Antipost | Homestead Edition

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This Is Not A Post



This week's Sndbox Weekly Question is...
What is a Post?

"Steem is an open forum for content. But, what kind of content? What kinds of posts do you upvote? A 750 word article? A photograph? Video? Product reviews? A string of code? Everyone seems to have a slightly different answer. The rules are still being forged. New applications are being introduced to the Steem ecosystem all the time and each one offers up a new interpretation for what "content" deserves to be valuable.

With this challenge, we're asking you to go beyond the box you know and love. It’s time to break free, imagine a new kind of “post” that dives into the blockchain beyond. What would it look like? What IS a post?"

Good question right?

What's your take?

In answering it, we thought we'd add some homestead flair and publish a post a little out of the ordinary. Here is our #antipost: homestead edition.

What makes a post on Steem? A picture, 4-6 pictures with 7 paragraphs, a video and a few words? What is your definition of a post?

Playing with the idea of puns, memes and synonyms, we snapped some shots from around the homestead. But remember, THIS IS NOT A POST...




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hahaha, love your sense of humor! :) ox perfect answer!

thanks mama! i thought you'd get it! <3 XO what makes a post to you?

It takes heart ;) That's a great post!

According to google translate, this is not the postman, for whom does the letter belong??? haha just kidding even my lame Spanish gets this joke. Good one @mountainjewel

ok...ya'll....laughed my ass off over here! this not post is AWESOME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! lol....i said a few of them over and over again...with accent. "esto no es una publicacion!!!" lol....truly lifted my spirits!!!!

sndbox poses an interesting question....indeed. anti post...what is a post...etc. makes me think of a doc i saw a while back called "who gets to call it art."

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Ha... I love a pun. My idea of a post is too rude to post ;)