100SBD in Prizes – Conspiracy Theory Creative Writing Contest – What Happened to Malaysia Flight 370?

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OK Creative Writers and Conspiracy Theorists I Want to Hear From You!

If you follow me on Steemit, you know that I love mysteries, research and controversial topics. For those who share my interests, you will know that digging into subjects like “organ harvesting” can be disheartening to the point where you lose faith in humanity. I’m a serious researcher, but I also like to have fun and have a good laugh as much as the next guy.

This contest is a break from the norm as I want to challenge you to have some fun with this creative writing challenge. So, get those creative juices flowing and submit your entry!

@v4vapid's 500 Follower Event

Wild Conspiracy Theory Creative Writing Contest

Writing Prompt

  • What happened to Malaysia flight 370?
  • Your mission, if you choose to accept it, is to explain your theory of what happened to Flight 370 in 1000 words or less.


  • On March 8th, 2014, Flight 370 from Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia, disappeared somewhere over the South China Sea about 1 hour into its scheduled flight to Beijing, China.
  • Last voice contact with Flight 370 was at 17:19 UTC (March 7)
  • The Boeing 777 was carrying 227 passengers and 12 Malaysian Crew Members.
  • Military radar tracked the aircraft deviating westward from it’s planned flight path.


flight path.jpg

missing plane.jpg



  1. Must be following @v4vapid
  2. Must upvote this post
  3. Must keep submission to 1000 words or less.
  4. Submissions have to include the lead tag: “flight370”
  5. Do Not Post in the comment section. Please make a new post with the tag above.
  6. Special consideration will be given to minnows.


  • The winning submission will meet the rules criteria
  • The winning submission will be the MOST CREATIVE submission
  • Winners will be announced 7 days from the time of this posting (7-day payout)


  1. First Place: 50 SBD
  2. Second Place: 30 SBD
  3. Third Place: 20 SBD
  4. Bonus – 50% of this post will be used for runner up prizes.


All kinds of submissions are welcome: creative writing, poetry, journal entries news bulletin or point form, even memes. Humorous entries are encouraged, but the single most important criteria for the judge, (moi), is IMAGINATION.

@V4vapid Looks forward to your entries!

Conspiracy Theories

leading theories.jpg


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I'm making my entry based upon the facts as I can recall them without any googling/fact checking.I'm a reasonably talented creative writer however I didn't really inject that into this synopsis.

First of of it's the Luciferian cabals ongoing agenda to perpetrate 'acts of terror' such as this one. This was a completely orchestrated operation that had specific objectives but also held to the overall narrative of creating fear, uncertainty, and general negative energies to serve their dark energy consuming Reptilian overlords.

As I understand it that flight had several engineers aboard that worked for a company that held a very important technology patent- I can't recall the specifics of the patent but the four engineers along with the Blackstone group were listed as patent holders.

Since all four of the other patent holders died/disappeared the patent is now held by Blackstone which If I recall is a Rockefeller operation.

The Malaysian flight was taken control of electronically and landed on Diego Garcia airbase in the Indian Ocean- apparently this is merely an airbase but has a MASSIVE underground/undersea base structure as well.

Apparently residents of a neighboring island whose name escapes me saw the civilian aircraft flying into Diego Garcia on or about the time it went missing.

So in short the plane was electronically hijacked, landed on the US Airbase and the passengers are essentially prisoners- very well still on that base, Again the motives being general terror as well as control of that patent. I believe the aircraft was then flown to another location- perhaps Israel? I seem recall it was spotted at an airport sometime after it's disappearance.

Nice prizes by the way- thanks for having the contest.


And I'm looking forward to your submission @thelightreports :)

It's the least I can do after receiving such positive support from my followers.

If all goes well, I plan on creating more contests as a way of giving back.

I just want to say that I'm mid-way through my entry, and I'm having the BEST time writing this, this is so much fun! Can't wait to read the other entries once mine is finished!

This is such an excellent contest idea! Of all the contests that I have created, this idea never crossed my mind! Nice one!


Wow, that's a true compliment coming from @papa-pepper. I hope you give it a go, there's still time!


I honestly could have some fun with it. We will see! Thanks.

maybe was blown up then a massive cover up


brevity is the soul of wit.


lol, that sure is succinct!

Just finished my #flight370 story. Fashionably late as always.
I just realized I think it might be over the word limit. I'm no good at estimating the word counts sorry. It's all based on facts thought.


Ooo this is gonna be good , resteeming :)
I'll also upvote the winners, I'm keen to see what theories have come up since I last checked into this particular rabbithole..


Cheers! Me too, looking forward to reading the submissions!


pumped about this one! swandives down the rabbit hole


No kidding, what an incredible idea!

thanks for supporting minnows :)
can i write 2 or more theory in one post?( in 1000 word)


I'd like to keep it to 1 submission per person. Maybe try combining the 2 theories into 1 if possible. Thanks :)


Glad you mentioned that it's 1 post/user!

It disappeared.

resteemed. Enjoy the views!


Cheers friend, gonna throw it in Discord Chat as well!

Nice! I like the idea, fun contest. I am giving this one a shot 😆 upvoted followed and resteemed! To mystery!


Right on, good luck!

""As I put on my "tin foil hat" to protect my grey matter from cosmic rays being controlled by governments"". I am following you now so I can see more of this topic... ;-) LOL Had to come back because I forgot to resteemit!

The biggest clue is the manifest of who was on that plane.

The plane was flown to a secret The USSA air base, I believe somewhere near Afghanistan.
Where all of those smart people are now working on deeper state, black budget projects.
Then the plane was then flown over the previous soviet union to be shot down by The USSA hardware. Trying to smear Russia. @flight370


Some good stuff here...make an official entry with the tag - flight370



Does the tag you desire use the (at) sign or the (#) pound sign?
Does it need to be in the title, or in the body? And how do you find them?
Oh, you mean as a post with one of the tags (down at the bottom...) duh

And, I really don't want to make a post on this. Too much research to get all the links that support my conclusion. I have other posts that I want to try to get up. (that I am currently failing at)


tags are located beneath the main body of the post (5 tags) just enter - flight370 - as one of the tags.

Maybe it's unclear to some...but the contest is not so much about PROVING a Theory as a Creative Writing exercise. Have fun with it. You don't need to provide citations.

Hi, I created a post and was typing flight370 into the tag and accidentally hit enter after flight. :( It saved the post and when I went to edit it, it would only allow me to add tags but not change the key tag which is flight. I did add the tag flight370. It is here if you can't find it. https://steemit.com/flight/@erinia22/what-really-happened-to-malaysia-flight-370 I hope I won't be disqualified...I did everything else correct I believe. Hope you enjoy the read!


@erinia22, as long as you have one tag as - flight370 - that's cool. Looking forward to your entry and thanks for participating!


Thank you!


i will write a 'flight 370' .. story - ))
in the mean time ?? - ))
i FEEL YOU will enJOY THIS - ))
The D.gital C.urrency "BU(BB)LE"
.. and, my 370 THEORY ?? - ))
WILL .. ROCK .. YOU - ))
ha ha .. maybe - )))

greb'Z )

Malaysia Flight 370 was a scheduled international passenger flight that disappeared on the 8 of March 2014. While finding a passport of an exploded Arabic terrorist on the sidewalk on 9/11 was pretty easy, nobody has a clue on where the aircraft's INDESTRUCTIBLEblack box FLIGHT RECORDER is.
I think they have been a lot creative themself. Prize of this contest should go to governments.

Instead of providing the theory, I provided the explanation.



Thank you so much for your creative entry, Douglas Adams!

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Never mind. Lol! Guess I had it right. haha


LOL, yeah i see it...You're the first official entry!

Great! I just upvoted you

aliens, always aliens

Someone one the flight was trying to run off with important infomation

Maybe they are on mars working like this!!!😅

Pic taken from my latest post


what's going on here? lol

I've been trying to figure out what this means


Haha, this is related to the statement of an ex intelligence officer of America, who said NASA is sending children to work as slaves on Mars!!!

i think it was a massive cover up or a fake flight which was made to spray chem trails

voted and a re steem from me


Consider this my entry :)

I've just finished creating my post regarding this.
It took me around an hour to make.
Thank you for giving us this opportunity @v4vapid, I had a lot of fun doing it haha
Good Luck Everyone!

I think that there was some failure in the engine and the signal between the pilot and the radar was lost and the pilot tried to land the aircraft in the water thinking it would be the best way to save people, but the plane when struck with the water the pilot lost control with caused the plane to sink in the water in a place outside the radar radius where they where trying to search it.

I am rather looking forward to the challenge :). It is only recently that I discovered the fact that I enjoy creative writing - this is a nice kick in the six!


edit: will be resteeming as well


Hey @homalinadir, long time no see! Thanks for joining in!


Thanks for the welcome back! :)


During the flight the pilot got on the intercom and said "Hey everyone, I gotta be honest. I hate my job, my wife is a nag, and my kids are ungrateful brats. I'd be willing to bet some of you feel the same. Would anyone object to just landing at a remote island, and spending the rest of our lives on a beach, miles away from all the bullshit?" The passengers unanimously agreed.

it was a grand heist for the ton of mangosteens on board, everyone was in on it :D

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Whilst steemit was going to the moon it hit mh370 and abruptly came to a halt.

Hmmmmm this would be a hard nut to crack for someone like me but i am sure its a piece of cake for writers. All the best to all those persons participating

Good luck to all!

Here is my submission. Unfortunately I have not risen to qualify as a minnow, and still remain but Krill. I hope that does not prejudice my entry.

Good luck to everyone who enters! Thanks @v4vapid for this fun contest =D


Unfortunately I have not risen to qualify as a minnow, and still remain but Krill.

loL, Krill. I know what that is as a good friend of mine is a professional Whale Watcher.

Thanks for your submission, this contest is fun for me too!

Your post is very good, I like it and I think other people too so. Thank you for sharing. I will always follow you, upvote and maybe i will resteem
Upvote your post. Hopefully what I do you will also do in my post, best regards steemit always.

Great opportunity. Thanks

The answer has even been on the Internet up , what was happened there , and why. There was one small journalist who made a great discovery and no one did not investigate this.

Great idea V.
I have a theory around certain Chinese passengers of importance. I'm not gonna do a piece however I encourage people to look at the manifest of Chinese passengers and think about who benefitted from their disappearance.
I look forward to the theories put forward.
I sincerely sympathise with anyone who lost a loved one in this tragedy.
The PTB care not for collateral damage, Evil people.
Good luck to the entrants.

It crashed :p

Oo, this is an exciting challenge..! I'd have to mull over it though as my favourite theory is too.. hm,.. plain.. :D
Wait, what is the deadline? Six days?


You have about 6 days! Good luck^^


Woot! ^^ Thanks. I just so happen to have a 2,5h RIX-STN flight as a passenger today late evening!
Soo looking forward to using this time to come up with something neat. (rubs hands) Much excite! :)

seems to be a topic that any answer could be true - i upvoted and followed and will watch to see who wins - i am an artist and musician not a writer - i hope you check out my stuff sometime -D

wow nice contest dear @v4vapid i try my best :(

Great and interesting idea :0) concpiricys are always fun to read or listen too.
I dont know much about this though. But upvote for great post.
Thx for sharing

Bang! Just posted a few hours ago and had fun writing it, even included motion graphics GIF panels to engage the reader. Upvoted and Followed

Ok so I wrote a post and like a goober I accidentally tagged it flight370 instead of flight270 and it won't let me change the tag. Grrr! Do I need to resubmit?


I think as long as one of the tags is - flight370 - you're golden. It should still show up;)

Who won? x

it crashed in south china sea,well every body in internet knows the dispute of south china sea and how the chinese army is making islands in that disputed sea trying to dominate routes and traffic,when that day MH370 was crossing the sea some dubious actions was ongoing and radars of army shown some flight passing by and then they shot it down....and for china its not big deal to hide such things .....remember how well they hid tianjin accident