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My gaming journey is quite extensive or at least, I realize it the more I think about it. And although, in recent years I haven't really been a gamer, I see myself becoming one once again, specially with the fast approaching, Steemmonsters and Chibera on our very own blockchain.


Playstation 1 Console - by WikimediaImages - CCO, pixabay.com

Of course there was the classic "Tetris Brick Games" and some other 2D games but, the real story starts with the iconic PlayStation 1. (never been an items collector but if I ever see a working one and I can afford to, I might just splurge on it!) The year is 2002, it's Christmas season so everybody is joyous and in a festive mood. It's some time in the evening and along with my 2 younger brothers, we're watching cartoons when all of a sudden my dad interrupts us, with a mysterious box in his hands. He tells us to make way, that he has something we need to try.

We make way. He proceeds by unpacking the box then setting it up and then, reading the manual... I'm sure I don't have to say how restless we were during those minutes, that seemed like hours. But finally our curiosity is satisfied, he switches on the console and well, the rest is history! From the very first time we played, we became insta addicts. Don't remember which game we tried first, might have been Pro Evolution Soccer but most likey was; Test Drive 6. One of the most memorable games I ever played. I mean, even though it's been more than a decade since last played, and considering the fact that I barely spoke English at the time, I still remember the first soundtrack(Cars). A classic in it's own right, that I very much enjoyed butchering. Hence why I never skipped it...Or at least until the intro started freezing.

Anywho, back to the first time. Yes indeed, saying we were hooked would be an understatement. The next few days we wouldn't leave the box alone, unless we were left no choice. Like when it was naptime, time to eat or we were grounded. Which happened quite often.

A few months ago, I wrote a piece about a safari trip we made long time ago, and that although we did enjoy it, our hearts weren't completely in it. Well, now you know the main reason, the trip happened just a few days after we'd gotten the PS. Matter of fact, the very first thing we did when we got back home, was switch the damned box on. Like screw fatigue, our crave was just insatiable!

From thereafter, it would be the same thing everyday, unless grounded or we were at school. We had quite a good number of games. driving ones, extreme sports, fighting and many random ones. Heck, we even had a game of the Teletubbies, that we didn't particularly favor but, sadly it was one of the last ones we could play. Some had been landed but never returned, while others just straight up stopped working.


Next up, was the Playstation 2! By January 2005, we had been asking my dad to get it for quite some time, and he had been on the fence. But luckily (not really), that was right around when my intestines clogged, and I was in dire need of surgery. Which actually ended up being surgeries. It was excrutaing but, when he asked what I thought would make the pain more bearable, I said PS2. And well, I like to think I had a hand to play, in him finally agreeing. lolol

Once allowed to leave the hospital, I was told I should get at least 3 months of recovery, before going back to school, or partaking in any strenous activity. And as I'm sure you expected it, I didn't complain. Not one bit! And why would I have? After all, at last things were falling into place! So yeah, playstationing was my recovery and believe you me, I took advantage of every moment. And the best part was, that since everybody else had gotten PS2s before us, it was almost too easy finding a game I hadn't played before, which made my recovery even sweeter.

During those 3 months, I actually encountered two games that went on to become some of my all time favorites. Tekken 5 and Budokai 3. Matter of fact, I played those games so much, that in just a few days I had become a force to be reckoned with, revered by even the game owners. And owh! Speaking of force, we also had a Star Wars game, Revenge Of The Sith, to which I was also hooked.


Surprised Monkey - by Clker-Free-Vector-Images - CCO, pixabay.com

After 2 years or so, the PS2 starting having issues with it's disc player, and unfortunately, at the time we couldn't find a place where they could fix it. So we parked it, kind of forgot about it(not), until when my dad had to go abroad and decided to take it and to see if he would get any luckier. Fortunately, what he got was a way better deal than we could have ever anticipated. The PS3 had been out for some time and it was on discount. So instead of spending on fixing the PS2, which was already said to be expensive, and since the same issue would surely be back, he sold it and got us the PS3 instead. Smooth right?

Yup, it was on again! And although like with the previous PSs, we were infatuated, and would spend hours on it, it wasn't nearly as much. What's funny though, is that during that Summer of 2008, nearly all the neighborhood kids would practically spend their days playing at our house. Some had even worked out at what time my mom left for work, and they would be knocking or calling right after she'd leave. And I gotta tell you, as someone who deeply cherishes his sleep, it could get frustrating af. So I usually relieved my frustration by demoralizing them when playing FIFA. Just in case I forgot to mention, I love FIFA and I'm quite the badass at it, if I do say so myself.

With the third PS, we also had some crazy addictive games. Such as, FIFA of course, Drake Uncharted 2, NBA Street Homecourt, Budokai Tenkaichi 2, Tekken 6 and a few others I can't recall at the moment. Sadly though, around 2010 we landed the PS to a relative, and when we got it back, the blu-ray player wasn't working well and it eventually gave out. Now seeing that fixing the PS wasn't a really a priority, it was sold and our thumbs finally got some rest. And that's the last time I ever owned a game console.

However, that wasn't my last adventure revolving around video games, matter of fact, seems the adventures only got crazier. Like in 2011, when we went to a friend's house and played FIFA, as a drinking game. The rules were simple, take a shot if you shoot out of bounds and 3 shots if they score you. Now, considering that at the time I barely drank(just a few shots per month), I was extremely concentrated and careful during my games. And although I did end up taking a good number of shots, I was mostly still ok. But maybe I wasn't, who knows. All I know is that compared to my friend that I had to carry to a bike, and have my bike follow his to make sure he doesn't take the wrong path, or falls from his bike(don't ask how I would have helped in that case), I was as sober as can be.


Nariobi, Bus stop - by Jush - CCO, pixabay.com

Another adventure of mine revolving around gaming, is when I was living in Kenya, and got caught up in a matatu(bus) strike when all I wanted to do was play playstation, because I was tired of only playing the XBOX. I once talked about this story, and the full version can be read here, so I'll just give the gist of it. So while in Nairobi, we had a friend who would always invite us to his house for some gaming, usually FIFA or COD. And of course, we would oblige! Like I said earlier, I'm mostly a PS guy and I, along with the other friend we usually played with, were getting tired of the xbox. So one day, when the host told us he had a cousin from whom he had to go pick things from, and that if we went with him we would, not only play ps but also get transport back, and probably some food once there, we accepted. Sweet deal right? Oh, boy!

It wasn't, no it wasn't at all. To no fault of his, when we got to town and were looking for a bus, we nearly got trampled on, twice! And since the bus drivers were on a strike, the cab fares had soared, and the drivers were trying to charge us almost 7x the normal fare. Demoralized and tired, we decided to cut our losses, bought some junk food, walked back to our friend's house, and just switched on the xbox. Man had we missed it! lol

Still in Nairobi, and only a few weeks after the matatu strike incident, we found out that one of our classmates had a PS3, and that he lived only a few minutes from our school. Even better, my house was even closer. Actually it gets even better, we found out that many of the friends we hanged with at school lived in that hostel! The hostel in question, actually went on to host way more random shenanigans than it had bargained for but, let's stick with gaming here, shall we?


So at this hostel, lived a classmate(owner of ps), he was a chill dude, always minding his business and never talking shit. But the thing is, everybody who'd seen him play, would talk shit for him. So one day I challenged him, telling him I would wipe the floor with him on FIFA!(Big mistake!) Now the most annoying part is that, when someone would challenge him like that, he would either just smile, or straight up evil laugh in their face. Luckily I got the former.

So now the game is about to start, as usual when he's challenged, everybody from the hostel comes down to watch, the room is pretty full and everybody is awaiting a spectacle. The game finally starts. Within the first few seconds he scores, then just looks at me, smilling. Get a grip, Ange told himself. The game just started and there's still time, Ange thought. Nope! Dude just keeps scoring, then giving me a pretentious smile, while everybody in the room is going crazy. And by the time the game ends, the score is 11-2.... Or something like that. And ladies and gentleman, that's when he did the evil laugh. What a douche!

Remember how I said I was a badass at FIFA? At that point my ego was crushed, and I made it a point to get my revenge! Sadly though, I only ever beat him 4 times, but I always made sure he remembered that! It's funny though, anyone who'd regularly play with him, no matter how average they previously were, would go on to practically beat everyone else they knew. I mean, like when I came back to Rwanda, I was now destroying my brothers and friends, who used to be my rivals. And even now that I rarely play, I still demolish people. Like last year I only played a few games but, I massacred everyone, even those who still played regularly. Ok, yeah I lost 1 or 2 3 or 4 games but, I'd always make sure they bled in the 2nd round, and if they ever wanted a 3rd, well my mojo would be on fleek by then, and I would ensure that they didn't dare come back for more.


So far, I haven't played this year yet I'm sure I still got it! But damn, those sure were the good times, that I would surely revisit if I could. Unfortunately I can't. All I can do is be thankful for all those times, that gaming allowed for a socially awkward kid to socialize at record highs, and helped him meditate through things when life would get messy. And yes, yes of course I'll be getting the PS4 for old time sake, when it will be feasible. Hehehe.

The End

Note: If you are wondering whatever happened to the PS1, it got sold at some point, since it was only collecting dust, and it wouldn't make much sense to buy PS1 games anymore. She still my first though, and she will always have a special place in my heart. And until next time,...



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Hi @ange.nkuru, thank you for bringing us on your gaming journey :)
I think my first games would be on Atari and Nintendo. And then came computer games. I used to play Star Wars on the old desktops with a joystick, it was so fun and exciting until I almost broke the joystick while chasing and trying to shoot a TIE-fighter! I did not try the PSx games but I am sure they were as fun :) I played a bit of Wii and that was fun too.


It was so fun and exciting until I almost broke the joystick while chasing and trying to shoot a TIE-fighter!

😂 I'm sure I would have laughed my ass off if I was there. lol

Cheers for your story too! And as for desktop games, except for pinball, I've not gamed that much through them but, i know a good number of friends who are hooked, and one of them always ends up breaking his controllers. Smh

I on the other hand have never played wii, and look forward to it. Cheers for passing by @marblely.


Haha.. come to think of it, I was glad nobody was there to watch. I got stunned myself! Almost fell off my chair! Oo pinball! I love that too and pacman, oooo the ghosts chasing!! Always left me with sweaty palms. Thank you for replying to my comment @ange.nkuru! You have a great remainder week there!


Thank you @ange.nkuru! And happy weekend!!

Hi ange.nkuru,

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Thanks so much @curie, you just made morning!

I used to play Mario, Contra when I was young with TV Video Games. I have not played any games in recent times but thinking of buying PS4 to start gaming again.


Nice, I also used to play Mario games, on nitendos though, and I now realize I kind of miss the simplicity behind it's design.
And as for the ps4, man you should get it. I'm sure you won't regret it. Just don't spend your whole days in front of it like I used to with its predecessors. lol

And cheers for passing by @codingdefined.


Ahh I know the days when my parents were away, I used to play the whole day. Though now I do have limited time, I have to take some time out to start playing again.

Yes, even though the designs were simple it was fun to play those games.

The generation now are more on playing and games, especially online.
I myself would just play just by clicking the mouse all the time.
I was addicted to online chess some few months ago. Its more on thinking than the use of mouse or keyboard.

By the way, you've done a great job on your post.
I guess you're a professional blogger.
How long have you been blogging?


I've always wanted to learn how to play chess but never actually got into it. Still in my plans but who knows when. lol

I actually only started blogging in January when I joined steemit. So yeah, I been learning and I been lucky to meet steemians who'd give me input and advice. Also, thanks a lot for the feed, it means a lot.

And cheers for passing by @ronel.

Ps: Now lowkey wondering what type of games the next generation will be into. Lol


Lots of games coming in, its increasing. I just typed in game to Google and the result "About 9,620,000,000 results (0.60 seconds) "


Wow, that's a lot of zeros. Well at least there will surely be something for everybody.


By the way if you want to try playing chess online, I can only recommend chess.com and lichess.org
Chess.com has too many ads on the site to make profit while lichess.org is an open source site with no ads.

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