=es-la

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English version

I always liked realism in drawing. I thought it was fantastic to reproduce a face to the point of photographic confusion. So, when I started drawing faces continuously, this was the style I leaned toward.

However, as time went by and I learned about art, I began to find beauty in styles that preserved the harmony of shapes, adding textures. Or those that maintained the identity of the subject even when they deformed it.

This is how I began, without realizing it, to create artwork with the styles that best described me. These lines are a sample of this. The recognition of the face in the lines, in the forms that follow, is perhaps one of my favorite drawing exercises.

Having done realism for a while helped me understand the proportions . "Only when you know something complex can you perfectly reduce and synthesize it. Only those who know the constitution of something can learn to deconstruct it."
Then I begin to deconstruct faces, reducing them to lines.

Here is a bit of my creative process.




If you like my work, visit my IG account https://www.instagram.com/alejandra_herrera_illustration/?hl=es-la


Very nice drawing. I like that you used those kind of round shapes in combination with straight lines. It's a great combo. Her eyes are beautiful.

I would however enjoy if you would share more progress photos as it's interesting to see how you did the drawing :)

Thank you for sharing and congratulations on your curie vote!

Thanks! I'll take it into account. It's hard for me to take pictures of the process, because when I start drawing I don't like to stop until I finish. But I'll try.
Thanks, It is satisfying to see that my work is appreciated and shared.

I've heard from many artists that it's difficult but trust me, it is worth it. You will gain more support as people want to see the progress :)

Have a lovely Sunday!

Hi alejandra.her,

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Thanks for the support and your contribution.


And the lines created a very wonderful work! Good job!

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Hola alejandra
¿Cuánto tiempo te llevó hacer este trabajo?
Me parece un ejercicio de atención y gran paciencia.
¿Tu práctica ya te hace casi automático? O tienes que hacerlo poco a poco.
¿Has hecho dibujos de animales con líneas?
Creo que sería terapéutico para mí.
Me gusta el resultado, me parece interesante y me gusta reconocer la cara en las líneas.
Gracias por tu explicación.
¡Quédate genial!

English version
Hi Alejandra
How long did it take you to do this job?
It seems to me an exercise of attention and great patience.
Does your practice already make you almost automatic? Or you have to do it little by little.
Have you made drawings of animals with lines?
I think it would be therapeutic for me.
I like the result I find it interesting and I like to recognize the face in the lines.
Thanks for your explanation.
Stay great!

Hola! pues ya el ejercicio se me hace casi automático. generalmente hago el boceto con las formas con un lápiz muy claro 6h, y luego al hacer las líneas uso el bolígrafo; aunque lo he hecho con lápiz 6b o portaminas. Hacer un dibujo de ese tipo, con las medidas de una hoja A4 me toma de una a tres horas, aproximadamente. Creo que lo más difícil es entender la dirección de las líneas para que ayuden a comprender las curvas de la nariz, mejillas, etc.

Me gusta hacer figuras humanas. Una vez dibujé un oso, pero en realidad me concentro con figuras humanas.

Gracias por tus comentarios.

Hola Alejandra.
Gracias por tu respuesta.
Me gustaron mucho tus ilustraciones en IG.
Comence a seguirte, igual que aqui en Steemit.
Tienes un talento maravilloso.

Hi Alejandra.
Thanks for your answer.
I really liked your illustrations in IG.
I started following you, just like here on Steemit.
You have a wonderful talent.

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hy dear @alejandra.her, your portrait is lovely !! Have you studied art or are you self-taught? I love these drawings made only with small lines of pen that give life to a human face, it is incredible the patience and the love for the details that it takes. I also saw your IG profile, I really like what you do, especially I like the expressiveness you can give to your eyes. keep it going :-))
congratulations on your curie vote and thanks for sharing

Hello! Thanks. I have no formal art studies but what I've seen and learn. Drawing and painting is what I love, and I never feel tired when I do it. Thanks for visiting my profile and for your comments.
It motivates me to know that there are people who appreciate what I do.

Honey, your way of drawing faces is an art, tell me can you draw landscapes with that technique? Intrigue me!

Hi! well, I haven't try it yet. I think I can. I'll take it like a challenge. But I'm sure It would take me more time.