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Mechanics / Rules

Post a comment and name your favorite Anime or Cartoon Character that was popular during your childhood years.

Tell us something about it on how you would run as fast as you can not to miss an episode or not be late since there is still no YouTube during the 80's up to the 90's to watch the replay. Open for millennials too.

Also include how you share with your friends tackling about some epic moments / scenes or highlights that made a great conversation with them just like what will happen here on this blog post thru your comments and try to engage with fellow steemians. Literally just have fun with it.

Creating another post and posting the link of your entry is not necessary but highly appreciated.

If you do, please make sure you include [#animechallenge] on your first tag. Though posting your answer as a comment will be perfectly fine. An image with a source link is highly encouraged. Making it like a meme would really be more fun.

Stricly no duplicate entry posted as a comment. If somebody has already posted #Garfield then think of another anime or cartoon show.
Check other comments as well and make sure that your entry has not yet been posted as a comment, instead, post it as a reply to the comment of the first person who posted it before you.

This way, we will all learn or GET MOTIVATED how to value other comments of our fellow amazing steemians as we check other entries.

This anime or Cartoon show during my time is shown every Thursday night just before we take our dinner in the late 80's. From playing with my friends in a compound after school, I will go home around 5-6pm and start watching the much awaited cartoon show.

I do have lots of cartoon shows / animes in mind but this is the most memorable for me since me and my crush during elementary days both loved it! 🤣😃😄😆

The following day we would then talk over what happened with our favorite characters during recess or snack breaks at school. Truly a way for me to get closer to this person.

Here it is:

Image source

Title: Visionaries - Knights Of The Magic Lights

This is a 1987 Cartoon Show that depicts Merlin as a source of power to all of the brave knights that turned out to have some envy to their fellow knights from the kind of powers bestowed upon them. Their powers are mainly making them transform into an animal engraved on their chests and perform all the skills of that animal by nature. Example a lion 🦁, bear 🐻, fox 🦊, dolphin 🐬, eagle 🦅, shark 🦈, etc. And their attacking powers which they can only use one time is from what is engraved from their staffs that each knight is holding.

I hope you remember this cartoon show.

I am really hoping that a lot of person will support me for this activity as we all take away the boredom we feel sometimes here on steemit. Let's not mind steem price. Let's mingle with other great steemians and just have fun.

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I was always curious as a child, which is one reason why I watched anime and cartoons that weren't entirely meant for kids, such as Family Guy and Ranma 1/2. My favorite among them was Samurai Jack. I loved the quality of animation put into it and how it was ahead of its time, especially during fight scenes. The plot wasn't necessarily off-limits for young minds, but it is certainly deep, dark, and keeps you coming back for more. It may be a cartoon, but for me it has all the elements you can ever ask for in an anime series. A close second in my books is Courage the Cowardly Dog.

Ranma 1/2 definitely reached my radar! It's the favorite of my best friend but apparently Samurai X or these kinds of cartoons are really not my type of thing probably because of the extreme violence it portrays. But thank you so much for this really really cool entry you posted. :) I am so happy with your participation @virtualself :)

Samurai Jack, if an ending exist I'm pretty sure I haven't watched it... It's good episodic cartoon, one of the best of it's time.

FYI Samurai Jack finally got its fifth and final season last year! It had a lot more mature elements in it compared to when it last aired, and this time the season only lasted 10 episodes. The ending is quite unorthodox though.

I think I heard a while back that they're making a final season, thanks for reminding me.

I am a Samurai Jack fan and yeah it did end. It was as awesome for me as Batman is. Hahahaha! Like an asian Batman. Hahahaha!

Haha, yeah, I can see Batman in him... A Samurai Batman.


Here we go!!! I made a post because I was glad you did this challenge. Hahaha!

All the best, always, @fycee. Stay awesome! Life is tough, but you sure can be so much tougher and just rock! Shine!

Thank you very much for joining!
I will try to check some videos later for me to remember some famous and memorable episodes.



image source

The Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles
These guys are skate boarding ninja pizza eating mutant turtles! What more needs to be said?

Also in your post the #Visionaries - Knights of the Magical Light was a cool show but the toys sucked!

I'm so honored that you participated on this really engaging activity!

Yes Knights of the Magic Lights was really the popular during those days I am still free to watch cartoons as long as I like. Teenage mutant Ninja turtles was also good after Ghoset busters if I remembered correctly.

Their names were taken from the greatest painters of all times.

This is my favorite contest of all! I have been wanting to speak about how much I love my favorite anime One Piece. In fact I posted one about it before My Collection: My First Set of One Piece Action Figure! Yey!!!

I keep mentioning about it and I will never get tire telling about it to anyone. And I would really love to find someone, two, three or a group of steemian who do love this anime too.


The first time I've seen One Piece on screen was when it was aired on GMA 7 and I was on gradeschool that time, (if I can remember it clearly). It was on the afternoon slot. And due to its very long story, the network cannot cover that long. Later on, they stopped airing it. Then resumed airing but on the morning slot. which I cannot catch up anymore. Until one day, I've been able to get the chance to re watch it again from episode one. Until now I am still into it and is following the story. Right now they are on 842nd episode on the anime and 909 episode on Manga.

My favorite character is Luffy. The Captain of the Strawhat pirate. I love all the crew members but I like Sanji the most. I go crazy over this anime and ended up naming my son after Sanji.

This Anime has so many amazing scene I cannot forget and it was kinda hard to choose what's the best scene among them. But if I had to choose, I'll picked the episode where Ace died, the brother of the main character in the story who is Luffy.

Video credits to Trav_Trav

This isn't the best. It was the saddest. And Until now, I can't get over it. And I think I'll never get over it.

I'd like to talk about this anime more and more. If you ever had the chance to see this Anime, I'd like to recommend this not only to you but to all the participants in this contest ☺☺☺

Thank you for this opportunity @fycee. This means a lot to me! ☺

Yasss! Who would't love the noise of this goma goma boy! I was in uhh grade 5? I can't clearly remember my exact level that time but I was in elementary when it was first aired at television. My schedule that time is 12 nn to 5 pm and the airing time is 5pm, Ghad! I am running like hell to go home. Haha! Can't forget the moment that I fell from almost the half of our stairs because of the phenomenal rush. Hahaha lol!

Yeah, I saw your post about it. If I'm not mistaken, I commented on your post back then hihi.

What about you little sanji sis? How is he? Is he aware that he has an anime version because of you addiction to one piece? Haha


You sure would run fast just to catch this. Too bad as per checking it was aired from 4:30-5pm. You were almost at the end of the episode when you reached home. Have you tried the morning show? I think it was 7:30-8 in the morning? I rarely see it.

Yeah. Sharp memories huh :) You did left a comment sissy and I appreciate it so much.

Talking about my Little Black Leg, he's fine. Well, still naughty but he's lovely. Yep! He knows it and he watched with us. Sometimes he's the one who's initiating to watch it. Although the kid couldn't read yet, he would ask us to translate it for him.

Hello @annazsainacruz!
Thank you so much for this entry! I have checked your collectibles post that you shared and left a nice acknowledgment to it. Oh my..... "One Piece"
I now do regret I got disconnected to the anime world after Bleach first few episodes. I have watched the short clip but I couldn't really connect to the story. I will watch a few parts of it and get back to you again. Thank you so much for participating. I will also add some funds to the prize pool too :)

I hope you can find time to watch even a few 😍
You are awesome @fycee!! And your idea was cooooool!!!

I was scrolling down and was getting sad that I wasn't seeing One Piece in the comments. As in you can't imagine how addicted to it I am. Funnily enough I started watching it occasionally in 2014(at 21) but then, after that episode where Luffy gave the strawhat to Nami in Arlong Park I just became hooked and binge watched it all in like 3 months.

My schedule then was school, food, one piece and very few socialising lol. It may be seen as unhealthy but at the time I was going through some really dark ish and it helped me get through them, it may have even saved my sanity.

Now I'm more into the manga and am always forward to the next chapter (last 5 chapters left me speechless) One Piece truly is a great manga with an incredibly detailed/intriguing storyline with the most funny, tearjerker and baddass moments, ever!! So much so that if I told you my favorite scene right now, tomorrow I might tell you a different one 😂 But off the top of my head, saddest arc was Nami's past. Most badass moment probably belongs to Zorro, or Trafalgar...or Shanks. Or Gar you get the idea. Lol And I think my fav character is Zorro. I could go on but it would get too long since my love for OP too strong, so strong in fact I might still end up making a short post about it.

Cheers for sharing @annazsarinacruz and more thanks to @fycee for organising this contest. It's a beautiful and refreshing one :)
And since this post was about childhood animes, mine was DBZ(classic) but since it's already taken I'll go with Detective Conan :)

Wow! Detective Conan really rung a bell in my anime radar as well.

The first time I checked One Piece from random YouTube search I was really hooked up with it. I even created a steemit post for my reaction to that. Thanks for sharing your favorite Anime.

That's true! Our favorite episodes could carry if we are feeling sad or happy I guess.

Heyyyy @ange.nkuru !!! It's nice seeing you here. I remember that episodes. It shows the backstory and the reason why she ended up being a cat burglar. I cried on this episode. I was amaze how all people in their town hid that they know why Nami acted like a bad girl. It was so touching. Nami carry all the loads and pretended that she was strong. She cried for help to his captain and begs to save her hometown from the hands of Arlong and his crew. My tears keep falling while I was watching it. I got bullied by my partner @bowiemagbag but I don't care about him that time. HAHAHAH. I so love this Anime. Everything about it is amazing! Salute to Oda! This one is truly a masterpiece!

Yup, that episode sure was made to cause waterfalls. And I know how you feel, some friends also sometimes tease me for my love of OP but then I just start talking about it even more to piss them off. lol Maybe you should try getting your partner to try out a few episodes but, then the problem now there will be 2 addicts in the house. looool And true op is a masterpiece, Oda isn't known as Goda for no reason! Guess I'll be seeing you around, have a blessed day:)

Oh I forgot to mention about it. My partner loves OP too. Infact he's the one whose downloading the episodes before we shifted to an App we are currently using right now to watch OP. He just love to tease me I guess. Everytime there's a tearful episode, he's observing if I will cry or not. We already had a son and we named him after Sanji.

Hi @fycee.. this is my entry in your contest


Ghost Fighter is one of my favourite anime' cartoon series in the 90's. Even back then I also drew the four main characters, and still have it now, just keeping it for old time sakes and remembrance of my childhood days. And just recently I made another one again and posted here in steemit. You can check it out here the process sir @fycee if you have time.

Who would ever forget the Rei Gun Power of Eugene, the third eye of Vincent, Spirit Sword of Alfred and Power of Dennis that is coming out from plants and flowers. And their ultimate battle with Taguro who uses the "isang daang porsyento" of his power. And other supporting cast like Master Jeremiah, Jericho, Jenny, Charlene, Susie.

I bet you're one of the kids who will ran after class just to get home early to watch it and not to miss any episode. Yeah, I am one of those kids also...hehehe.... I don't like to miss even the introduction song.

This is a very nice contest sir @fycee, looking back to our wonderful childhood days.

I think this was aired in channel 13 back then. I love watching this too. My favorite of the four is Vincent. It was because of Vincent that I like guys who have that mysterious aura effect. Hahaha.

Yes but the station did not finish the whole episodes and then it was transferred to GMA 7.

Oh yes! Now I remember. Haha. Sign of aging na ata ako. Nalimutan ko na yung channel. Haha... By the way, ang ganda ng drawing mo. ♡♡♡

Hahaha... kung kapanahunan natin yan noon, same age lang din po siguro tayo. And thank you po for appreciating my drawing. ☺️

Gosh yeah I remembered it was so popular those days but in this show I'm not the type of I would run as fast as I can not to miss this one. I am watching it if I can coz those days mejo naging school achiever ako so would really study hard rather than watch cartoons which yeah I know I had a boring life those times. I was into Magic Knight Ray Earth coz it is shown every Sunday and that's my all out cartoons day and not even look at my lessons that time. And yes, I kinda envy those kids like mimicking Eugene's Rei Gun power shoot at each other as if they were battling with powers hahaha! I admit I kinda use to do that too in my room talking to myself. 😂😁😆

Hehe...sayang nmn po pero syempre important pa rin ang studies, lagot tayo kay nanay noon kung puro cartoons na lang. And yes naging popular din po noon ang Rei Gun shooting style ni Eugene, pointing at each other sa kalaro mo.

Hehehe so true pero Yun nga pag Sundays eh ok Naman ako manood ng cartoons the whole day. It was just a form of self-discipline na din na kahit gusto mo manood eh you need to prioritize things and make it a point to hit your goals set. Thank you so much for this entry! I will pick one episode of Ghost Fighter that I guess I last watched before... Probably Yung part na powerful pala Yung baby character na may tsupon then pag nag ttransform sya into adult OMG Ang GWAPO! hahahaha.

Yes!!!! YuYu Hakusho was really one of the best anime back then. I wish to have time to watch it from the beginning along with HunterxHunter and Naruto.

great drawing!

its one of our family fave anime too! I remember there are lots of ghost fighther text cards that are being sold at school and I kinda hoarded a lot and I made a solo album for that. I also have sketches before, but it was dennis whom I was inspired to draw more.

Team eugene for the win!

And we did run home too hahahaha..

I still cant believe this is the TAGURO's 100% body! this still makes me laugh today.. haha

Candy Candy was undoubtedly one of the favorite anime; here in Venezuela it was broadcast in the 80s on Radio Caracas Television from Monday to Friday at 4:00 pm. This series made me cry and laugh several times.

I remember the characters, like his loves Anthony and Terry, his friends Patty, Annie, Stear, Archie, Albert (his great-uncle tutor William and the prince of the hill) and Tom, Granny Aunt, Sister Maria and Miss Pony, his mascot Clint, and those who made his life impossible Neil and Eliza.

Image source

I invite #animechallenge @netcy @sarita13 @rolandoavi @visabella @medinamar and invite their friends to participate as well.

Wow, I will check this out then try :) I will also post here my reaction video as a reply. :)

It was Flintstones in the afternoon and Simpsons in the evening most days. My family and I would always quote them. It became a part of our lives. Like "I'm tinking, Fred. I'm tinking." or "If your nose bleeds, you're picking it too much... or not enough..."
I remember looking forward to Sunday nights when new Simpsons episodes would air and the Halloween specials... were the most exciting.

This contest is Yabba-dabba-doo!

Wow! This meme is really funny! The Simpsons and The Flintstones together! I remember some lines being used by my classmates as sarcastic remarks thrown to each other from The Simpsons! Hahaha thanks for this entry I kinda remembered how funny these families are.

I have always loved Kuroko No Basket. Maybe because Kuroko is way too handsome and a cutieeeeeee ^-^ But tbh, I'm not really a fan of basketball but the storyline of the series is inspring. I don't exactly remembered what I did when it was shown on television during my younger years. What I remembered is that I bought CDs of it and watched it countless times. Again and again and again. I also love the friendship Seirin have (team of Kuroko). And the skills the Generation of Miracles have. I'm not saying Seirin is weak but GOM are like Gods in basketball. I just really² love them.

Thanks for this awesome contest!!!

Oooh Nooo!!! I wanted to talk about Kuroko No Basket. But I wanna talk about another character in the anime. I want to talk about AKASHI not KUROKO. @fycee am I free to do it? or should I look for a completely different anime?
I would to talk about AKASH... PLEASE!!!... Give me a reply before time runs out

Go ahead @sparrowbernard.
Please leave a video link as well for me to assess the character of why you wanted to talk about it! Thank you so much!

Hahahaha I remember Slam Dunk then in our generation! Thanks for sharing this one. I will create a separate anime reaction post to this entry.

This is my all time favorite. It was aired in the 90's in ABS CBN.

Peter Pan

Image Source

This is a Saturday cartoon series aired every morning during those days featuring four teenagers —Fred Jones, Daphne Blake, Velma Dinkley, and Norville "Shaggy" Rogers together with their talking brown Great Dane named Scooby-Doo, who solve mysteries about supernatural creatures through a series of antics and missteps.

Watching scooby doo is our favorite bonding time together. We are so curious watching them solving various mysteries.... Guess what year i belong? hahahaha!!!

Hello ate Regine!!!! Awwww thanks for participating! Yes I watched a few episodes of Scooby Doo! Ahehehe! Uhhhmmm it's also the 80's. I'm also fond of solving mysteries on this part of the shows but often my notions are not what's the outcome :) hehehe. Lagi ako talo sa mga friends ko while we watched altogether.

feeling ko kasi , i belong with the group in solving the mysteries hahaha:)

Scooby the corn dog addict. Hahaha! I hate it when the team always end up wrapped in a green thingy. Hahahaha! I also loved watching this back then. Insert Scooby smile! :D


I'd choose Digimon to talk about...

Dragon Ball & One Piece (my current favorite) are already chosen... Yu-Gi-Oh still have a good relevance today, so here we are.



I watched all the first four seasons in Arabic on Spacetoon, every time a new season gets announced I get so excited I forgot everything else, It helps that I bought Digimon World 1 few months before the show aired, thinking it was Pokemon.


I remember getting ready everyday at least ten minutes before the start of Season 3 (Digimon Tamers) episodes... I remember thinking of Digimon, drawing Digimon, writing Digimon, even searching for "Digimon" when I learned what google is!!

The Arabic versions took many liberties from the original Digimon material, many things have changed, but it's a rare anime that I love the original and Arabic dub equally!!

I'm not really crazy about Digimon in the recent years, I haven't watched anything from Fusion/Xros Wars going up... but I'd wish to have some Nostalgia journey with it if I got the chance.

Hello there, I owe you two reaction videos with Digimon and sword art online. :) Will post this one today! Thank you! Please check your replies to @virtualself and our witness sir Terry has upvoted each replies hehehe.


A robotic boy with human emotions, flying was his forte.
I always got my homework done early in school just not to miss watching astro boy at home every 5:30 pm, kids in the neighborhood were invited at our house to add more excitement my mom always have chicharon and mani with orange juice, in the 80's.

Awww! I also love astroboy! So popular that they also created astrogirl. It came to a point that the hairdo itself with the classy nerdy look got really popular. Thanks for dropping by @otom :)

Ah, I wish to read the original manga one day... It's made by the most respected mangaka in history~

That iconic Ozamu Tezuka, the god of manga.
He's behind that Kimba the White Lion and Sapphire Princess you can dig it @ahmadmanga that's one of his best masterpiece.

Grabeh @otom pati Yan Alam moh???? Arrggghhh! Hahaha. I didn't even know these things. I would just do the pleasure of watching na Lang these great shows instead of digging its origins. But oh yeah, you're definitely a versatile type of person. :)

@fycee, when I'm into some things I really had to know who's behind it, oo nga versatile nkka mental block din sa dami mong alam hahaha tuloy nganga ako.

I have a lot of favorite anime/cartoon sir @fycee! Hahaha! Different kinds of entertaining anime was booming when I was born at year 1996. The first song I've memorized was the hum of Voltez V. I had a hard time memorizing the names of Recca's flame dragon named saiha,nadare,homura,setsuna,madoka and uh, I already forgotten the others hehe! Plus, who wouldn't love the cutie pikachu of Ash! I'm still wondering where the team rocket goes after losing the fight. Haha! Oh! Did Sakuragi made you laugh hard? Slam dunk is one of the coolest and inspirational anime since then! What about the love between Eugene and Jenny? The battle of Ghost fighters! <3

Reminiscing the past is so great! The feeling of being glad with just watching anime is utmost. We are all blessed who witnessed how the world changed. Most of the kids nowadays are just living with the technology around. Most of them are inexperience even in playing outdoor.

Wah! I've talked a lot! Hahaha sorry! Lastly, my entry for this wonderful contest is..

Dragon Ball|Dragon ball Z|Dragon ball Z Kai

Image source

Me and my papa loves the whole cast of dragon ball! This is hes favorite and since I am a leech baby, I also watched some episodes until I felt admiration to San Goku. The world's great superhero, A good father to his children, a muscled man yet scared when Chichi scolded him and a true friend to all living in earth. All the casts has their own abilities, traits and attitude. This anime showed how the real world runs everyday. I love the pink monster who is a chocolate addict like me. I love piccolo as he stood up like Goten's father when Goku is doing his training at Kame house. What about the angry Vegeta? He's hard as stone but kind inside. And ofcourse, My great great dad is in there! He's the Master pogi! Yeah he is. -_- And I am Videl, the master pogi's daughter. Hihi :p Have I mentioned that we have a collection of every episodes in VHS. Those huge cassettes are well loved by my father. We made a lot of memories with this anime. <3 Making this made me longing for him again. Haha

This comment gone too long. Hahaha sorry :p

Naunahan ako! Hahahaha! But there are a million others that are good, too. Hmmm... Need to make a post.

Hahahaha! Ang saya kapag may kausap akong fave din ito. Yep mam, dami talaga iba iba kasi ng story kaya halos lahat sila magaganda. Ang tanging hinahanap ko lang ay yung ending nito. Wala parin ako makita hehehe

Apir! Eto, may picture pa ako ng DBZ na CRT pa ang TV. Hahahaha!


Awww! Hahaha ako po eto oh, last year lang. Hahaha


Wow! Cannot deny that you are a real avid fan!

Hahaha spell awesome! It's


talagang CRT pa Yung TV! Epic!

This Anime was aired under our fathers age I guess. Along with the Voltes V and Daimos. This is indeed has a long story too and very fun to watch. Hello there Batang '90s!!! That is what I love about being born under that year. We can get along with the adults that time because it was also aired under their ages. A very good way to bond with your parents! Most especially with your Dad. My Paps loves it too and even telling us stories about those. I really love to see you here @neihy05 chan :) You are so kawaii ♥

True! The feeling of watching these anime while leaning our father's shoulder is priceless. I am more than willing to offer the half of my life just to bring me back to those moments. And yeah, we are way blessed that we were born at 90's. See you around sissy! Best regards to your dad as well! ♥

I can feel how much you misses your dad. With this simple kind of contest, to others, it really means a lot. Because it is more than just a favorite anime. It is the people whom we watched with.

Yes I really could tell how she misses her father from just writing her entry. Thank you so much you've mentioned that this activity is a nice way how to enjoy steemit with our fellow active steemians! I am super glad with your participation.

I really love your idea! When I read your article I got so excited. Very Excited! I don't know how to begin telling my story due to over excitement. It chills me to know that a contest like this exist! My heart is so happy. Thanks to you! 😊

Your one piece entry is next reaction post that I'll do :)
Wait for it!

I'll look forward to that! It excites me more!!!

Hello there yeng!
OMG I just read this post prior to your reply with Ana.

Yes it is really nice to reminisce those days because watching anime is a prime time for all the family members to gather in our homes and enjoy each other's company while watching.

Who wouldn't love dragon Ball Z. But yes it has started with different generations already. I stopped watching it the time the Android's came to Earth. But the rest of the episodes way back are all watched hehehe. Yes Vegeta acts like that! In the most recent episode he then sacrificed all his energy to give it to Son Goku during his quest to master the ultra instinct. I also liked Yamcha there. (Giggles)

Thank you so much again for participating and it really is a wonderful activity here to mingle with fellow steemians like us! Have a wonderful weekend girl! :)

Indeed! Reminiscing about our small world back then is great! Imagine, we lived without any smartphones or PC on our hand but we spent every days like the best day ever just because of watching these anime/cartoons.

Nah! I'll kick if there is. Ohh, why? Every episode are complete packaged isn't it? Comedy, bloody fight and lesson. Yaass! He's kinda jealous with his brother kakarot. Haha! That hard headed man! Oh, when God of destruction visited the earth and because of that puding, he almost finished the life of earth? Haha! 5 saiyan needs to combine all their energy to create the God of saiyan because the God of destruction wanted to fight against it. There! He offered himself for Goku though he has a line there like "bakit hindi ako? bakit si kakarot nnaman bida dito? -_-" Hahahaha!

Oh Yamcha, the chill guy with third eye. Hahaha why?

Nah, its my pleasure and this made me smile the whole day! Have a great day see you around kuya! <3

@fycee your anime is more attractive

What cartoons is this one?

Sword Art Online...

Just watch it: Depending on how you view it, It's either the best thing ever, or just an average anime with fans that overhype it. Really it depends on how you view it.

Also, it's the anime that popularized both the "VRMMO" & "Isekai" genres of the anime, so you'll see anime fans referencing it all the time when they talk about new series of both genres.

Sword Art Online? Oh thanks! Will watch a few episodes now and will get back to you with some reactions. :)

Will wait for your reactions :)

Hi there sir @fycee i just wanna ask questions if the rider thing is also included in the constest??

Yes please include that one and explain some things we should know about that show and discuss how it was a great time watching it with your friends or family members enjoying the episodes. Thank you.

I was fascinated by Bette Boop and Popeye´s Olive Oil ... we would watch these cartoons at home after school . I was in the elementary grade and all my friends gathered in front of the tv and it was always showtime after 3:00 Pm when we , younger brothers and cousins have made a forced siesta.
Image Source

Popeye made me eat spinach, my uncle always says it'l made me taller and stronger hahaha then the loco eats while in tears...

Bahahaha...we ate the alugbati which is a spinach variety, I didn´t like it because it was kinda bitter... mom said it was very healthy and that we can watch popeye only when the alugbati on the table is eaten-up... LOL!

Spinach is the reason why I did not watched any of Popeye's episode. Hahahaha

lol, kids does not eat veg but Popeye is an inspiration hahaha...

The most cartoon character I remember very well was Betty Boop... when I was a kid , I always watched it and mom said my face looked like her because mine had been malapad exactly like her face and my brothers were teasing me and called me miakang ... I never knew what that means but it sounded like hopya hahaha!!!

Hello there @mers!
It was like you were all gonna be allowed to watch the cartoon show after the forced siesta! Hehehe! Yes parents really forced us before to have this afternoon nap for us to grow taller as they say. Betty Boop and Pop-eye were really a bomb those days! :) I hope they will come up with a remake of these cartoon shows though coz these are the legends! Thanks for dropping by!

i love Popeye and Olive too mam mers hehehe... during those days i am addicted to Popeye and the other one BArt simpson :) Those were the days hahhahaha:)

I had to choose the anime that started my addiction to Gundam, I watched Mobile suit Gundam Wing and from then on I was hooked.

I wanted to be Heero Yuy and pilot the Wing Zero and blast enemies.

Here is my post.

Anime Challenge | Confessions of a Gundam Addict

This contest has been placed in the Steemgigs Contest Channel which has over 5000 members and will be presented in a compilation post on the weekly Talk with Terry Show every Sunday 12:00 AM Manila Time.
I will endeavor to join all contests left there or at least make a small upvote and add on the compilation post.

Steemgigs Contest Channel link

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Ayun paaaaaa Gundam Wings 😍😍😍😍

Thank you so much for creating a post for your entry sir @maverickinvictus

An honor to see you drop by here. I am definitely also putting much effort in the smallest way I can to bring steemians together and be as engaging as possible to make it a this social media platform have a habitable environment with members helping other members to grow as well.

Allow me to search a random video first on YouTube and post it as a comment on your wonderful blog that even surpassed the way I posted it. 😄😆😍

I am extremely flattered with this participation you did. I will somehow try my very best to post a video explaining what uLog is if I can make it before the talk show with @surpassinggogle later this midnight.

I was already disconnected to the anime world after watching a few first episodes of Bleach. Since then, I already gotten myself busy with work and was no longer able to watch cartoons and anime.

Keep shining sir, thank you for inspiring a lot of steemians with your community-based efforts. And a whole lot more ways.

I was kinda LSS with the theme song of this anime after reading your comment @maverickinvictus! Gundam Wings ♥ It was one of the coolest anime on 1990's. My brother loves it. I remember he bought a Gundam robot when we were young. It was just a chibi but it was cute!

I really love "Masked Rider Black", I was having a difficult time making comments on the comment section, so i prefered to create a post , and post the link

My brothers love the rider series back in the day. Our youngest used to copy Robert Akizuki's gestures when he transforms. Hahaha.

Everyone who knows this muscle form called "Orga" know what anime it is hahahah this is the type of anime I want to watch in my younger days after school 4pm or 5pm if I can recall and I am expecting the 2018 new release of this anime.

My Photoshop practice Art xD

12312 12.png

What is the title of the anime? Is it "Orga"?

Baki the grappler the photo is the muscle of his Dad

Oh I see. Thank you for the follow up :)

Thanks for launching such entertaining contest. I have enjoyed a lot recalling my childhood cartoons and singing my cartoon song (i mentioned in my entry). My favourite cartoon was Mowgli from Jungle book. My entry for your contest is

Thank you so much for participating! I have resteemed your post. A great cartoon show for the love of nature! Just like captain planet!

Thanks :) so kind of you and I am glad you liked it :)

I loved it! Stay tuned for more!

Thanks. Sure :)

waaaaaaahhhh! I enjoyed reading all the comments here. I had fun recalling all that were mentioned above. Indeed we all had our fair share of anime madness. we are truly kids at heart. Definitely our PINOY BLOOD runs in all of us. wooohoooooo!

Oh yeah @maquemali, it certainly felt wonderful when you read all of these comments and replies bombarding your post with really long ones just to have a real connection with fellow steemians!

It makes us wanted to exert more efforts!

Kudos to yoh for coming up with a great idea poolong steemians together! Hoping for more collaboration with you.. so much fun!

Think of the anime villain now! :)

Hahahahaha MeoW of Pokemon! 🤣😂

Oh yeah! I've already checked it out! :) Girl you really are so classy! I actually really love her kind of moves. I believe she was the first lady cartoon superhero or was it really wonderwoman? Anyway, thank yo so much for creating another post to submit here as an entry! I appreciate it so much and. Am sure a lot could relate!

Kinda Wonderwoman cartoon.. That is why I love her..hehehe.. Thank u spycee for appreciating it. Your contest gave me idea what to post today..

Hehehe go girl! Yeah will check it out!

Good day!!!, Allow me to participate. I remember when I was a child we are so excited to watch this anime in titled "Yu-Gi-Oh!". As far as I know at that time when we watch this anime, it is a card game in which each character has set of cards to play a game and each time they play a monsters will came out from the card and fight with the opponent. The Anime was so nice for us until it came that we also do that game. At first we made a DIY card until my friend's parents buy a card just like from the anime, so we also ask our parents to buy the same card also and then we played the game imagining that the monsters also came out from the card...heheheheh...

image source:

Yes to YuGiOh!!!
Thank you so much for participating and sharing with us a really cool anime that I certainly love as well.

I have loved to play Magic Cards, The Gathering! So the time that YuGiOh was aired, and the portrays like Magic Cards being used to summon attackers and blockers just like similar to my favorite game, it made me literally watch every episode all the time it was aired without missing anything. At the end I guess it stopped and it went back on a replay! The reason I was soooo disappointed to watch it.

Wow that was fast hehehehe. Ok will check it out then!

Today is the deadline, i didnt want to procastinate it and come up with nothing... I made some mistakes but i edited it and corrected myself... I hope you enjoy it

Thanks for this great opportunity to revive memories, @fycee.
I had quite a bunch of cartoons i really liked as i was growing up in the late 70 early 80s.
Thesd were some of my favorites.
In spanish they were Super Magnetron, El Vengador, Galactico, and El Gladiador. I used to watch them in the morning and in the evening after school.
My worst nightmare was to be asked to run errands at the time of the shows. In those days you were not supposed to say no to your parents or elders, not even to hesitate.
I would go as fast as i could so that i would not miss anything.
I liked the futuristic idea of technology being put at the service of humanity. I liked the heroism of the characters, their passion and their sense of humor.
There was another show that i could not watch in the only channel we had in my house. To watch this one i had to go to a friend's house
The one and only Mazinger Z
My friend, Inocente, we called him Chente, had a heart condition. he could not go out and play like the rest of the kids, so he spent most of his time watching tv. I was one of his few cartoon buddies and we had so much fun watching these. W e laughed and cried together when Mazinger was destroyed, and then we cheered when it was rebuilt and improved!
Those were great times.
Thank you so much for allowing us this trip down memory lane.

Hello there @hlezama!
Thank you so much for participating! Oh yeah I love Mazinger Z! I wasn't able to watch the part when he was destroyed though coz I that time we transferred home from an apartment to our newly bought house and there was no signal that our antenna covers.

I love the part that you would really accomplish the errands by your parents or elders and run as fast as you can to get to the show so that you won't miss anything. And if you do, there is no youtube yet to watch it after the show for any missed highlights.

Thank you for sharing your thoughts.

It's fun to watch these cartoon shows or anime together with our best buddies.

Exactly. Kids these days have no idea how lucky they are. I loved these shows so much that some years ago, while i was in grad school in the US i bought original dvds of most of my favorite cartoons to show my children what a good cartoon looked like :)
It's been a pleasure to take part of this. Wish you success and more community building activities like this in the future.

Always my pleasure to keep the people going here as I now do often checking of my feeds to really look on to the posts of these amazing people :)

Stay awesome!


i love these three , me and my siblings used to watch those together , especially in the morning before or sometimes during breakfast , hehe. though love ko din mga nasabi na sa taas , madami akong lovena anime , super! ❤️❤️❤️

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Pokemon and Doraemon ba Yan @zephalexia? Wow! You also watch cartoons? OMG! Really loved to know that!

@ahmadmanga here is my anime reaction post to your entry Digimon

Thank you so much for everyone who participated! I am so blessed to be surrounded with active steemians like you.

Uy fave ko rin yan Visionaries! Hahaha. 👍👍👍

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@fycee Allow me to give you top of 3 comedy on my list 😋

  1. Tonari no seki kun
    seki kun ending.gif
    Imagine what you feel at lecture when someone next to you do some absurd thing!

  2. Nichijou
    nichijou opening.gif
    What I like about this is the arts.

  3. danshi koukousei no nichijou
    Documentation of everyday activity of high school boys that do some silly things.

The cover photos alone are already funny! Hahaha thanks for dropping by. Will check it out later all three on YouTube.

Fushigi yuugi but someone had mentioned it already..

Hello there! Yes, and I created a reaction post on one episode with it because I was not able to relate :) thanks for dropping by :)

The anime that has my fondest memories is DAIMOS. The whole family including my grandparents will watch the show with us kids every 7PM up until I was in 1st or 2nd grade.

Oh yeah! I really really love Daimos. I guess it is the original of all the robot cartoons of all time. I believe it was on channel 13. I guess almost all of the kids during those times really watch these cartoon shows like Voltes-5 too.

Better love story than Twilight, Erika was so pretty. 😊

Yes, I like Voltes 5 too and Mazinger Z. There was also another mecha anime that was dubbed in English that showed when I was in elementary, it had a cool opening song. 😁

Oh my gosh this is so nice!

And I was kinda admitted you for still remembering Erika's name on Daimos! You truly are an anime fanatic!

Thanks for sharing this video.

Wonderful post/challenge.

My favorite cartoon and anime were bouth about samurais .

Samurai Jack -

The theme song alone got me brimming with happiness. His challenges were tough but he came through.

Samurai X -

Long story short - You don't have to focus on all the wrongdoings of the past, focus on the present and become a better person.

I did love the sword fights though :)

Definitely SamuraiX.

Kenji Himura!

Oh gosh even my mom watches it as well with me. It was first aired on Studio-23 in the evening.

Here is my reaction post to Fushigi-yugi. This show is really nice.

Fushigi-yugi Ep 34: The Guardians Of Ice

Coming up next:
#onepiece #digimon #samuraijack

I've got tons of anime that I watched. But I think Kuroko no Basket is exceptional. It has one of the best animes that I've watched. The story plot is great where a good heart and mind always does better things than with the stone hearted people. Well, my brother and I downloaded shamelessly. Lol! But it's embarassing because we are connecting into someone's computer, or to be exact on computer shop. Haha but it's worth it. 😍😍

____________ ## Truly you are a gem here in this platform! Congratulations reaching the Reputation Level! May you be able to touch more hearts and inspire people not only on steemit but on the real world Definitely this wonderful lady has a heart of a whale

"a checkpoint runs a long day's journal into night."

I am having fun with Tom and Jerry whem i have already my son.
During my childhood we had no t.v and no electricity in the province living in the far flung mountain.
Thank you @fycee you are now here and you deserved to be like @mermaidvampire.
Keep a good work in steemit always.Thanks for your wonderful plan for the gc.

Naunahan na naman ako. Hahahaha! @fycee, I really want to make a jabongga entry, I swear! Hahahaha! I will find time to do this. Wow, this is one of the most engaging challenge I have seen in Steemit! Keep it up!

I liked Tom and Jerry too. Tom could never catch Jerry for his witticisms; Spike, his owner's bulldog, beat Tom to hunt Jerry because that was his job. The funny thing was the disasters they made.

I love animes, but my favorite one was Robotech, the first season specially. The robots turning into planes were fascinating to me, but also the story between Lyn Min Mei, Lisa Heiss and Rick Hunter. The soundtrack was also beautiful. In the final chapter of the last season I ran from my school to my house to get on time.descarga.jpg

@fycee thanks for this. I can relate, here's my fav. anime..ang henyo.hehe.
images (2).jpeg

Yaaassss to Slam Dunk! Though I hated to play basketball because I am not the athletic type, I loved it because I wanted to do the cheering! Hahahaha! Thanks for creating your own blog! Will check it out now!

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