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This is my entry into Welcome to Antarctica - Conspiracy Creative Writing Contest II instigated by the awesome @v4vapid I hope you enjoy.........

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Pandora looked up towards the sky with trepidation, any time now the event would start and not a moment too soon. The 'Earthmen' had become a scourge on the planet and it needed to stop. They were too warlike and greedy to ever be allowed to control the 'Power station'.

"How long now?" asked Penfold.
"Not long, we should get to the portal now." she replied.

The 'Watchers' had decided enough was enough, a restart was required if they were ever going to get this planet back on track. They'd made an error when creating the Earthmen and it needed to be corrected. Wiping them out entirely had been considered a step too far however a healthy cull was deemed in the best interest of all the other species sharing the planet.

"Has the Ark left yet?" inquired Percy.
"It left an hour ago, it should be in Earth orbit now." was Pandora's reply.
She continued. "Ok Everybody lets go, this place is going to be carnage for the next forty days and nights."

The plan was to displace the earths crust, they needed to get this island of theirs repositioned to the South Pole in order to hide it from the 'Earthmen'. The vote had been close, five of the 'Nine' had decided to vote to save the earthmen and give them a second chance. The other four had felt that now their mission was over the planet should be cleansed of all 'modified hominids' to ensure its future but they'd lost so the essence of the Earthmen and women had been added to the Ark.

Pandora looked out of the portal one last time at the planet that had been her home for the last 3500 years. What a difference her team had made, the Power Station had been finished over three millennia ago and it was the most technologically advanced she had ever worked on.
It was hard to believe that all of their hard work would be buried under a kilometre of ice and snow when they returned. Why had it come to this? Surely they could have come up with a solution that didn't involve virtually terraforming the planet. The decision had been made by the Watchers and the timer was set, all she could do was go into orbit with the others and wait it out.

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As the portal was enacted they all had a moment of singularity when they ceased to be anything but atomic matter, almost instantly they were all standing on the deck of the 'Earth Orbiter' naked as the day they were cloned.

"When are they going to modify this bloody thing so it transports earth clothing?" moaned Percy. "It'll be freezing when we go back, I don't want to rock up tackle out with a air temperature of minus 40!" he continued.
"They're working on it, besides it won't matter, I didn't tell you all before but we're being promoted to shape shifters before we return so we can perform our roles." explained Pandora.

The group all looked at each other, they knew the mission was important to the Watchers but the promotion to shape shifters was a game changer. They were all apprehensive when they'd been told they weren't going home but were to stay and protect the Power Station and keep it in working order until the 'Creator' returned. Having the added bonus of shape shifting ability gave them a collective confidence that thier mission would succeed.

"When will we be going back Pandora?" asked Patmos
"The seeding party will go back in roughly 1000 years, we'll be following behind them in about 5000."
"Oh, Ok then, well I'm off for a beer, coming?"




Pandora and the team arrived at the portal on board the Earth Orbiter donning their new shapes. They all smiled as they looked around the group, centuries of training in controlling their shapes and advanced military tactics had turned them into a formidble team. The team had been named 'The Gnostic Warriors'. They were to go back to Earth defend the power plant and the 'knowledge'.
The scene upon arrival was spectacular, they couldn't see where the city and the power plant had gone it was buried so deep under the ice. The shapes they had chosen were perfect for the terrain and they began work in earnest. They had to locate the city, get the power plant running at minimum and watch the perimeter.
For how long they didn't know.....
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The recent activity of the Earthmen was a concern to Pandora, for 75 centuries there had been little to do outside of routine maintenance. Oh sure there had been the odd incident like the time when men first started to fly in earnest and they'd had to create a cloaking device for the parts of the city that were exposed and the German members of the Vril society that had visited during the second great conflict.
They'd been convinced that they had found the secret to the knowledge in ancient Essenne scriptures during their many excavations around the old settlements in Qumran, Sumer and Ur.
They had come very close to discovering the Power Plant however the Gnostic Warriors had ensured their failure and protected the secret.
This time was different though, something had changed. Pandora had known 12,500 years ago that it was a mistake giving the Earthmen a second chance, they were doomed to repeat the same mistakes over and over again, it was who they are the way they'd been designed.
They were everywhere now, ever since she'd received the order to run the Power Plant at full capacity to facilitate the powering up of the Earth Orbiters weapon system there had been more and more of them coming. Many had been treated with reverence by the ones that were there all the time, all colours of man had arrived some in garish uniform not unlike the high priest back home.
Ever since they'd rammed up the power to maximum 3 decades ago the ice had been melting in the SW corner of the continent, the ignorant Earthmen had said it was their own doing which was good cover however they'd sent so many people to investigate they had discovered parts of the outer city. The Gnostic Warriors had been forced to retreat.
Pandora had reported this to the Watchers and another vote was being taken.

"When will we hear?" asked Penny
"The Watchers are voting as we speak, I'll be informed anytime now." said Pandora

A single beep sounded in Pandora's ear bud informing her there was a message coming in on her comms display from the Earth Orbiter.

The message read:

Unanimous Vote, prepare team for immediate evacuation to Earth Orbiter. Earthmen cannot be allowed to discover the Power Plant. Countdown has begun.

As Pandora was putting the comms display away another message came through......

There will be no Ark.

The team had gathered around as Pandora was reading the message, she looked up to see them staring at her in anticipation.


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"Head for the portal guys, we're going home."


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Enthralling TP or do I call you Fox Mulder?

Firstly, you have released me from a great burden of guilt - at least I now know it is not my deodorant creating the hole in the Ozone Layer.

This idea that Atlantis is now in Antarctica has been around for a while hasn't it - Clive Cussler is one novelist who wrote about this connection - you write a bit like Clive too mate - you aren't Clive are you?

The way you have drawn upon Greek Mythology, the Holy Bible, modern day conspiracy and science fiction is truly remarkable. You have created a compelling tale of human mortality and ignorance in a universe of powerful immortals beings - who seem afraid of some undisclosed aggressor.

However what your story is lacking is a protagonist. Someone brave, daring and handsome. Someone who could negotiate an alliance between man and watcher to defeat the mysterious antagonist, failing this lead mankind in a major offensive against Pandora and her Kin. However, which chivalrous figure of Steemit could possibly take up such an heroic journey?

I am... SirKnight!

Eagerly awaiting the next instalment - and reckon you are a shoe-in for an @v4vapid award!

Haha, yeah I don't feel guilty about using deodorant!
I love Clive Cussler and have read most of his books in the past. He is the master of the historical conspiracy novel. If you like him you should read Scot Mariani, his Ben Hope series is awesome.
The hero was going to be Penguin Percy obviously but I had to keep the word count down so I left out a few bits I had in mind. It's great fun using history and conspiracy to throw out a fiction piece.
Thanks for the comments and continuing support SK.

Oooooh good short story Percy!! Totally drew me in...but that ending though...yeah, sometimes I wonder if that would be for the best...

Haha, I have no doubt the planet would do better without us, be boring though wouldn't it!?
Cheers babe.

We'll try our best to change this path we're on, that's for sure. And if the giant kill shot least we tried.

Totally babe 😉

Nice one Percy, but I disagree emphatically that we are made faulty.

It's only one mad culture, out of the 10,000 that have existed.

well, there were a few other mad ones too, but plenty of completely sane human habitation of earth habitats, and we should be careful to note that.

Just the other day I had to go up against the (very boring) perennial, that lives in prehistory were nasty, brutish and short.
Not so.

We must be careful not mistake that Hobbesian vision, formed in Victorian England FFS, with the reality that life before civilisation was not this.
It was described in the bible as the garden of Eden for a reason.

In a similar way, we must be careful about who we think of to illustrate the human condition.

I wouldn't say we're faulty, more like incomplete. Our DNA has weird anomolies unlike all other creatures on the planets. It's as if some of it has been deactivated so we never reach our true potential.
Thanks for reading and commenting buddy.

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If you didn't tag fiction, this could possibly be taught as fact in the future. All the pieces seem to fit. Good read, cheers.

Hey @tremendospercy sorry for not being around to leave an earlier comment, but what an epic story! Very clever!! I think I picked up all the hidden references and dates. But now I come to mention it, I may have to go back and read it again! Mate this post was as captivating as it was enthralling .. and yet carried an air of beauty that pervaded each word. A really difficult balancing act dude, I'm seriously impressed! And once again on the dates and references front, great work! It adds a multi-dimensional aspect to an already brilliant story. If this isn't a serious contender I'll eat my shoe! And after a weeks hiking in the Scottish Highlands it's a shoe I wouldn't wish on my worst enemy :) I've said it before and I'll say it again "great work my friend"

Thanks buddy.
I tried to slip in as many historical conspiracy references as possible. I'm sure the contest will be fierce as the talent appearing here is amazing. I really could have done with 2000-3000 words as I had 4 or 5 stops on the date line from 10,500BC to the present day in mind however I was still pleased with the end result.
Thanks as ever for your support mate.

Nice. I'm interested to know what fuel this power station ran on.

The Force! 😂
You should read Christopher Dunn's books. He's an engineer that hypothesises that the Great Pyramid at Giza was a power station. I won't go into the details here, suffice to say though the evidence was very compelling. Amazing stuff. Thanks for reading babe, I'm pleased you liked it.

Percy, I don't know how you do this, but you spin quite a tale. So.... What are they going to wipe man out with? :O

I would imagine the same as the first time when we had 'the deluge' or great flood. How that was instigated I couldn't say but it has been proven to have been an actual event. Thanks for reading Janelle, I'm glad you enjoyed it 🌹

Love the story! I really think it would be great if you made this into a novel. I know you know a lot of information to add more details and really flesh it out. Great job! :)

Thanks babe, it would have been much longer but it had a 1000 word count limit. I had Percy Penguine performing heroics in my mind 😂 However this time I kept it short.
Thanks for reading and commenting, I'm really pleased you liked it. 😉

I like it although I have powerful urges to scribble on it....

That's what my sister used to do when she was jealous of me, scribble on my work!
You might need to work on that 😂
Thanks for reading it babe.

I meant edit type scribbling, of course.

Just teasing babe, I value your input 😉

another way of saying the same thing lol

Great read, links to current society's rather engaging. Noice!

Boy you write some long articles mate, but they are always a brilliant read.

Thanks for saying so dude, although I think this is the shortest I've done in ages 😉

Another great piece of writing man! Well done.

Hey thanks buddy. Cheers for reading.

Great contribution to the contest. Best of luck!

Thank you so much.

excellent work ! naked as the day they were cloned ! contender for a prize
what a marvellous imagination coupled with a deep knowledge of contemporary myth & legend ! the power station indeed ;)

Thanks for reading it buddy and for the kind comment.
I look forward to your offering dude.

well you're a fellow esotericist, if that's the right word and I reckon we've read many of the same books. just read your annunaki posts. Zach would be proud. Amazing to think that I read his books 20 years ago and they're now mainstream TV.. what does that say, ancient alien is now a popular idea. have a read of my antarctica story if you get the chance, it's not as trippy as yours but mine is actually true ;)

I know, it's amazing how it's become a mainstream subject in recent years.
I'll check yours out in the morning dude.

Another great piece from Lord Percival. Great read, i enjoyed through the end.

Thanks babe, I'm glad you enjoyed it. ❤️

Best of luck with the contest.

Well written! And with all the leaked strangeness coming out of Antarctica lately... MuHahaaa (I won't tell anyone you know the truth, Sir. My lips are sealed)

Thanks for taking the time to read babe. There are some strange goings on there at the moment hopefully one day we'll know what it's all about. 😉

I have faith :)

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that's a great story thanks for sharing

@tremendospercy Excellent... Motivating and it will make me joyful to check out effort and resolve prevail. Adore it..

Thank you for reading and commenting 😉

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@tremendospercy We need remain informed and concentrate on things that are hidden from the majority.

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