Welcome to Antarctica - Conspiracy Creative Writing Contest II

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Antarctica has this mythical weight.

It resides in the collective unconscious of so many people,

and it makes this huge impact,

just like outer space.

It's like going to the moon.

John Krakauer


image via @animate

It’s that time again.

The second installment of my Conspiracy Creative Writing Contest.

The original contest – “What happened to Malaysia Flight 370?” - exceeded all expectations and was a huge success.

If you missed out on the first contest, here’s your chance to showcase your talent.

Edit: For reasons that escape me, I forgot to mention the previous winner -


and the amazing winning submission

Flight of the Wrong Chords.

I urge you to have a read through, fantastic through and through, it may even help inspire some writers for the current contest.

This time I'm teaming up with Minnow Support Project (MSP) moderator extraordinaire @rhondak who runs the Fiction Workshop, the Steemhouse Fiction Trail (SFT) and the driving force behind Steemshelves.com to help judge your fine-ass submissions!

Equally exciting is the fact that Carol, who's a book critic and editor with Perihelion Science Fiction, has also expressed interest in selecting La creme de la creme!

Let’s get right to it then…

Wild Conspiracy Theory Creative Writing Contest

Writing Prompt

• What’s happening in Antarctica?
• What’s behind the heightened attention world leaders are directing towards the polar region?


• Over the span of the last 2 years prominent figures from all over the world have made pilgrimages to the frozen continent, but for reasons unknown.

Recent High-Profile Visitors

Secretary of State John Kerry

• Visited McMurdoc Station / Ross Island Shelf / Amundsen-Scott South Pole Station
• He was the first Secretary and the most senior U.S. government official to ever travel to Antarctica.

Russian Orthodox Religious Leader – Kirill

• Visited South Pole after meeting with Pope Francis in Cuba
• Performed Religious Ceremony

2nd Man on the Moon – Buzz Aldrin

• Medically evacuated from Antarctica

Rumors that former NSA director James Clapper and President Obama have also made clandestine visits.


  1. Must resteem this post
  2. Must keep submission to 1000 words or less.
  3. Limited to 1 contest entry per account
  4. Submissions must be made in a separate post (not in comments please)
  5. Submissions have to include the lead tag: “antarctica”

alien crash.jpg


• The winning submission will meet the rules criteria
• Winners will be announced 7 days from the time of this posting (7-day payout)

Prizes and Categories

  • Overall Best (First Prize - 50SBD)
  • Most Humorous / Funny AF (10 SBD)
  • Most Realistic (10 SBD)
  • Best Style / Tone (10SBD)
  • Best Line (10 SBD)

Bonus @v4vapid upvotes/resteems also in the mix

All Kinds of Entries are welcome - Just be sure to include some conspiracy elements!

Special thanks to @animate for lending their amazing talents.

Antarctica is a very alien environment,

and you can't survive here more than minutes

if you're not equipped properly

and doing the right thing all the time.

John Krakauer

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This is a great opportunity for all those flat earthers to finally channel their beliefs into something productive ;-)

Great idea for a challenge, @v4vapid

Awesome idea, looking forward to the submissions! Resteemed


Cheers man! Always appreciate your resteem, can't wait to see what people dream up too!

https://steemit.com/antarctica/@outerground/welcome-to-antarctica-an-extract-short-story Here's my story and although the names and dates have been changed it's true.

Good luck everyone. Look forward to reading all your creations.


Thank you @fortified, always appreciate your support and I'm also really looking forward to the entries!


same from here

this sounds very interesting. let's do it, what other joke is going to happen about antartica. ha ha ha


I'll do it!

This is a brilliant idea! My voting power is a little low so I sent you a small SBD donation to use in the prize pool.


Thanks for the support @hanshotfirst! I hope you take a crack at it ;)

There are so many possibilities with this theme, I'm really looking forward to reading the submissions!


Thats lovely

What a brilliant idea for a contest subject.
I'm sure all the entries will be fascinating, I can't wait to see what people come up with. Great job V. Resteemed.


Thanks @tremendospercy, knowing your writing I hope you find the time to make an entry!


make sure you read my entry tremendospercy !


Hey Buddy, how ya doing? I will do mate..


not too bad thanks. actually percy, I think I might have a sci-fi novel on my hands so not sure it's going to grace the blockchain in this contest... just yet anyway ! I'm hoping to publish something on the new authorship platform and this could be the one .ICO just ended ATS tokens will be erc20

Hello, friend @v4vapid,

and thanks for the excellent and very challenging contest.

Here is my entry:

"Occult Antarctica: 2023" by Duncan Cary Palmer




Cool, thanks for entering! You just made my job a whole lot harder;)


Your response has put a hopeful smile on my face... ;)

I'd like to offer this as my entry to the contest on Antarctica, and thanks for the chance to join the fun: https://steemit.com/antarctica/@therealpaul/antarctica-a-few-wild-thoughts-on-that-mysterious-place-down-south

Here is my entry, I hope I'm not too late.


Looking forward to reading the other entries.

@v4vapid - just entered the competition, you will find my entry 'Portal to the Stars' if you look through my blog. Thank you for hosting this contest!

Really excited to take part in this! I've read some other entries and I think it will be really tough, but any time one enjoys writing is a victory in and of itself. Cheers!


I want to add this to the Fictioneer's in-house list of contests. Can you do the math and give me a time/date/timezone deadline please. Determining the payout gets increasingly difficult....


Okay, by all means post it there:

posted September 9th 12pm UTC / Deadline September 16th 12pm UTC.

Where does one find the Fictioneer in-house anyways?


Our website is http://www.mspfictionworkshop.com/ Many parts are accessible to anyone, but some stuff requires account, which is only available to "regulars" in the PALNet Fiction Workshop . Since Rhonda is without laptop, I am trying to do some of the stuff she usually does to keep things running smoothly.

Very cool post. Yep lots of funny things going on there and no one seems to have any concrete proof. It might as well be the surface of the moon.

I hope I'm not too late for my entry.

Antarctica Atlantis Awakening

I'm not surer if I did this correctly. Here's a link to my entry in case I did! Thank you @v4vapid https://steemit.com/antarctica/@ultramylk/conspiracy-creative-writing-challenge-2-this-is-not-fiction


There's still plenty of time, thanks for your submission ;)

Awesome contest for steemians!


Cheers @stackin, hope it's as much fun as last time!


Not sure if I will submit but I find the whole antarctica subject almost as interesting as the space subject but in a way because its "more" accessible it seems maybe even more important.

Look forward to seeing the entries, especially the winner.

Great contest! I will give it a Resteem !

Nice idea! My entry to contest:
It turns out to be short intriguing story. Check this out :-)

Going for it!!!!! Have some really good ideas why :) Will post soon .. SUNSHINE247


Still working on this, will it be too late if I turn in tomorrow 9/13?

Thanks for this. I've written an entry.


Awesome, great to get your submission!

Ive been waiting for your next competiton, frothing to get this going! You shall be hearing from me soon. How come no mention of the previous winner in this post ;)


My apologies @pulpworx, I will certainly add it to my post. It was an awesome submission and fully deserving. Very much happy to see you'll be making another entry this time around, very exciting!


My man, thanks so much really appreciate it! Admittingly, the first contest was such a big thing for me personally, and you re-ignited my passion for creative writing. Thank you!


That might be the most meaningful comment I've received here... I'm so happy to of helped in some way.
And I just finished reading your Elron Ahura piece... absolutely a pleasure to read...I hope you continue writing because you are truly gifted, that or you work your ass off!


Haha, a little from column A, a little from coloumn B. Antarctica, here we come!

Yep, I'm a minnow trying to gain some traction. Good luck everyone! You can find my submission here:

Me gustaron las fotos! Súper :)

Challenge accepted. The globe is the loser but people aren't smart enough to fully understand the real flat earth theory.

I'm in and what I'm about to write about Antarctica is true, shocking and mind blowing... hold on to your hat


Well, there is a star who could actually answer that: our Sun! As seen from the surface of the Earth, the position of the Sun in the sky changes with seasons. The reason for this is that our planet’s rotational axis has a 23˚ inclination with relation to the ecliptic (the plane on which all planets revolve around the Sun) plus the Earth’s orbit around the Sun is an ellipse, not a circle. This practically means that at exactly the same time, the Sun will be at a slightly different place in the sky next Monday as compared to this one. If you take a snapshot of all the Sun’s positions at the same moment over a year, this is called an “analemma”. Now the difference between the analemma and your own “graph of location at 16:00 on Mondays” is that the Sun is far more predictable! It follows the same path in the sky with no deviation year after year. This pattern looks like the figure 8, only it’s tilted and one of its lobes appears larger than the other.

Nice post ..

I just hope I can hit the 1000 word thing... You know me- I use what's necessary to tell the story. If it's too long- just throw it out- It's done!


Think of it as a general guide... just try not to go overboard. There's only so many hours in the day, right?


I posted it so you tell me what you think??? I think you'll enjoy it ( one of the commenters thought it was true- he couldn't find a Biblical scholar named John mayo lol!)


Good one!



very interesting contest

Best of luck! Extermily talented person this man :)

Wow very amazing @v4vapid

Antarctica needs to explored more as it is the least explored portion of the planet. I believe their is some kind of secret bunker of sorts their where only the rich and the influential people can go!! :P

I wrote a song about antarctica @ v4vapid if your interested in hearing it let me know I may upload it!
Love hearing more and more about it. something going on in the world just dont know what

very fascinating

greetings and blessings for you, here I give my support and my upvote, hoping to follow that great work on your blog, and I really hope your support, visit my blog your support is very important for me ,,, many thanks and success, ,,

Amazing!!! <3

The antarctic treaty is the best proof of a staged world! When I researched this topic it became crystal clear...and I made a little video about it:

And I have to add a big LOL
Buzz Aldrin Second Man on the Moon you say?^^
watch: NASA Insider: We lied about everything!

It's an ET haven and the portal to underworld where green people is living.

I will here follow the articles that you share

WOW! Awesome picture. And very interesting article. Good luck to all who enter. Can't wait to follow.

I added a link to, and advertised this week's contest on my little steemitmag. I hope you don't mind, if you do and I will edit it out along with this message if your want, and no hard feelings. Just trying to connect writers and readers. (not very successfully yet but still hoping)

Amazing opportunity!

Let's write and win.... :D

I really like your posts, maybe I'm interested in your post, I wait for your next posting


I really like your comments, maybe I'm interested in your comment, I wait for your next comment :/


sometimes its hard not to...
I understand...

Ohh, this is a good one!! Upvoting and resteeming.

Help post.All dollar i will earn from this post will be given to help the flood victim people.do share among friends too.

oh god sounds great but i think it's too late for me to entry :(

Are these read? Look like wallpapers to me

Ooh, the mystery or not. I'd love to join but just gonna keep to a quick reply instead:

  1. Who's your daddy? I meant to say: Do you know who created you? Yes, way before the Jesus story.
  2. Who's your Mother: I meant to say: Has anyone give thank to this Earth, Air, Water, and Sunlight to keep us alive?!
  3. Are you waking up or what's at Antarctica the raveling of our awakening?
  4. The moon. Does it look beautiful or just another ugly, deceitful in disguise?!

Anyways, I wish you all great writing and stay curious with the WooWoo. I love this projection...


very good

wow so nice..
very good..

“Traveling – it leaves you speechless, then turns you into a storyteller.” – Ibn Battuta. I really like your post

I hope i can visit that place
I sure can do it
Please support me

Sangat indah, indah sekali, pengen kesini .

antarctica is amazing place to visit cold weather snow everywhere beautiful place

voted to you, thank you

good job, thanks!