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Get transferred back to the 1920’s and imagine going to work, to school, to visit someone riding the narrow gauge train. Feel it to see it!

There are many stops on the route, but the main station is situated in the seaside open-air museum and is called "Muzejs" (Museum). It is a forest area with tons of pine trees. And we are talking about Ventspils, Latvia!


The narrow gauge railway is part of the open-air seaside museum. The year 1963[1] is when the railroad has been laid and accounts to the shorter circle line. In 2010[1] the museum put the second line adding an additional 2 km[1] and connecting "Lemberga Hute" with the museum via rail.

Historically, there were only three different types of narrow gauge railways in Latvia, the 1000 mm, 750 mm and 600 mm.[1] The museum uses the 600 mm[1], which historically have been used for the purposes of transportation of military supplies during World War I by Germans[1] occupying the land at that time. And later has been used as public transport. The last line of 600 mm gauge in Latvia was closed in 1972[1] thus making it a heritage railway.




The railway experience is a separate entity which has to be purchased at the railway station and does not permit entry to the museum itself. But this doesn't make it less enjoyable. Here waiting for the ride one could notice the different buildings typical of those times.

The depo is an excellent example of traditional German barns. Then the cash desk, the booking office and the end destination “Kalns” (Mountain) are the structures to represent the architectural designs of the 1920’s.[2]

The booking office serves as a waiting room for passengers and lately as a museum with a very detailed exposition in Latvian and old deco.


The houses are not the only structures of interest. At some point closer to the station “Kalns” (Mountain) the train will cross the wooden bridge built to mimic the ones from the past.

The end stop of the second line has one last attraction for passengers in place. Get off the train and go to the front to watch the operators to separate the engine locomotive and turn it around with the help of a swivel.


There are 8 wagons in possession of the museum, 3rd, 2nd class and open. The latter has got the original trolley from WW1 times.[2]


The line takes you on a journey through the forest. To be so close to nature and breathe the fresh forest/sea air is fantastic!

But let's start from the beginning. The very first experience is actually getting into one of the wagons. So authentic! I love the open wagons, so no matter where you sit, the view will still be amazing!

The conductor ladies are another point to make. The whistle, the uniform and the ticket check must have been borrowed from the past.



The area throughout the journey is clean and tidy, I even wish they would go slower to take in the calm forest atmosphere.

If you are lucky, you get to hear the train whistle blowing near the crossing or train stops.

After arriving at the end stop called "Kalns" (Mountain), one could either go to the amusement park "Lemberga Hute" or ride back to the main station or walk into the city (probably good 30 minutes) - entirely up to you!




  • There are two lines to choose either the small circle one around the anchor Park or the mountain line which goes all the way to the Lemberga Hute and where the swivel is.

  • At the moment of the ride, trains were operating once an hour.

  • The ride takes approximately 20 minutes.

  • The ladies at the ticket desk struggling with English, help yourselves by pointing to the desired ticket or find someone young nearby to help with translation.



  1. VENTSPILS MUZEJS. History [Online] Available: Accessed 23 October 2018.

  2. VENTSPILS MUZEJS. Rail Facilities [Online] Available: Accessed 23 October 2018.


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Anazing..never thought of bringing railway to such a good efect. We too have them running in hill stations and we call them "Toy Train" . it runs between kalka to shimla passing through many hills and nature best.
I remember last time when I took the ride on it, my friends keep shouting my name whenever cross through any tunnel. A lovely experince and moments.
I never visited these railway offucrs but the interior if the trail looks exactly same. Pretty intetedting to read on. For sure will share my input on my next ride. Steem on 👍

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Thank you! They generally do look like toy trains! And I see no better way than having a ride enjoying nature! I am sure that having hilly surroundings is a wonderful experience and would be interested to read about it!

Yes travelling in those narrow gaufe train with your loved ones or with bunch of friends is quite exciting and enjoyful..especialy furing adds to the train along the white snow....

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hey @rimicane,
amazing description of this interactive museum. Last year I have been in the similar one in the south of Norway and I must admit, it was a great experience. Photos included in your article are clearly fantastic and we can move back in time. Those retro colors fits just perfect. I wish to see more posts with the quality like this :)

Thank you! We are fortunate to keep the history alive! The Norwegen train line looks great! Would definitely ride along!
If you would like to see quality posts, just check the #travelfeed tag! And please, contribute yourself!

Hello rimicane, charming historic railroad. It is a super charming ride to enjoy it to the fullest. All the landscapes and objects of the past are fantastic. The whole trip was great and I enjoyed it very much with every detail you showed us. I really liked the costumes taken from the past of the drivers. How well the sound of the train was heard in the video you showed us. Thank you very much for showing us this magical and unique place. Have a great day.

Thank you! I am super happy you liked the post and grateful such places still exist!

howdy from Texas rimicane! oh my gosh that looks like such a fun trip to take, I love old trains and especially steam engines. You did a great job of explaining the history and details of the train ride and the entire process!

How much did that cost anyway?

It was a great fun! Thank you for your kind words!
The ride was something like 3 Euros for adult and a child one way!

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Awesome, thank you!

Greetings from Vilnius! Nice to see a face from the Baltics here on Steemit... We in Lithuania also have a narrow gauge railway in Anyksciai which all train enthusiasts love. Your post makes me want to visit Latvia for the 5th time again...

Greetings! Never heard of Anyksciai but would be super interested in going next time I am in Lithuania! I have travelled around your country and visited many great places! Thank you for your kind words, neighbour!

Yes, Anyksciai is in the northern part of Lithuania so it's not far from Latvia...

Hi rimicane,

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Thank you, guys!

Great location for a day trip with the family!

Are there only pine trees and the railway in the open- air museum? In Slovakia we have open- air museums with old traditional houses that were brought there. It is so beautiful, so I wondered if it's something similar.

I love such old trains. They are so loud but it's a lovely experience to go on a ride :) Once a year we have such train coming to our town. I think it's on a 'railway' day. It's a big happening as it's not a daily thing to see :)

It looks like you had a lot of fun!

Thank you! It was tons of fun!

A railway day!? That must be awesome!

The seaside open-air museum is a great place to discover the fishermen village from the past. I have written about it earlier and here is a link if you are interested:

The narrow gauge railway is adjacent to the museum and theoretically is part of it but in reality is a separate entity!

It is! All people from the town and nearby villages gather together to watch it :) It's very impressive. It's a pity I don't live there anymore but maybe one day it's going to be the railway day when I'll be visiting my family and I'll be able to make a post about it :)

I'm going to check that post. Would love to see how it looks like :)

Wow, we'd love to have ride :) it looks like a big toy :p

It sure is! Come and have a ride!

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It seems like a great place, and a nice experience. Everything looks very natural, a little lonely perhaps, but that makes it better, many people in places like that can also ruin the experience, in this case it is a great benefit not to see so many people there.

Thank you! The place is not bursting from tourists, it is true. But even then due to the European photography laws, we tend not to take images of objects with people. But the wagons were full of passengers never the less! 🚂

This is great. My husband loves old railways and if I put him on a steam train he gets ridiculously happy.

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Wow! A happy bunny! I wish mine would be as excited!

A good opportunity to combine an excursion into history with a walk in nature. I enjoyed your journey on the narrow gauge railway. This project allows you to plunge into the atmosphere of past times. Very nice to see the accuracy with which the recovered parts of the premises. Old objects give us a sense of the mood of the time. Excellent work, @rimicane

Thank you! History makes us better and stronger! And I love learning and experiencing new things even if those come from the past!

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That is an old yet beautiful place! I love how it looks there and that engine locomotive looks really nice.

I love the buildings there as well and oh, that forest looks really lush!

Thank you! It feels atmospheric for sure! 🌲🚂

That is really something where you can come with children and even can have a ride. Every child knows “Tomas, the locomotive” from cartoon that is why every child would b exited to ride such a huge size and with real loud horn locomotive. Thank you for providing historical information, that makes us appreciate how old that museum and the place. I am glad the people put so much love and work to keep everything uptodate and running. It is good you captured the locomotive on little video, at least for us to have idea how it looks like.

Thank you! You are right; kids love it! And we, adults, cannot appreciate the ride unless we know the history behind the pretty scenes. The short video is only a preview, I have filmed the journey which needs editing before sharing. Never seem to have enough time to do so, hehe!

I love old stuffs really!

Hi Rimi!
Nice post on the narrow gauge railway from the past.
I like it pretty much!
And the photos as well.
By the way how old are you if you don't mind?

Thank you! Hahaha, asking a lady of her age!? I was born in the Soviet era 😉

So you're 90 or so?
I actually want to a hundred or more if possible lol
I wanna break all records lol

Oh, my, not that old. Soviet-era ended in 1991! 😉

I was googling Soviet era, that was the beginning lol
So you're still very young lady?
In your 20s?