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In one way or another, we all do.

Trust me, @grandpa-pepper and my mom were not exactly the same type of parents that I am. While I do recall @grandpa-pepper picking up large snapping turtles and moving them, I've still not seen him neck-deep in the swamp trying to find them on purpose. Thankfully, they still let me enjoy the outdoors in my own special way, and a lot of those early memories of animals have obviously influenced my life and lifestyle.


I've seen a lot of parents hand things down to their children. Many children end up terrified of unreasonable things just because their parents did not like something. While there is a certain respect that many animals deserve, far too many are treated inappropriately due to a lack of understanding. Too often, people simply fear that which they do not understand.

For the @little-peppers, I don't force any of this on them. Much like I was, they are curious about the world around them and enjoy interacting with many animals. Since we are always encountering them anyways, and since I'm pretty "hands on," it gives them a good opportunity to meet a lot of the creatures around us up close and in person.

Today while we were moving some rocks, we encountered this Eastern Fence Lizard, or Prairie Lizard as they are often called. These are very fast little creatures that really don't pose any threat to humans. If you try to capture one, they will try to run away. If you are successful in capturing one, they may try to bite you, but it does not really hurt and no real injury is likely to occur.

Whether it is an accurate understanding of a creature or situation, or an irrational fear of them, we all teach others one way or another. While I am not suggesting that anyone else ever try to attempt some of the things that I do, or attempt to handle some of the animals that I do, I do like to take the opportunity to show others that it can be done.

One interesting thing that I've noticed on steemit is that a lot of people from a lot of different areas, countries, and lifestyles don't really get to interact with a lot of these creatures the way that we do. Much like with people that I know in real life, I desire to educate others on many of these creatures and demonstrate that many of them have no real reason to be feared. As the temperature warms up and many more creatures come out in my area, I am excited to hopefully be bringing you more adventures of "The Wild-Man's Wild Friends Video Series." It is hard to think that I have already been able to share about fifty-nine different animals. Here is the video for the kind of lizard that we caught today.

For me, it is a blessing to be able to share my life with others in this way and also to be able to educate and entertain them in the process. I've got a few other adventures planned for this year too, so be sure to keep your eyes peeled! You never know what I'll get into next.

As always, I'm @papa-pepper and here's the proof:


Until next time…

GIF provided by @anzirpasai



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It is very important to teach our upcoming children what we actually do, so that they can learn faster and more. Practice more than we do . And make more than we do. @papa-pepper weldone

Your kids have a wonderful father and place to learn about the natural world.


Thank you for saying so. I really do consider and invest effort.

I love the looks on the kids faces in each of the pictures, they range from fascinated, to excited, to not quite sure and they are all adorable. :D
Its wonderful to teach your children how to safely handle animals that aren't a threat to them and to teach them how to avoid injuries from the animals that could possibly harm them. :D
God bless you and the pepper clan. :D Have an awesome day my fabulous friend! :D


Yup, we must treat things with care, animals included. Thanks @frostyamber!


So true. :D You're welcome my friend. :D Have an awesome day! :D

Hi @papa-pepper, Education is the key, and this is what you are doing for your family. I enjoy learning from your posts, I find them interesting.
The animals you encounter we don't have over here in the UK, well not roaming around. We have to have cages or glass tanks with heaters to keep them alive.
And we get a lot of people visiting the reptile centre to pull faces and say they wouldn't hold them and things like that.

Years ago i went out on the ale and met a nice young lass and ended back at her house.
In the morning while I was coming around and the room was still blurry the girl came in to the room and thought it was funny to pop her pet snake on me. I could feel my self getting a little nervous but to show no fear to the lass I picked it up and let it wrap around my arm.
her response was "oh you like snakes then?"
needless to say that relationship ended there and then, haha. when I got home and told my mum about it, she freaked out a little bit.
She wasn't to happy that I had stayed out all night either.
nice post my friend. :)


Oh no! At least you found out early!


tell me about it. I don't think it would have lasted anyway. she was pretty while I was drunk. not so much when soba

Wow..... 👏...it's so cute seeing your kids play with that lizard..animals are part of human lives and animals lives alone side with humans. Beautiful photography and thanks for sharing.

Growing up on farm until I left home -I never realized just how lucky I was to have been brought up in 'wild environment'. (it was far from wild).

Having the freedom to explore, see wild animals, go fishing, and all the rest.

Kids brought up in urban environment are so much poorer for it.
It's a shame.


There are many reasons that we left the city and wound up in the middle of nowhere! Thanks!


I'm now living in 'semi jungle', and feel more at peace than living in the city.
(which I have done for quite a few years)

@papa-pepper i alwaya knew you had the awesomeness of a n amazing father... You just hit it right...

And yeah, grand parents and some parents these days instil more of fear into the hearts of the children. And especially in this part of the world, where superstitious beliefs hold us down and stop us from wanting to explore or do what we really want... Its crazy...

It's a pretty special thing to be able to hand down knowledge to the next generation...even better to see them start to love something you love.


Yeah, if they enjoy what we enjoy, then we can enjoy it together! Thanks man!

Nice post about next generation teaching papa paper


Thank you @aiman! Glad that you enjoyed it!


I like your photos on "sola"

good learning, bringing their children closer to nature so they can learn firsthand and be friendly with this vast nature.


Yeah, if they can appreciate the world around them from the time that they are little, I think that they will care more about it.


I agree with you @papa-pepper we have to teach them from small and it should be really so that they know it, thank you you are amazing

Sure looks like the Little Peppers have a real love for God's creation. We love you all.


Amen to that! They really do, and praise Him for it!

Wow!! Cute your kid while playing animals. He loves animals also like your @papa-pepper. 😍😍 We love you @papa-pepper 😘


Your always welcome my friend. 😘

Great photos of the little ones with the lizard! You are right... education is key so you know what you are dealing with in the wild.


Yeah, it's a wild world out there! Thanks @otage!

You set a wonderful example for the Little Peppers, simply by showing them there is nothing to be fearful of... while still showing them to respect nature and what's around them. And they will grow up to be better people in the world, as a result of that.

Bright Blessings!


I admit child @papa-pepper is very brave like her dad my own fear like that hopefully child can always like @papa-pepper

Wow! That's @papa-pepper there.

Much like with people that I know in real life, I desire to educate others on many of these creatures and demonstrate that many of them have no real reason to be feared.

I just hope all kinds of SNAKES won't be listed here someday, because I will need extra explanation to agree any snake is harmless.


Many of my wild friends are snakes... but many are nice, seriously.

Check that one out. It can't even bite you. He's harmless, right?

Many children end up terrified of unreasonable things just because their parents did not like something.

This goes for just about anything not only animals. This extends to many different areas of their lives. How many kids have you encountered who don't like veggies (carrots, peas, broccoli etc) just because their parents didn't like them? I have seen kids terrified of water because one or both parents were. I promised myself that when I had children I would never show fear or dislike of anything. I encouraged my children to experience everything.

I can't wait to see what other wild creatures you will showcase this year. Thanks for sharing these adventures so that we who may not have access to these creatures may learn to enjoy them too.


I promised myself that when I had children I would never show fear or dislike of anything.

I agree, it is best to let the children explore and experience things, and they can decide for themselves if they like it or not.

You have lovely kids, great family, great future .great generation.

They will also follow your footprints well @papa-pepper

Wow! Honestly speaking, I used to be so scared of this animal. Nobody ever tell me anything about it, but it appear harmful to me.
We have this issue in Africa, we believe some animals are too dangerous and that thinking alone affect the way we treat them.
We stone most of this harmless animals to death whenever we come in contact with them. Probably, the act of killing them is now turning some of them into a terror..... Smile

Wow... very nice photography @papa-pepper.........thanks for sharing

Wow..... really very nice photography@papa-pepper......thanks for sharing

This is rare. Your children are blessed. You have no idea what you are impacting on them right now. Later in the future, they will thank you for it. I can't believe little children can be so fearless like this. I know children are, but yours are fearless, with understanding, not out of ignorance.

An old saying, " as you sow so shall you reap". Teach and guide your children now to make yours' future great. You seems a loving dad so keep it up and God bless you all.