Sndbox Weekly Question [What IS a Post?]

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Welcome to our Weekly Question Series - every Monday, @sndbox will publish a question designed to challenge and explore new ways of engaging the Steem blockchain.

The #AntiPost Challenge

Steem is an open forum for content. But, what kind of content? What kinds of posts do you upvote? A 750 word article? A photograph? Video? Product reviews? A string of code? Everyone seems to have a slightly different answer. The rules are still being forged. New applications are being introduced to the Steem ecosystem all the time and each one offers up a new interpretation for what "content" deserves to be valuable.

With this challenge, we're asking you to go beyond the box you know and love. It’s time to break free, imagine a new kind of “post” that dives into the blockchain beyond. What would it look like? What IS a post?

How to Play

  • Publish a "post" using the tag #antipost
  • Comment (below) with a link and tell us a bit about your concept and the thought process behind it. What makes your post different from other posts? Is it visible, invisible, a timeline, a game, an abstract digital art piece, something even more meta?
  • We'll curate our favorites!
“Do not try and bend the post. That's impossible. Instead, only realize the truth... THERE IS NO POST. ”

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The Weekly Question Series, stems from research topics within the Sndbox incubator. This series is made open to the public in an effort to engage all Steemians and explore new forms of collaboration.

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If you're #antipost we're #profeed. We thought we should reflect our main "feed" in a post to show some of the people and projects that we follow and think the rest of you should know about!

What IS a Post? The answer has to be answered at least before starting to type in that empty field, preferably not after ;-)

What is antipost?
Steeped in dichotomy,
Wrapped in Haiku.

I hope my post fits the antipost bill 😉

I put up my anti-post. I'll share the link in the slack channel too.

In this post we are playing with what a post isn't. Not our usual content...but here it is

What is a post? .........This is one question that can have ones mind trapped within the bounds of a lot of information.

I hope that you enjoy this piece of the subject.

Because everyone loves to know steps to increase post payout. And I also notice there are a handful of Steemians who love "upvote for upvote". Well then let's turn it into a post for engagement and see how it goes well with the tag #Antipost.

my idea with this anti post is to revive the freshness of other websites, such as anonymous forums, where people publish and don't care much about the quality or impact of th content.

Looks like an awesome contest, I love the idea! I am also wondering if this awesome banner is open-sourced and available for people to use?

Absolutely, all of our graphics are open-source so long as you attribute it! Go for it :)

I think that at steemit there are a lot of people making excellent publications! I have seen beautiful drawings of charcoal, watercolor, chalk, even with organic dye. Also excellent stories, poems, photographs, essays, videos with a sense and purpose. What can't be a publication are those that have no value, no input, no skill, no objective or meaning. It's not about quantity, it's about quality!

Also, mess is more.

Less is a...


In a past life, I worked for Denise Scott Brown + Bob Venturi
They love a good mess :D

That's a unique question. And it deserves a unique answer...
So here is my answer. Hope you like it.

For me a publication in Steemit, is the tool that gives us the platform to share some information that we care a lot!

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I love this! realize the truth- there is no post! This is a great quote, love it!

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Wait for my entry

Here is my entry to the Antipost Challenge! I hope you like it! :D

Sometimes when you do not understand something you just have to make a slight change.

Greetings goodguys

For me an antipost must be transgressor, transgress the post as a concept and even the shitpost. The antipost is probably the performance or the contemporary art of the posts. In my case I wrote what could be the lyrics of a song without music, without sound, I resort to an unconventional jargon, where I release verses that have been ideas, random thoughts that anyone can think in the afternoon without intentions to formally say it in a speech.

However this for me is an attempt at discourse, it could even be ideological, where a dissatisfied and annoying character is shown with the system and the patterns of love, and that at the same time understands money as a way of life rather than as something superficial.

Thanks for these initiatives...

PD. I'll wait anticomments

A content qualifies as not have been delivered if it always kept you right within. I posted my antipost quantum experience... which never happened.

Thanks for being so stimulating, @sndbox!

We can have more than one go, right? Since most of my followers are Korean, they find my anti-post word puzzle hard to solve. It didn't stop them from trying, though! So I just put up a Korean version.
Telling funny story with a few photos by a photo comic!

Here is my #antipost entry - I had the idea of posting some Geometric Shapes, that could be either interpreted as code or glitch-art and embedded a few links to point to pages, that I've found while thinking about my pro-pre/anti-apost.

It's post when it's

And there can't be an antipost once it's posted.

Finally got around to do this! Just that there are so many comments on here with various ways of defining an anti-post is reflective enough of the fact that the content is and will not be limited to text, images, video and other traditional forms of posting.

here's mine.

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This is my try to raise awareness.Hopefully you will like it

Here is my #antipost. I don't wont' to reveal the reason behind it as of yet, as I wanted a few guesses first and then I'd reveal it's 'anti' quality ;)

I'm still looking for answers ;-) I though maybe your original post would help me find an answer...

Hi, everyone! The challenge, as I understand it, is to write what a post is for me, by an antipost. Tricky! Congrats for this good idea! I only hope my (anti)post below measures up:

An ideal perfect post is similar to sex. I know you might be wondering what i mean by this statement, click the link below to find out.

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Here is my entry:
[What IS a Post?].
Yes, it's empty. Why?
Because a post can be anything. Everything. Nothing.
I post what I want/like. You post what you want/like.
We post what we want/like. This is Steemit.

I had so many ideas for this one I just had to make a second post: