Animal photography: Grasshopper on daisy

in animalphotography •  11 months ago

Wandering around the back garden with my new macro lens attached to my Nikon D800, I came across this little fella resting patiently on a daisy flower.

I crouched down, took a few shots and they turned out ok, however, I still have a lot to learn about macrophotography.

DSC_1610 L1.jpeg

DSC_1610 L.jpeg

Images taken with Nikon D800
AF-S VR Micro-Nikkor 105mm f/2 lens
ISO 800 ƒ/22 1/1000 sec.

This my entry in this week's #animalphotography contest by @juliank.

To see more of my photography, come check me out at @atnicholson.

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That's an awesome lens. I use the same during my wedding photography work.


Great lens but still trying to learn how to use it :-)


For the sharpest results use a tripod. Though this is not always practical.
If you shoot in RAW then further sharpening can be done in post-processing​.
Great lens for macro photography.


Hey thanks. Yes, I must stop being so lazy and make much more use of my tripod. No excuses now!



Here is a shot I did with my 105mm during a wedding I covered.


His name is "belalang" in Indonesian. "daruet" in aceh language

as good as any result of our photos, still we must learn. when we stop learning, that's when we lose. spirit @atnicholson


Hey, thanks @dijetechili that's really cool to know. I'll name him daruet if I see him on the flower again LOL. I agree, we must always keep learning. That's why enjoy photography so much ... because I still have so much to learn :-)


HAHAHA..maybe many species daruet in your garden,
different kind of different name, I will also try to shoot it if later I meet @atnicholson


Hahahaha.. 🤣🤣🤣 @dijetechili
in my yard a lot, to my house only if you want photos of locusts (Daruut),
invite the photographer @atnicholson


yes, many models and types Daruet, sometime I will visit with @atnicholson . hopefully they are very tame for the photo @aneukbawang


This grasshopper (belalang/daruet) is one of the few insects we were looking for when we were child. but I can't remember now why we hunted them.

What a beauty!! Steady hands are the key, any little movement can result in a huge difference in the image quality. Awesome photography nonetheless.


Cheers, thanks @chunger.

beautiful photo !! congratunations....

it's a very familiar animal. we're here to eat it, it's a nice snack.

we named it with "Darut" 👍👍👍



I will have to eat him next time I see him ;-)

These locusts look beautiful in your hands

Beauthifull mantiss.

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very nice photography

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