Step inside the fishing village from the past!

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The seaside open-air museum, or fishing village as I call it, is a pleasant reminder that we live in the Era of Technology and Digitalization. I can't imagine what would life be like without zeros and ones! But stepping inside the museum proves that everything was very different and simpler back in the days!

A visit to the museum begins with a purchase of the ticket for a symbolic price of 1.40 €! The main hall is rather small yet offers an interesting fishing exposition on the ground floor, where I have absolutely loved the boat, carved from the trunk of a tree. Our ancestors were amazing innovators!


  • Stepping outside, first things first, you are invited to visit the toilets. Yes, yes, you won't find WC facilities elsewhere around the premises. So probably worth your visit!

  • For those of you who plan to get on a train after a walk around the museum, I would strongly advise checking the timetable beforehand cause it seems like those are travelling once an hour.

On the grounds of the museum

Outside, it is a pleasant walk in a very clean and tidy nature environment. You are surrounded by the various fishermen's houses which hit you with the old house smell as soon as you step your foot inside. Then there is a large number of fishing boats ranging from small to medium. There is a Baptist Church, an attraction in itself - a mill, and a basic playground. No cafe though.



From a historical point of view, this is a terrific museum! Every time I visit this fisherman's village, I have a different impression. But one thing remains unchanged - the past! Seeing these tiny houses, you understand how little you need for a full life. What was used in the past is being used now. Ok, maybe with some improvements! Ha!

The mill is probably one of the most impressive buildings on the grounds. Here you can climb to the very top and follow the processes on each level. Well, mills are generally all the same wherever you go. They have common processes and equipment yet every time the grand exterior seems to impress all the ages!


An interesting fact - all the exhibits were found in Latvia and placed on the grounds of the museum creating a unique authentic fisherman's village experience. I particularly like the openness of the grounds. It gives you a real feel for the small settlements surrounded by peaceful nature.

This is one of my favourite places in Ventspils and I recommend visiting it. It might not be to everybody's taste, it is not fancy but adequately purposed for a unique experience of the past!











© Rimicane

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That looks like a very interesting museum @rimicane. Great article and selection of photographs. 😊

Thank you! It sure was a great one!

I absolutely love archaic old things and this really satisfied that love for antiques for me. Well taken pictures! It fascinating to have a window into the past.

Thank you! I am a fan of the past myself and love all the small details.

Great photos @rimicane! I love the little detail the shoes, the anchor, the door on the oven. Those are quality shots :)

Thank you! Me too!

So the entrance is that new building and once you go in, is this lovely traditional village? How amazing!!

Yes, it is just a small building with an exhibition on the ground floor and then you step outside and you are in this completely different setting. I loved all the small details!

Okay now i think am interested in visiting a museum. But wasn't it scary sleepimg inside one,i mean all alone, you werent afraid some sculptures would come alive and get you 😂

What to afraid of!? 😂

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